As a professional worker, thinking about content and typesetting when doing presentations always makes you miserable? Today, we will introduce 3 features and 3 uses of the AI newsletter generator software Tome, allowing you to make a beautiful and informative presentation in one minute!

Wanyun, Haoting

The biggest pain point for many people when doing presentations is the time spent on producing beautiful layout and content presentation.

Do you know how to use AI tools to help you produce beautiful presentations quickly and efficiently?

Women's fan teams love to use technology tools to help them work more efficiently!

What is Tome?

Tome is an AI demo generation software that has 3 highlights:

1. Automatically generate newsletter content

Give it a topic and you can quickly generate 8 presentations that have been typeset and have a preliminary draft.

2. Automatically generate images

As long as you enter instructions to adjust your instructions, it can produce a picture that matches your imagination.

3. Integrate multiple digital tools

Tome integrates many tools, such as: Google Drive, Figma, Twitter to insert web pages, etc.

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Three uses for TOME

1. Use templates to create beautiful presentations

The first is for people who already have text content and want to quickly produce typography and visual beautification, use Tome's template to choose the corresponding situation, and add or subtract the material you want.

2. Use AI bots to find content inspiration 

The second way to use it is that you only have a theme but don't have the corresponding content and want to find some inspiration, you can also throw the theme into Tome and let it AI automatically generate it for you, it may give you some different inspiration!

3. Record the presentation voice to create a sense of surprise

The last one is for people who have already made the presentation and want a little more Wow factor, you can use the audio screen insertion function, so that people who are not in the meeting, or who want to review afterwards, he can also see your audio commentary and your picture.

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