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The technology is changing, and now everything you want can be 3D printed out!In addition to the Queen's super-heels and the specialty cell phone shell , now even the dress that is used for weddings and cake frosting can be printed with the same thing!How does 3-D-printed technology really work?What advantages and disadvantages are there? Let the womany take you to the next!

3D printing is one of the hot topics today. Even President Barack Obama, who named this technology this year, will be key to making the Made in USA. The Economist magazine has created a third industrial revolution in the form of 3D printing.However, Foxconn chairman Guo Ming believes that 3D printing is only a gimmick. If the third industrial revolution is really the result of the third industrial revolution, the Guo character will write it down.

Why do you have these two extremes?

First, 3D printing has its advantages; 3D printing is a way to build digital data (3D design models); unlike traditional subtraction, it is very different from the way that cutters have been cut in and out of straight lines, often with a dead angle in design that cannot be rendered.

The 3D-printed addition manufacturing approach enables complex design requirements to be designed without regard to traditional mould production and the ability to quickly implement ideas, accelerate product development, and bring new design thinking and impact to the production process, and are therefore subject to worldwide attention.

The advantages of 3D printing technology are:

  1. The degree of customization is high and can be modified at any time.
  2. Production is no longer quantized at volume and cost is fixed.
  3. An order is received for production and zero inventory targets are committed.
  4. Design to complete immediate production, dramatically reduce production schedules, and respond to market demands in real time.
  5. Addition manufacturing method, creative design is not limited, design can be presented in full.
  6. With network communications, you can sell design to the world.

However, the current stage of enhancements is as follows:

  1. Limited Use Material: The current 3D printed output is mostly made of ABS or PLA plastic, and cannot be combined with a product that is common to life.But now all 3D printing manufacturers are developing new materials, whether they are metal or food, but they need to be widely used.
  2. Printing product quality: There is still room for improvement in the quality and strength of products currently in mainstream 3D printing.
  3. 3D 3D Design Difficulties: At present, 3D solid design is not operated by anyone, but the price of the software is still high, and the relevant educational cooperation is required.

But recently announced that the Windows 8.1 system will support direct 3D printing, as we do now using computer printing, as long as the design is finished on the computer, the digital design will be printed to complete the product. After more research and development in the future 3D printed output, can you imagine how different the shopping patterns will be in the Internet?

We will no longer be buying products such as products that have already been produced; instead, it is cool to choose a favorite product file on the Internet (for jewelry, furniture, even tableware, etc.), to edit the files themselves or to add their favorite patterns, choosing the color of each person's favour to print at home.

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