In your life, we always get a little bit small, and in ten of the common sense of life that you don't know , we learn how to make shoes that are biting, and when red wine is not carefully turned over to clothing, what should be done. In fact, as long as it flowers a little bit of ingenuine, it can be used again !How can you make it look like a new one today, when you break the heart of your heart and break it and lose it?

You have slipped your eyelid on the ground and picked up your eyes and found that the eyelids of love fell into several chunks!But it's not easy to use it, but it's really not convenient. It's a pity that I taught you five methods today to help the shattered CPR, and let it have a chance to be reborn.

Regeneration Method One, Make Eye Complete if New

You'll need:

-Alcohol with a concentration of more than 70 % (better alcohol)
-preservative film


(1) If the shadow of the eyes of the state is broken into powder today, then this step can be skipped.However, if only a few pieces are broken, then the whole eyelids will be broken by the fresh film bag on the eye shadow.At the time of knocking, the heart aches, but it is necessary to tell ourselves that it is necessary to repair it before it can be repaired.

(2) When you break the eye shadow, the dropper drops the alcohol into the shattered eye shadow.Each time a few drops are good, until the shadow powder begins to become thick.

(3) At this time, after the eye shadow is wiped by the plastering knife, and then the alcohol volatilizes, the shadow of your original shattered sight is as good as the beginning!

P.S. This remedy can be used in pink, blush, and so on!

Regeneration Method Two, Eye of Eye Camps

You will need:

-Prud film
-Sticks (Cream knife)
-Infant Oil

(1) Complete the first steps above, and break all the unbroken eye shadow.

(2) The eye shadow of the baby oil, which is dropped by dropper drops, until it gets a little bit of sentient liquid.

(3) You can then use a finger or a shadow brush to create the latest look at the show in the autumn of 2013.

Regeneration Method Three, Reforming Eye Glue

You need:

-Small Container
-Eye-line Brush

(1) First Steps will always be the same, and the eye shadow is all crushed.

(2) Infall water and eye shadow powder into small containers in a ratio of 1:5, and stir even the eyelid, and then you can get it even.

Regeneration Method Four, Variable Reposition Color Protection paste

You need to:

-Vaseline (or Transparent Paste)
-Small Container

(1), crush the eye shadow.You can do this with a piece of mummy blush.

(2) Add some Vaseline into a small container

(3) After mixing the shadow powder into the Vaseline, there is a new color protection paste.

Regeneration method five, nail polish for nail polish

You need:

-Transparent nail polish

(1) smash all eyes

(2) pour the shadow powder into the transparent nail polish using paper that is wrapped in a funnel.Shake it, shake it, then there will be new nail polish after even.

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