The 6th "Global Women's Impact Forum" 2023 invites influential representatives from different fields to participate in the grand event. Through the direct text point, you will be taken back to the event site, experience the atmosphere of the venue, and the wonderful speech content of the speaker!

(Part I: 2023 Global Women's Impact Forum Morning Session: From PChome Zhang Yushan to Google Lin Yafang, diversity and inclusion are daily practices that must be practiced)

In the first half of the event, we looked at how female leaders can use their influence from an international perspective to bring the spirit of diversity and inclusion into corporate culture, and achieve corporate sustainability under the impact of the epidemic, and talk about how we should respond to and find our own positioning in the era of technological progress.

Directly to the second half of the forum, we will start from the life stories of the speakers, go deep into Taiwan, with the three themes of "independent choice, creating happiness, diversity and inclusion", connect 8 speakers with short speeches and wonderful dialogues, from different frame-breaking stories, how to create happiness and create a diverse and inclusive society together.

Guo Youqi: The way of success in the past may not be applicable to you at this stage

Born in the group, Kwok Youqi, the chief operating officer of ALPHA Camp who promotes technology education, laughs that although she is not a software expert, she knows that no matter what stage of life, she can use "technology" to create more possibilities.

No matter what stage of your life you are facing, we are facing the same problem, and there must be a way to help you face it.

ALPHA Camp co-founder and chief operating officer Guo Youqi

(In-depth interview: Boys are better at writing programs?) Learn to write programs online, girls are more than expected! Alpha Camp Chief Operating Officer Guo Youqi: Find the right environment and break the box with affirmation)

After a long pregnancy at the age of 30, Guo Youqi faced the struggle of motherhood and career, found "technology" to help her achieve work life balance, and she also shared how ALPHA Camp students used technology to successfully get rid of the dilemma of working mothers.

Want to know how to use "technology" to improve the quality of life? Welcome to the official YouTube of women's fans to watch more exciting content!

Defining yourself through technology is not just about creating efficiency, not just playing a role, but creating more possibilities.

ALPHA Camp co-founder and chief operating officer Guo Youqi

Hu Lingxuan: If you continue to explore, you will definitely gain something

As the first female general manager of Swire Coca-Cola in Taiwan, Hu Lingxuan let the audience feel her unconstrained energy as soon as she took the stage. Focusing on the theme of "choice", Hu Lingxuan focuses on only one thing from stepping into the workplace to changing runways - what can this job bring me?

When you can talk eloquently, others will know that you can't judge a person just by their appearance.

General Manager of Taiwan Swire Coca-Cola Hu Lingxuan

Hu Lingxuan also admitted that there will still be lows and still feel that he is not strong enough, but as long as he maintains the 3 mental methods, anyone can embrace the challenge. Among them, the editor feels that the most important thing is to be "optimistic and fearless", there are two remaining methods, please pay attention to the official YouTube of women's fans, and welcome to visit the scene next year!

Even if you don't have a clear direction, embrace the challenge, as long as you persevere, stay resilient, and explore more, you will definitely reap the rewards.

General Manager of Taiwan Swire Coca-Cola Hu Lingxuan

Guo Youqi X Hu Lingxuan: Independent choice is to be able to bear the consequences

The subsequent conversation was hosted by Ke Caicen, Senior Associate Sales Associate of Wusi Media, who asked the audience the most wanted to know: What is the independent choice? Why is it important?

"Independent choice" means that you are responsible for this matter, and you have to have the ability to solve the consequences of this choice.

General Manager of Taiwan Swire Coca-Cola Hu Lingxuan

Audience questions were the editor's favorite part, and the two speakers acted as life coaches, using their own experiences to help the audience clarify questions and find answers. Such a rare opportunity made me, who recorded offstage, sigh in my heart: I really want to participate again as an audience.

Dreams are gradually piled up, have the courage to try, accept the results of choice, and actively iterate, this is your independent choice.

ALPHA Camp co-founder and chief operating officer Guo Youqi

Space Yoga Rucy: When you put yourself in order and settle your mind, it shines more intensely

After a series of wonderful content, women's fans prepared activities for the audience to stretch their muscles.

Rucy teacher from Space Yoga led the audience to open the five senses and feel the energy conversion between the air, accompanied by the elegant woody aroma, which is the "Night Bloom" indoor fragrance specially made by P.Seven for women's fans.

In ten minutes, the audience gathered themselves through yoga and prepared for more exciting content.

Huang Xiaofat: Adapting to humiliation is the key to learning generosity

"Hello everyone! I'm Huang Xiaochuan!" As soon as the words fell, the audience thundered with joy, and Huang Xiaochuan, the head of the "Funny Girl" troupe, appeared gorgeously!

As a female stand-up comedian, Huang Xiaofat does not want to be labeled as "not funny", if the audience is afraid of "laughing women", she must find a way to break through - self-mockery.

I hope that all people can be free on the stage, not let themselves be so guarded, and let others joke about themselves.

"Good Funny Girl" troupe leader Huang Xiaochuan

Huang Xiaofat "laughs" at the "sadness" of women at different stages through "self-mockery", so that people who encounter the same predicament can face the hardships of life in a humorous way. She also revealed that she went from being afraid of "losing face" to learning the secret of generosity.

Want to know what Huang Xiaochuan's secret is? Stay tuned to the official YouTube of women's fans and don't miss anything!

"Shame" is secondary, and "happiness" is important. The ability to adapt to humiliation is the key to learning generosity.

"Good Funny Girl" troupe leader Huang Xiaochuan

Xu Yifei: Death is like a scorching sun, you can't see it directly, but it has always existed in everyday life

After placing nearly a thousand corpses, Xu Yifei, the founder of Heguangli, shared her vision with the audience from the perspective of a send-off.

If you had a choice, how would you like to say goodbye to the living? Xu Yifei used simple images to explain to the audience the difference between "traditional funeral" and "Japanese funeral".

If you don't know what you want, you can also have motivation to move forward because you will know what you don't want.

Founder of Heguangli Xu Yifei

(In-depth interview: Interview with the first Japanese certified "send-off"|Xu Yifei, founder of Wakori: Japanese-style funeral, technology to preserve memory, and witness us living like this)

"There is no need to force the injured to get better" is Xu Yifei's tenderness to the families of the deceased, and she encouraged the audience to look at death from a different perspective and learn to feel sadness before healing. The speech focused on the "death issue", but talked about "what kind of mentality should be used to live", if you have the opportunity to be present in person, you will have a different understanding of "death".

People are moving towards death throughout their lives, and if you feel that death is unfortunate, then you will not have a moment of happiness.

Founder of Heguangli Xu Yifei

Liu Zhongwei: The happiest story is your life

Once thought that a successful family is a lifelong aspiration, writer Liu Zhongwei found in the process of becoming a mother that she could not be a 100% housewife, nor could she be 100% herself, so she began to think: "How can I save myself?"

If you're willing to shift your perspective, maybe the version of the story that's making you miserable will be different.

Writer Liu Zhongwei

The epidemic has given Liu Zhongwei time to breathe, allowing her to focus on overturning herself and stepping out of the framework of "perfectionism", and she also encourages the audience to think differently when encountering conflict and see the story from the perspective of others.

As long as you don't give up happiness, happiness won't give up on you, and you definitely have the ability to live a wonderful life while bringing happiness to others.

Writer Liu Zhongwei

The key to creating happiness is to listen and cherish the moment

"Everyone's imagination of happiness is different, how do you dig the key to happiness?" The moderator, Zhang Wanyun, chief producer of Wusi Media, asked questions to the three speakers.

The three speakers shared their findings in work and creation, and the audience nodded their notes, among which Liu Zhongwei's answer impressed the editor:

All experiences in life are the best assets and fundamental to creating happiness.

"Cherish the present" is Liu Zhongwei's happiness rule, and the editor has begun to look forward to getting more happiness secrets from more speakers next year.

At the last moment of life, you will recall all the stories in your life, whether it is happiness or hard work, which is a very good asset in the process of your life.

Writer Liu Zhongwei

Chen Kaixiang: When I saw the story behind the migrant workers, even if they were afraid, they still broke the box

Chen Kaixiang, co-founder of One-Forty, has been paying attention to migrant education in Southeast Asia since his establishment in 2015, and he shared with us the dilemma of migrant workers he has seen in the past 10 years.

"I remember it was a Sunday afternoon," Xu Kaixiang recalls the first time he took the initiative to talk to migrant workers, sitting on the floor of Taipei Main Station, listening to migrant friends share why they left their hometown and why they chose to come to Taiwan.

Migrant workers are not domestic workers, they can become good teammates and partners, so that more elders can have better companionship in the final stage of life.

One-Forty co-founder Chen Kaixiang

(In-depth interview: Interview with One-Forty founder Chen Kaixiang: What are nonprofits doing? Invest in meaningful things and go further professionally)

Xu Kaixiang believes that people's discrimination against migrant workers is due to mutual lack of contact and understanding, so he decided to lead the team to try an innovative action, so that migrant workers can create more possibilities through learning, so that more people can see the efforts of migrant workers to fight for their families and dreams.

The editor looked at the audience behind him, with tears in his eyes, maybe he really had to see through his eyes to experience the hard work of different ethnic groups in a foreign land, and hoped that next year we could witness a better world together.

I hope that everyone here will have the opportunity to interact with these Southeast Asian friends in the future, open a dialogue, and start your own stories.

One-Forty co-founder Chen Kaixiang

Chen Jieyao: I won't be limited by "aboriginal directors", because I am talking about "people"

Hello everyone, I'm Chen Jieyao, and my ethnic language is Laha Mebow

At the beginning of the speech, Atayal Chen Jieyao greeted the audience in ethnic language, inspired by "Song of the Wanderer", Chen Jieyao saw the similarities between different ethnic groups, so she decided to photograph the stories of her own people, but she not only photographed the Atayal people or Taiwanese original names, but also paid attention to the indigenous stories of other regions and countries.

I often go abroad for exchanges, and after introducing myself as an aboriginal Taiwanese, there are many topics, and I discovered that my identity is a kind of strength.

Best Director at the 59th Golden Horse Awards Chen Jieyao

(In-depth interview: Indigenous people must be inspirational?) Interview with Golden Horse Award Best Director "Chen Jieyao": "Ha Yong Family" is the story of a Taiwanese family!

Because she focuses on "people", Chen Jieyao does not limit herself to the framework of "aboriginal director", she goes international, communicates with people with her identity as an aborigine, and feels the power that identity brings her. She also revealed her future plans to use more "empathetic" stories to let the international community see the difference of all people.

Want to know what's next for Jieyao Chen? Please stay tuned to the official YouTube of women's fans, more exciting content is waiting for you!

I think the power of film is great, with the story of empathy, let more people see our difference.

Best Director at the 59th Golden Horse Awards Chen Jieyao

Su Xuanhui: Before you can mature and expand yourself, you need to break through the box

Finally, Su Xuanhui, a counseling psychologist and author of the Psychotherapy Series, is the director of Pucheng Psychology Hall, who leads the audience to see the importance of the inner child, and through practice, she finds happiness and masters the necessary skills as a modern adult.

"Do you think you know yourself?" Su Xuanhui asked the audience a question, and she used this question to illustrate: Learn to get along with yourself in order to establish a good relationship with others and find the root of happiness.

(In-depth interview: A three-in-one approach to healing your inner child!) Interview with psychologist Su Xuanhui: After the age of thirty, I no longer fight with myself, and I say all thanks)

We are always afraid of what others think of us, so we should try to break the box and try to start with happiness.

Pucheng Psychology Hall Director Su Xuanhui

Su Xuanhui also started from her own experience, shared how she faced the dark period of her life, how to talk to her inner child, and from returning to her true self - finding her inner child, you are not alone in the trough of life.

To compare human life with butterflies, it is necessary to break through the box before it can mature and unfold itself.

Pucheng Psychology Hall Director Su Xuanhui

Su Xuanhui's life experience, the editor can not fully explain in one word or two, welcome readers to the official YouTube of women's fans to watch the content of the event, let's "break the box" together and be happy children together!

Engaging and understanding differences creates diversity and inclusion

In the final dialogue, Zhang Wanyun, Chief Producer of Wusi Media, invited three speakers to share how to create diversity and communion and how to love yourself.

From the responses of the three speakers, we heard that the key to diversity and inclusion lies in opening up our minds and reaching out to more different possibilities, whether through movies or making friends with different backgrounds, only by actively contacting and understanding can we create diversity and inclusion.

Zhang Weixuan: To create a pluralistic and inclusive society, you can do it

What do you want to bring back today? At the end of the forum, Zhang Weixuan, the founder of women's fans, shouted to the audience again:

Whose chance is it? It's yours, take advantage of it!

Women fans rely on technology to start a business, Zhang Weixuan recalled the original intention of women fans, she encouraged the audience, regardless of whether there is enough understanding of new technology, as long as everyone moves forward together, there is no need to be afraid of changes in the world, and also promises that in the future, women fans will continue to accompany everyone.

To create a pluralistic and inclusive society, you can, and we invite you to be yourself fearlessly in this world.

Founder and CEO of Wusi Media Zhang Weixuan

Finally, at the invitation of Zhang Weixuan and the host, everyone shouted their names in unison to find their voices, and everyone was the most fearless themselves.

Today, is the day to create impact!

In the era of rapid technological growth, diversity and inclusion are an important key. From today's forum, we see the importance of leadership in diverse and inclusive organizations, and we also realize that only when everyone faces together can we create a better world.

In addition to the diverse lecturer stories, women fans also invited many brands to respond together, from the booth planning at the event site to the carefully selected gift bags and gifts, giving the participants the most complete experience.

This is a compilation of the content of the 6th GWIS afternoon session, for more exciting content of the event, please see:

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If you want to see the essence of GWIS' speech that day, please watch it on the women's fan Youtube channel, and look forward to having you "break the box" next year!