In this era of cyber development , the manning of a smartphone and a crowded mass transit system can only be seen in the hands of a man full of bowed heads.A worris. mother and even child have signed on to use the iphone book to make a deal with the children that they can't lose real life because of technology.Technology has completely transformed the world, and we often hit the keyboard with Facebook or blogging, so that we can express our joy and anger. There is much talk about public affairs on the Internet, but it is more than just that, few people are willing to talk confidently about their true emotions.

The network makes us a familiar and unfamiliar "friend."Over time, we have gradually forgotten how to express our true feelings.In the face of the most realistic feelings, we are not going to start defending ourselves, which makes it more difficult for us to say "love."According to statistics, the possibility the "I you" I love you after the seventh week after the couple has been together.Technology brings convenience to life, but it also increases the distance between people.Even in love, I love the three words that you have unconsciously become emotional and defensive. (Referryable to see: Never again, read my love )

For many people, the meaning of "I love you" in a couple's relationship is significant, although the definition of love is different for both men and women, these three words are an emotional development milestone in the relationship between the two sexes.( "I love you" - Why do you often don't agree?) that I love you, and represent an emotional attachment to each other's feelings. Others cannot easily replace him. At the same time, these three words also declare that you are willing to maintain a long-term relationship with the other side.So it seems that "I love you" is not the same, because "love" is accompanied by a kind of responsibility and pressure.Most modern people don't say "love" easily, but I think it's because I don't know whether or not they love yourself as much as you, and whether they are willing to accept the weight of this love.

When you feel a strong emotion to each other, and it seems that there are no other words to express your mind other than "I love you", please calm down first, and there are four things that might be worth considering before coming out of the mouth.

First, who would you like to say first

If you really loved each other, did he love you as well?If the people who spoke first did not get the same reply, they would have little effect on both sides.

Second, do you really love him?

"I love you" is sometimes used as an excuse or a sweet-talk, or even an opening statement that does not make any sense to have sex before sex.Maybe you can just sit down and think, what kind of relationship is your relationship to?

Third, do you know that the three words "I love you" are often not mentioned carefully?

It's too intentional to say how to say the words carefully, and to say it may not be a manifestation of true love.(Recommended reading: Four for a lovers' happiness code )

Fourth, remember sometimes you don't know how to act like this:

The love of your mouth must be shown in your actions, or I love you, or I'm going to be the one who's going to be in the sway.(Recommended reading: This love is fun!)

It's not that we don't believe in the magic of "I love you", but perhaps in this time of unreal pain, we must be more careful about love, and how brave and brave we are to say love.

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authors: womany editorial/Janice Wei