Rachel wants to convey important financial data and information to the public and regain the right to choose. Here are the three entrepreneurial methods of Rachel, founder of Finance M square!

Rachel, who worked as a general economist and financial analyst, found that many important data could not be communicated to the public, so that serious economic problems were being ignored in front of them, such as the real estate bubble in the United States in 2007, the emerging market storm in 2015, the new crown pneumonia epidemic data, and so on. Therefore, she decided to create Finance M-square, so that the public can also find their choice by mastering this knowledge.

In fact, my original intention of starting a business is very similar to that of women's fans, that is, I want to convey important information or information to the public.

Rachel revealed that women's fans are her enlightenment teachers, and she also consulted the opinion of women's fans CEO Wei Xuan in the early days of her business, and tried to make her original intention the same as women's fans, which has remained unchanged to this day.

Next, Rachel taught three entrepreneurial methods, in addition to helping the career, these thoughts can also be carried into life, and practice becoming a person who is not afraid of challenges and changes.

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Entrepreneurship Method 1: Courage is the expression of "faith"

As an entrepreneur, the most important thing is courage. But how to gain courage when there are no resources, no manpower, and no vision of the future? And what is courage?

You know there will be a lot of setbacks, but you are still willing to try, and that is courage.

Rachel believes that courage depends on our belief in what we are doing. It's not energy that comes from data analysis or reading books, but a strong belief in why you do it, and the belief that it can make a difference.

There is only one day of failure, and there is no day of failure.

Finance M Square founder Chen Jiaru Rachel

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It is inevitable that there will be setbacks in the process of starting a business, but it is only a "one-day" thing, and the focus is to find faith again and continue to persevere after a day of failure.

Similarly, if you've had a great, successful day, find a way to keep that energy going, because whether it's failure or success, it's not with you forever.

Despite trying to remind ourselves to always remember our intentions, Rachel shares her favorite six-character motto: "Do the right thing every day."

With the right beliefs, in the long run, these so-called "regular work" every day are actually the cornerstones of the future, just like investment.

If you want to invest in this company today, you are optimistic about its development in the next 10 years, so what does it matter if its stock falls in the following days? We look at long-term goals.

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Entrepreneurship Method 2: Are you happy doing this?

Before founding Finance Msquare, Rachel left more than 6 years to work in the financial industry for a year of adventure.

At that time, she went to London to study drama, opened a café in Kaohsiung, and worked as an international volunteer, and through various challenges, she found the most suitable thing for herself.

I tried a lot this year, but in the end I still need to ask myself a lot, are I happy doing these things?

Rachel encourages people to try life outside of their comfort zone, but not without purpose, but to ask themselves in the process: "Who am I and what do I want to be?" When we look back on these experiences all the time, we can see that they all bring different nutrients.

As an international volunteer, she felt that she was not so much helping the local people as they helped her, because she saw a lot of strange kindness in the process, and many people used their small power to help people who needed more than themselves.

Studying drama was originally Rachel's interest, but she later found that theater made her more aware of how to express and find ways to speak and host in front of people.

So, after this adventure, she understood that she wanted to use her expertise to influence the people around her, and she found herself happiest when she was doing research and data collation related to global economic trends, so she decided to focus on financial M-squared without distractions.

There are no shortcuts in life, everyone has to go through a process of constantly asking themselves who they want to be and what they want to do, some people are lucky to find it, some may still be searching, but the important thing is not to "find", but to "find".

I am very satisfied with my current state, even if something happens to me today, I can think that my life is meaningful without regret. That means I'm doing something right.

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Entrepreneurship Tip 3: Believe in yourself

Rachel, who lived in a temple in northern Thailand for a while, shared a story about how he suddenly realized about "believing in yourself."

At that time, Rachel was in the temple, getting up at five o'clock every morning to follow the monks to the cultivation, and most of the Thai people believe in Buddhism, so the process of the transformation is highly respected. One day, she went with the monks to a cave where a famous monk lived in a legend. There are always many moths in the mountains, and one night, when the monk took out a candle and watched the moths flutter at the candle and his life suddenly disappeared, Rachel decided to return to Taiwan at this moment.

I've found that people who you probably admire aren't necessarily what you imagine, so you should believe in yourself.

Choosing to believe in yourself is an important thing.

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Rachel goes on to add that when we make decisions for ourselves, we have to think a little more if we find that it affects others.

What should I do if many people want to get out of their comfort zone but feel a lot of responsibility?

When we are stuck in reality, instead of selfishly abandoning responsibility or choosing to give up, it is wiser to communicate with the people who have been affected by your decisions.

"By giving them the opportunity to listen to you, to support you, and to get their understanding, you will have more courage to do it."

To achieve your ideal state, there is an important detail - face reality.

Looking back at Rachel's three entrepreneurial mindsets: courage, joy, and faith, these are abstract words, but her every move is based on an understanding of reality. When we can believe in what we are doing and feel happy about it, we can communicate our belief to more people.

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Photo | Courtesy of Chen Jiaru

Life is like an investment, and only by effectively grasping the data and information of the real world can we create our ideal vision of life.

Taking back choice and control is not only a method, but also a method. Rachel hopes that Finance M-squared will provide specific tools, and invites everyone to combine the experience shared by this year's GWIS speakers to include this skill in the must-learn list, boldly break through the framework, and practice the multiple choices and possibilities of life!