Have you read Chen Xue's works? Her words are profound and beautiful, allowing us to be wrapped in tenderness. Intimate relationship, when you feel hurt, through Chen Xue's words, can you feel empathy and support, the women's fan editor has selected six golden sentences, let's see which one do you like the most?

When you think of queer writers, you can't help but think of the writer Chen Xue.

In the past, the ethos of equal rights had not yet taken shape, and it was strange to attach the queer label to a person, but now the era has walked out of the road of equal rights, and there are more diverse interpretations of the word queer.

In fact, like most writers, Chen Xue can remain silent and not publicize her sexual orientation, but she chooses to stand on the road of rights and interests, bravely speak out, and open up a pluralistic path for comrades.

In the early days, most of the comrades took Qiu Miaojin's "Crocodile Handbook" as their heart, but now with Chen Xue's writing, a light of "not alone" is lit for comrades who are still seeking self-identity and vaguely exploring sexual orientation.

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In this era, why should we read Chen Xue?

In the old-fashioned era, talking about "comrade" can be described as a taboo word.

In the news, gay men do not leave the topic of AIDS, lesbians are all divorced from martyrdom, queers cannot show their true sexual orientation, can only hide in the deep cabinet, worried about the future that will not see the light of day.

At that time, comrades could not talk about their emotional state to the outside world, secretly read gay literature, look up information on the Internet, and seek empathy and answers under pseudonyms in discussion areas dedicated to the Internet.

Chen Xue published her first novel "The Book of Evil Women" in 1995, boldly talking about comradeship and lust, which caused earth-shattering reasons after its publication and also became a classic in gay literature.

When it came to gay lust, no one dared to rub the edges, she went straight to the core, looking forward to breaking the gender opposition with writing, and was not afraid of being labeled a queer writer because of her work, because of this road, she did not have time to be afraid, and she was determined to go.

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Her creation has long been before the marriage

In 2019, Taiwan's gay marriage was legally passed, and Chen Xue and the breakfast person went to the household office early in the morning to get married, and they have been looking forward to this love right for several years.

From the issue of gay to the passage of same-sex marriage, Chen Xue is an indispensable and important driving force on the road of gay rights, as a gay, need to overcome more difficult topics than heterosexuality, the same marriage law has not yet been promulgated, people are full of discrimination against the role of gays, she is not afraid of difficulties, writing is injected with multiple concepts, her creation, has long been ahead of the law.

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Without love under the constraint of the law, Chen Xue and the breakfast man bravely held a wedding.

She does not need to be verified by the world, even if there is no law, she can still live happily.

These years of writing are not only dedicated to comrades, but also to all those who seek courage in love, Chen Xue purely shares the ability to love, the heart method of love, and has never been framed by the worldly definition.

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It is a novelist and a wife: the ability to live out of love

As a novelist, Chen Xueyi devoted herself to writing, spiritual enchantment, sleep and food, everything became commonplace, and she did not pay much attention to life in the past, she poured all her energy into creation.

Years later, she regained her identity as a breakfast person's "partner" and revisited the subject of love, and she once did not know how to live, and she was more conscious when she returned to her role as a partner.

Together with the breakfast person, she reconstructs her expectations of life, and the relationship is inevitably separated from the dispute, but it does not escape as before.

Chen Xue faced the difficult and complicated diseases of life, maintained a more open mind, learned love, and realized love.

Gradually, I also grew strength from life and began to understand the importance of distinguishing between writing and rest.

Breaking through the layers of difficulties of love, she unreservedly described everything she learned into words, from meeting to love, from love to full of holes, and now entering ten years of same-sex marriage, all of which are not easy.

Chen Xue confessed that writing the theme of "love" will inevitably lead the outside world to question vulgar, professional writers, should they take small love as the core?

She said that what she wants to write is the heart method of love, the ability to love, and the elements that have really moved readers over the years are not just words, knowing that Chen Xue is in love, she has been sad, ridiculous, and avoided.

In any case, the reader can take comfort from her words, as if she has helped you practice many times before seeking answers.

The stumbles and veins under the text are the essence of her combing herself one by one, maybe people who do not believe in love in their lives can also find trust in love from Chen Xue's words, all the thousands of twists and turns that witness her and the breakfast person in love, breaking the traditional shackles of comrades, in the enthusiasm, she has walked out of a piece of her own happiness.

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Editor's Pick: Chen Xue's six golden sentences of love class

If you also like Chen Xue's works, the editor has helped you intimately select Chen Xue's six golden sentences!

Maybe now you face many intimate problems, or after entering marriage, do not know how to maintain a loving relationship, we look forward to you through Chen Xue's words, find a solution and get resonance!

No matter how difficult the past was, face it sincerely, bear it bravely, and in addition to love, enrich your life and see the vastness of the world.

Chen Xue "Love Lesson"

Love is in such an intense way, so that we can realize that we cannot rely on love, we must find self-confidence, learn to love people, and truly be independent.

Chen Xue "Love Lesson"

Those who have been disappointed and hurt in the past now give themselves the opportunity to repair them, and the best way to repair the damage is to create a worthwhile relationship.

Chen Xue "Not All Intimate Relationships Are Called Love"

Be cautious at the beginning, be calm when entering the relationship, and be persistent and willing to give when continuing the relationship, but it does not mean that giving will reap the rewards.

Chen Xue "Not All Intimate Relationships Are Called Love"

Every relationship is different, don't come with the same expectations. Happiness is accumulated step by step, and it cannot be achieved overnight.

Chen Xue "Not All Intimate Relationships Are Called Love"

When arguing, let yourself shut up first, and when cold war, also encourage yourself to speak first, which is an ability to love.

Chen Xue "Not All Intimate Relationships Are Called Love"