2023 Women's Fan "Global Women's Impact Forum" pioneered the "Starlight Exchange Field", inviting entrepreneurs, artists, leaders and other roles to share the same feeling with us. Through the text, we would like to take you back to the wonderful speech of the speaker of the day!

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Women fans held the 6th Global Women's Impact Forum with the theme of "Breaking the Box and Creating Things", and more than 15 speakers gathered with us to talk freely, from international perspective to local perspective, from the general environment to the individual, leading to different box-breaking and creative forces.

Through 1 talk show, 6 short talks, and 1 workshop, we told "the joy of enjoying the framework and breaking through the frame", inviting everyone to open their senses and experience the messages, sounds, and inspiration that come to their eyes, making it the starting point for breaking the framework - this night is destined to be extraordinary.

Ray Ray: How good is it to be yourself? It's about the same as shouting "I Feel Good" to the world

Stand-up comedian Ray Ray

The intertwined identity of women and gay identities makes it much easier for others to label Ray Ray. Because she is 40 years old, she is expected to form a family of three with young children. In the face of all kinds of labels, doubts, and acquiescence, Ryan Ray is much more open-minded, and she always believes that no matter how time is cut, it must be scorching.

When you know my age, you may go from thinking I'm brave to thinking I'm overly brave

stand-up comedian Ray Ray

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Today, under the framework of multiple identities, Ryan Ray Ray is still moving forward on the road of comedy, keeping his own ideas and sticking to the things he loves, because he has love and wants to make people around him smile, what about 40 years old? If happiness is worth pursuing, what does it matter if you keep walking.

Even if everyone says it's just about feeling good about themselves, they can keep their thoughts going

Stand-up comedian Ryan Ray Ray

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Zou Kailian: The emergence of talents is not only rooted in Bó Lè, but also rooted in your standing up

Zou Kailian, former chairman of the Taiwan World Vision Association

From MTV director and Yahoo general manager to Verizon Media international business managing director, Zou Kailian is not afraid of unknown risks, but sees the opportunities lurking. She believes that in addition to passively relying on Bó Lè's appearance, talents need to take the initiative to stand up on their own - if even we do not fight for ourselves, the opportunity will eventually dissipate.

Talent needs Bó Lè, but they also need to stand up for themselves

Zou Kailian, former chairman of the Taiwan World Vision Association

Zou Kailian has a new interpretation of bravery. She believes that "being brave is not not being afraid, but being willing to try despite fear" and "being brave to say yes is the driving force that drives you forward".

Zou Kailian has created many life journeys that even he never thought of because he bravely said yes, please lock the women's fan Youtube channel, we will excerpt some of the essence clips to share with you.

Bravely saying yes is an attitude, a driving force that drives you forward

Zou Kailian, former chairman of the Taiwan World Vision Association

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Pan Yuqing: We don't follow the wind, we go our own way until we are seen

P.Seven's founder Pan Yuqing

"The front taste is a symbol of feminine femininity, and the middle and back sections are strong spices", accompanied by the peony flower aroma combined with the unique light and spiritual smell of oriental tea, Pan Yuqing tells the story behind the aroma.

The scent chosen for the event is called "Night Bloom", which means flowers that bloom at night. Pan Yuqing said that women trying to show their beautiful appearance through high heels, cosmetics and other items is beautiful, but only at night, the kind of complete peace of mind and true self-being is the most real and warm. And that kind of temperature is very similar to Pan Yuqing when he told the smell at that time, so full of enthusiasm.

I believe that at night, women can show their most authentic personality and the most wanted self.

P.Seven founder Pan Yuqing

Combining strength and gentleness, she is also a leader who leads the team behind the gentle introduction of aromas.

Looking back at this entrepreneurial path, what has Pan Yuqing experienced, so that she can go from walking alone to looking back, there will be a group of people watching and following her? In the women's fan Youtube channel, you can find the picture of her being able to move everyone forward together, the power deep in her heart.

A person's dream is just a dream, and a group of people dream to feel real.

P.Seven founder Pan Yuqing

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Chan Jing-rong: When you are ready to answer your call, the universe will give you the best arrangement

Illustration | Illustrator Chen Jingrong

The revelation of the works that convey intimacy and multiple erotic desires is accompanied by the small exclamations of the audience. In 2020, when the epidemic raged, illustrator Chen Jingrong was forced to give up her desire to go abroad and become a full-time illustrator. Even if the impact is a fact, she does not want to put herself in the role of victim, but understands the truth that "no choice is also a choice".

"It doesn't matter if you can't respond to the call of the universe for the time being, because when you're ready to respond, opportunity will respond to you in a better form." Women's fan Youtube channel will show how Chen Jingrong perceives the arrangement of the universe for herself, and how she bumps into her potential in the path of deviation.

Don't be afraid to miss out on an opportunity, it will meet you in a better form when you're ready

Illustrator Chen Jingrong

Some people may think that it is best to follow the preset route, but when the stars are connected in a line, why not the line I think? Chan is convinced that no one is born knowing what they are destined to accomplish. For her, finding love is not about locking in just one thing, but about being willing to respect your wishes when you make every small decision about you, and let each decision become a tributary - when these tributaries enter the sea, you will find that every drop of water is your own choice, and after all, it will not be a wrong payment.

People who have choices are happy, so when you can, choose what you love

Illustrator Chen Jingrong

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Huang Mingchang: Learn to accept your own ordinary, recognize and care about your own uniqueness

Illustration|Ordinary Production founder and creative director Huang Mingchang

"As an ordinary person, I want to share the power of the ordinary." Huang Mingzhang came on stage and said that he was an ordinary person. When he left the society, he did not become a lawyer from the law department, but went to the road of the magazine industry, and while feeling happy from the bottom of his heart, he was also weighed down by guilt, and excessive effort was synonymous with him.

But it wasn't until later that I slowly realized a truth - learning to accept your own ordinary, recognizing and accepting your own uniqueness, that is the origin of breaking the box.

The most moving details are often hidden in the most mundane things.

Founder and Creative Director of Ordinary Productions, Huang Mingchang

Taipei's extravagant lights and singing at night obviously cannot keep up with the rhythm of Huang Mingzhang's rush to the heart. The next frame-breaking move he made was: leave Taipei and return to what he calls the "just right city", and you can find the catalyst point for his return to his hometown in the women's fan Youtube channel.

"I will still be confused now, even for the rest of my life", returning to his hometown did not help dispel Huang Mingchang's fear, even so, he still remembered that ordinary power is great, and gradually established a more three-dimensional understanding of himself.

Always remember the perception of the body, the intuition of the mind, and let it lead you forward.

Founder and Creative Director of Ordinary Productions, Huang Mingchang

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Zhou Mengxuan: Life is irreversible, and every choice you make at this moment creates who you are now

Caption|unpackaged. U Store co-founder Zhou Mengxuan

Like all Taiwanese students who were pushed into college and delayed identity positioning anxiety, Zhou Mengxuan fled his native family and came to Taipei; Four years later, when she is about to graduate, life seems to press the backwards button, the anxiety of four years ago still can't escape, this time it is even more straight to the face, and this time she has nowhere to escape.

Fortunately, Zhou Mengxuan has the determination to break the cauldron, and let the bold idea of entrepreneurship entrench in his mind, and then immerse it into subsequent entrepreneurial stories.

Life is irreversible, and every choice we make will create who we are now

npackaged. U Store co-founder Zhou Mengxuan

It is conceivable that "entrepreneurship" is not always smooth, and Zhou Mengxuan still repeatedly wanders in the mood of fear of failure and wanting to try.

Despite this, she once considered herself a blank piece of paper, and what she has turned into in recent years of entrepreneurship is no longer just a few fragile papers, but more of a story with thickness and worth showing, and this section is in the women's fan Youtube channel.

When faced with discouragement, learn to amplify the temperature between those people and minimize the bad content

unpackaged. U Store co-founder Zhou Mengxuan

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Shi Cenyi: Looking back at yourself, people have been looking for the voice from their hearts all their lives

Shi Cenyi, founder of Xincun Fang College

A large "breath" character is projected on the screen behind Shi Cenyi, and she deconstructs breath as the word "self" and the word "heart", and gives the interpretation that "people's lifelong learning and practice are all about returning to their own hearts".

In the face of suffering in life, she believes that the most fundamental problem is not to discuss the correctness of methods and tools, but to discuss a person's mind. So, the real question to ask is, "Is your heart strong enough to face challenges?"

People have been learning and practicing all their lives back to their hearts

Shi Cenyi, founder of Xincun Fang College

Enlightenment and indifference to life are not overnight.

Although the days are mottled, Shi Cenyi, who is dormant in pain, does not really shed anything, but because of these setbacks, she can rethink those questions about life.

What kind of thinking led a person who was almost cut by anxiety to this step of founding the Academy? How can we see ourselves in the midst of setbacks? Maybe you can find the source of light in the women's fan Youtube channel.

Everyone can make do with this wonderful world, and they don't need a hero to save the world

Shi Cenyi, founder of Xincun Fang College

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Guo Fuzhi: Be true to yourself and tell your own story

Guo Fuzhi, Associate Operating Manager of Wusi Media

The speaker's sharing came to an end, looking back on the stories we heard throughout the day, although everyone came here with different stories, seemingly different, but the same thing is that we all shared the same experience at the venue that day. Continuing this emotion, Guo Fuzhi, Associate Operating Officer of Wusi Media, led everyone to have a deeper understanding and connection with their partners through the Inner Kids Happy card.

Although the stories are different, today we share the same experience

Wusi Media Operations Associate Guo Fuzhi

In the process of telling each other's stories, the smiles of everyone present opened, and the emotion could not be reproduced but was reproduced. We invite you to click on the women's fan Youtube channel to feel the warmth of the day, and we also wish that today can be your starting point, have an attempt to tell the real story, and then start gradually accumulate your own courage, and finally become your true self.

Further reading: (What is the inner child?) Psychologist Su Xuanhui: Melancholy comes from the inner child, learn to accept, you can return to a happy child!

Today will be the starting point, and we would like to invite you to be your true self and tell your own story

Wusi Media Operations Associate Guo Fuzhi

Zhang Weixuan: Hello, I'm Zhang Weixuan, have you found yourself?

Illustration|Woman fan founder Zhang Weixuan

"No one is born to be good at everything, everything that everyone sees effortlessly, behind it is very hard work," at the end of the 6th Global Women's Impact Forum, the words of Wei Xuan, the founder of women's fans, were like a shot in the arm, right in everyone's hearts.

Everyone sees effortlessly, and behind it is very hard work

Woman fan founder Zhang Weixuan

Wei Xuan encourages us not to be in a hurry, not to be afraid, not to feel that we can never do it, as long as we listen to our inner voice, we can find who we are, and no matter where you are, someone will definitely see it. So say your name out loud, we want to invite everyone to believe in themselves and believe that there will be someone with you along the way.

As long as you listen to your inner voice, you can find who you are

Woman fan founder Zhang Weixuan

Although the sixth Global Women's Impact Forum has ended, the words spoken, the revelations received, and the tears left behind at the event are all real – small changes have already happened.

Finally, we would like to whisper to you, "Hello, I'm _____, how about you?" I hope you can also find your true self in this event!

If you want to see the essence of the forum of the day, please watch it on the women's fan Youtube channel, so that each other's life stories can be transmitted through images, and the influence will continue to return.