The 2023 Oscars ceremony will be held on March 13, Beijing time, "Ma Multiverse" swept the international awards, can Michelle Yeoh add another golden man? Let's review before watching the movie, the touching golden sentences of the 2023 Oscar finalists!

The 95th Academy Awards ceremony will be held on March 12, and the ceremony will be broadcast on Taiwan Video Channel at 9 a.m. Taiwan time on March 13.

This year's "Ma's Multiverse" won 11 nominations, and Michelle Yeoh relayed the Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards scenery seals, and the award speech was even more golden.

On the eve of the Oscars, review with women's fans, the touching golden sentences of this year's finalists!

Nominated for Best Actor|Brandon. Fisher "My Whale Dad"

If you're suffering from obesity or feeling like you're in the depths of the ocean, I want you to know that if you have the strength to take a step toward the light, good things will happen.

Brandon. Fisher

Image | "My Whale Dad" stills

Nominated for Best Actor|Austin. Butler "Elvis Presley"

I want to faithfully interpret Elvis and pay tribute to him, he is such a great and extraordinary character, beyond the framework of generations, it is like climbing Mount Everest, only step by step.

Austin Butler

Image | "Elvis Elvis" stills

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor|Guan Jiwei's "Ma Multiverse"

I was taught from a young age to never forget where I came from and always remember who gave me my first chance.

Guan Jiwei

Image | "Ma Multiverse" stills

Nominated for Best Actress|Kate. Blanche, "TÁR Tal"

We demand workplaces that are as diverse and equal as the world we live in, and that we work shoulder to shoulder with men in front of and behind the scenes.

Kate. Blanche

Image|"TÁR Tal" stills

Shortlisted for Best Actress|Anna. DeHamas "Blonde Monroe"

If I can have a good time somewhere, I will stay, I will go step by step, and the goal is to focus on the feeling of the present moment.

Ana de Hamas

Image | "Blonde Monroe" stills

Nominated for Best Actress|Michelle. Williams, "Faberman"

When trusting a person and giving him the opportunity to show value, it will inspire a deeper inner self-identity, and he will use this identity in his work to exert his greater personal value.

Michelle Williams

Image | "Faberman" stills

Shortlisted for Best Actress|Michelle Yeoh "Ma Multiverse"

Thank you for giving me this opportunity because a lot of people need this opportunity and we want to be seen, to be heard, to show us tonight that this is possible.

Michelle Yeoh

Image | "Ma Multiverse" stills

Shortlisted for Best Director|Stephen. Spiveberg, "Faberman"

My job is to create two-hour worlds, and your task is to create your own world, be the hero of your movie, and write a Hollywood-style ending for yourself.

Stephen Spielberg

Photo | Associated Press

Nominated for Best Film|"Avatar: The Way of Water"

If you want to share the world with them, you have to know them.

Avatar: The Way of Water

Image|"Avatar: The Way of Water" stills

Nominated for Best Film|"Inisherin's Banshee"

Some things are not so easy to let go of, and I think that's a good thing.

"The Banshee of Iniselin"

Image | "Inisherin's Banshee" stills

Shortlisted for Best Film|"Ma Multiverse"

Every rejection and disappointment in life has made you who you are at this moment.

"Damn Multiverse"

Image | "Ma Multiverse" stills

Nominated for Best Picture|"Defenders: The Lone Ranger"

They must believe that the task is feasible in order to be considered ready for battle.

Defenders: The Lone Ranger

Image | "Defenders: The Lone Ranger" stills

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