2023 GWIS is hosted by Liu Pinyan as the event response ambassador, this interview will sort out her frame-breaking actions in life over the years, and then find her own process and experience.

Text | Gao Kexin

Liu Pinyan, who had just returned from studying in Paris that year, returned to Taiwan to look at the different contracts and dramas in front of him, and said to his agent: "I want to challenge scripts other than idol dramas."

At that time, except for the silly Baitian, the death of both parents, and the woman waiting to be saved, no one believed that she could play other roles. After saying this, she rejected all such types of scripts and experienced a whole year without a play.

Looking back now, what supports her, she can't tell, only knows that the pride and confidence on her body are both innate and nurtured, and have accompanied her to make many seemingly out of line decisions that affect her life. When God wants to give her a quagmire, she chooses to struggle rather than sit down; When outsiders asked to give her a framework, she chose to decline rather than take it.

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We all saw the story on TV.

In "Future Mother" independent and decisive Guo Qin, in "The Beginning of the Lantern" Hanako who carries the weight forward, Liu Pinyan no longer enters the public's field of vision with a weak, sweet, thin female image, these roles she plays are three-dimensional and thick, with their own tribulations, but also have their own independence, and at the same time reflect this era, as a woman complex and indescribable.

Choosing to transform, all the way to the current words, she is not only flipping her own drama path, but also includes the public's instruction on the female body, the strict entertainment industry's requirements for artist standards and unified specifications, and how she debuted since she was a teenager, how to let the public see that the little girl has grown up.

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Social lessons in the romantic capital: a strip of French bread eaten in three sections on the day

Liu Pinyan has been in the spotlight since she debuted as the girl group Sweety at the age of 14, and her life of attending classes during the day, singing in the afternoon, and recording at night is full of her teens. At that time, she did not know what likes and dislikes were, but she only knew that life was a series of processes of accepting tasks and achieving them. Five years passed until my mother said, "Do you want to go outside?" , only to find a reason to rest for such a non-stop life.

Chose Paris as a station, Yanyan completely suspended his acting work at the age of 19 and flew solo to study in France. At that time, she did not know what she would lose and gain during her two years in France, and how these countless losses and gains would become an important basis for her subsequent experience of life.

"How do I keep my tomorrow's self alive?" It was a question she had never asked herself before every day under the magnesium light.

Language barriers, finding a house alone, pickpockets, racial discrimination, and oncoming survival problems hit her hard, who was less than 20 years old at the time.

A piece of French bread, I will eat it in three days, if I eat the softest and most delicious in the middle today, I will eat the hard one in the next two days.

The first time I ate authentic French bread, I also suffered for the first time. Beginning to learn to allocate resources, manage desires and plan ahead, she used to face challenges and always refused, but this is the first time she has learned to show weakness and admit her limitations.

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I don't speak French, so I go to the café every day to chat with the boss; With no money, I went to work at a local ramen shop, standing for 12 hours a day and washing 300 ramen bowls.

Survival is so difficult, every day she gets up to face this strange city, several times she thinks if she is going to die, but as soon as she bites her teeth, the French bread eats again, the French language knows a little more, the money is earned again, and the day passes and survives again.

During my four years in Paris, I learned that there is not only one way to live, and that you can live no matter what.

Carrying the near-death experience of surviving in a foreign land, Liu Pinyan returned to Taiwan two years later, she is no longer the childish girl she used to be, but the people in her hometown have not had time to recognize her changes.

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An adventure to escape the frame: a journey that keeps saying "no"

The contract was written in black and white, stating that she would have to maintain 45 kilograms for five years of the contract. She just returned to Taiwan and decided to return to the entertainment industry, looking at such a contract, she was stunned.

It's not just about weight, it's about why, I'm going to look the same for five years?

Having been baptized in France, he has not only cultivated his survival skills, but also witnessed abroad what a city that embraces diversity will look like. On the streets of Paris, all body types, looks, and outfits are allowed to be part of the cityscape, but why is it that back in Taiwan, changes are not allowed, and differences are erased?

Can beauty be demonstrated, can it have a more diverse definition, instead of just putting people on molds and specifications for mass production?

The contracts and dramas at that time were incompatible with the ideas of words. Every company, every show, has a set imagination for her, but these imaginations are like thick ropes, and she knows that if she walks into these imaginations, she will always be bound and unable to become herself.

So at the age of 23, Yanyan resolutely established his own brokerage company - Hongyan Entertainment.

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She wants actors and artists who have the same ideals as she does and don't want to be limited, to have a space that is not too big, but at least allows them to be their own. She cares more about the company's support than whether she can make money. In recent years, the artists in the company have come and gone, and she doesn't care about people's stays, only whether they are closer to her during this period of time.

The resilience she brought back from France began her journey of saying no. Dare to say no to unreasonable contracts and set up your own company; dare to say no to silly and sweet characters until there are different female images; Dare to say no to the media's instructions for her figure, and still maintain the natural shape of her body.

These processes of saying no to the outside world and having the opportunity to say yes to herself have allowed her to meet many beautiful characters. These roles are all guarded by her for herself, after setting principles for herself and refusing to settle down, she looks forward to them one by one. And these characters are also teachers and friends, and they have taught her a lot at different stages of her life.

When she played Guo Qin in "Future Mother", she had just ended a relationship, and Zeng Zhiqiao, a member of Sweety, had just married, and she was facing a lot of pressure at that time and doubted her choices, but Guo Qin taught her to be decisive and taught her how to focus on taking care of her choices.

When playing Hanako in "The First Lantern", this female character who is completely different from herself taught her to converge, how to face low self-esteem, how to carry the weight forward, and how to experience the dilemma of contemporary women pruning themselves and surviving in a large number of discussions. And if it weren't for his own persistence, these beautiful encounters with the characters would not have entered life.

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After breaking the box, the real beginning: to become the self you aspire to

Out of the box is not the end, but the beginning, and the handmade life that belongs to itself really begins after it is out of the box. However, this beginning will not be easy, there is no comfort and comfort within the framework, and there are no rules to follow with confidence, and when life is in your own hands, the real difficulties will come.

For Yanyan, those frames she did not step into, those ropes that she was not captured, all made the name Liu Pinyan, no longer just the pink of a girl, nor the pure white of silly white sweetness, but began to have the quiet blue of independent women, and the blood red that dripped with blood but still did not reduce her enthusiasm for life.

With more color, she also began to discover her mission - to encourage all the bravery in the world.

If you want to see something left behind, let it happen; If you aspire to be yourself, you should become. Yanyan hopes that he can continue to go in this direction in the next few years, whether in company operation or role playing.

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She hopes that she will continue to use her life experience to weave a thick and solid net, and while constantly becoming herself, she will also keep those things that are really important for herself. At the same time, she will also use her usual vigorous voice to continue to shout to the people who are still hovering around the frame: "Don't be afraid, really don't be afraid, I will catch you, just like the world catches me."