The 6th "Global Women's Impact Forum" 2023 invites influential representatives from different fields to participate in the grand event. Through the direct text point, you will be taken back to the event site, experience the atmosphere of the venue, and the wonderful speech content of the speaker!

Imagine what kind of change you expect to bring to yourself this year?

After the epidemic shrouded in 2022, women's fans held the sixth "Global Women Impact Summit". This year, in line with the theme of the global IWD event, embraceEquity embraceEquity, deepens the equity aspect of DEI, and promotes women to break the box in three dimensions: economic independence, physical autonomy, and psychological well-being.

This is also the largest lineup of lecturers in GWIS' history, in addition to morning and afternoon sessions, this year's first "Starlight Exchange Field", from morning to night, tempering 6 major themes, designing the five senses experience, cultivating the key growth of women in the next decade, looking forward to every participant can be fearless to become their true self.

Walking into the GWIS venue, the eye-catching event slogan "Break the box, we make!" In front of the eyes, the audience posed cute and funny with the "broken frame punch back panel", and the atmosphere was very lively. Behind the seats, there is an interactive wall, which is the "Inner Child Card Card" experience and introduction area that women fans will soon debut, inviting the audience to discover and heal the inner child through the instructions of the card.

Next to the Inner Kids card booth is Yogibo, a lazy bone brand from the United States, giving participants a moment of relaxation. The event has partnered with fine dining platform Flavor, a designated partner of Michelin chefs, LV Guide's recommended restaurants, and world champions, and will also bring a top feast for the taste buds at GWIS events.

On the other side, there are also a variety of stalls, including, which sponsors the "Night Bloom" with the atmosphere of the whole venue, "r-Xing A-Sex", an intimate leader product with the highest market share and heart share in Taiwan's gender industry, and "Shanhai Bean Flower Commercial Company" that conveys the taste of hometown in memory. In addition, Tutor ABC, Merck and Motive also participated in the GWIS event.

Zeng Yuchen: Be your own wings and be your bravest angel

The opening singer Zeng Yuchen stepped on the stage with brisk steps and opened the feast of GWIS with a moving and explosive singing. Yuchen is a singer, an Atayal girl, and a patient with cleft lip and craniofacial cleft. Despite her different growth journeys, she bravely stood on the stage, and she was selected to sing the theme song for the Taipei World Universiade with her heavenly singing voice.

Instead of being a wanderer in the rules, it is better to step out of the rules and create more possibilities for yourself.

Singer Zeng Yuchen

Yuchen selected "New Heart" and "Angel" as GWIS' wonderful songs, and the audience was enchanted by her rendering voice. She was delighted to participate in this year's forum and made a promise before the end of the performance: "I will continue to speak for equal rights, for women, and for myself", which was met with warm applause from the audience.

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Zhang Weixuan: To create a world of diversity and inclusion, we must first find our own voice

After the opening performance, Zhang Weixuan, Founder and CEO of Wusi Media, invited the audience to put their hands on their chests and say "hi" to themselves, and convey the importance of "diversity and communion" by hearing everyone's voices.

Diversity and communion is about hearing everyone's voice, and everyone's voice matters.

Founder and CEO of Wusi Media Zhang Weixuan

Wei Xuan encouraged everyone not to be afraid to say their names, remember their voices and influences, and feel their own power. On this day, we broke the box together to embark on the road of authenticity, create a new game, and convey the core of "being fearless self" to welcome every visitor to the audience.

"Breaking the box" is being able to bravely say what you believe!

Founder and CEO of Wusi Media Zhang Weixuan

Liu Pinyan: I really tried hard to break the box to stand here

"Hearing the words on the spot, sincerely self-disclosure, and experience sharing made me more honest with myself!" - GWIS participants

Liu Pinyan, Ambassador of the Event and Supporting Actress in the 48th Golden Bell Awards Drama Program, talked about her "strongness" at various stages through her frame-breaking actions in her life over the years.

15 to 20 years old is strong, 20 to 25 years old is strong, 25 to 30 years old is strong, until now, she is still learning to carry the weight and let go calmly.

Being brave takes practice, and when you take the first step to accomplish it, that's the beginning of learning to be brave.

48th Golden Bell Awards Drama Program Supporting Actress Liu Pinyan

Pin Yan believes that the various relationships between people in life are an important key for her to learn to be brave and learn to find herself. From facing emotions to facing yourself, you see your own vulnerability, and at the same time, you also find a stronger self after breaking the box.

Don't be afraid to change, in this life, we use the highest CP value to live the bravest version of ourselves.

48th Golden Bell Awards Drama Program Supporting Actress Liu Pinyan

Liu Pinyan won the 48th Golden Bell Awards Drama Program Supporting Actress with "Every Day with Budding", talking about the drama works over the years, the biggest tear point was the moment she returned from studying in France.

She is determined to break through the drama, reject any "silly white sweet" role, and rejoice in her bravery to achieve her current self, "If I hadn't taken this step, I wouldn't have the roles that everyone sees now, which I bought with my efforts." The audience was moved by the sincere sharing of Pinyan, and they took out their notebooks to record the golden sentences of life tempering for a minute on the stage and ten years of work offstage, and afterwards, the audience wrote on social media: "Listening to the sharing of Pinyan allows me to face myself more honestly!"

Yushan Zhang: The most important thing in a good company is to do it yourself

"I admire Zhang Yushan's courage, in her, the 'frame' does not seem to exist, and I found out that many frames were given to me at the moment." - GWIS participants

Zhang Yushan, CEO of PChome Network Family Group and General Manager of Internet Home, from NTU capital workers to half of going abroad, Steve Jobs went to school to find her, joined Google, did not return to Taiwan to start a business, to join PChome's magical life journey, taking the audience to see the culture of foreign companies and personal frame-breaking actions.

The difficulty is when you don't know how to overcome what you perceive, do it according to the context, the innate framework is not so scary.

Zhang Yushan, CEO of PChome Network Home Group and General Manager of Network Home

Yu Shan recalled that before she went abroad, a professor at National Taiwan University said to her: "Even homeless people in the United States speak English, do you think you will be worse than him?" After arriving in the United States, she went from being an unexpected Asian girl to being gifted in the classroom, and joined Google as soon as she graduated.

Life's bigger adventure than traveling the world is being a mom!

Zhang Yushan, CEO of PChome Network Home Group and General Manager of Network Home

After entering the family and having a child, Yu Shan encountered problems with newborn insurance and choosing childcare products. In order to solve the dilemma she faced, she founded "Mommy Love". She hopes that mothers can easily have a good parenting life, and also hopes to become a role model for their daughters, bravely being themselves and responsible for their own choices.

In mid-August last year, Yu Shan joined PChome as Group CEO and General Manager, believing that a good company culture is the key to making a company competitive in the long term. Therefore, she combined her international vision of studying abroad with the experience of founding "Mommy Love", and did her best to make PChome reverse the image of traditional enterprises, break the box, and enter the daily life of consumers again.

To hear more about Steve Jobs and her conversation and her experience working at Google, remember to tune in on the Women's Fan Youtube channel!

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Alfonne Lam: Let every voice be seen and break stereotypes

"Listening to the sharing of Lin Yafang, General Manager of Google Taiwan, gave me more confidence to challenge those things that I didn't dare to do in the past." - GWIS participants

Lin Yafang, general manager of Google Taiwan, began with her own growth experience, encouraging everyone not to actively limit themselves because of their origin or status, "Many people have a stereotype, since I am in an international company, do I have overseas study experience? But I want to tell you that I am a native Taiwanese child."

Avon did not go abroad until she graduated from university. Because my first job was a business trip to the United States, I got a passport. She believes that the key to a good company or a good leader is not "fame" or "gender", but that it is important to absorb and see good traits.

As a leader, she used to think in terms of "me", but now she must use "we" to make systematic planning, and must encourage everyone to be willing to bring different information, knowledge and wisdom to the team to create maximum contribution. In this process, she believes that the biggest key is "psychological safety".

When you want to release what you know and think, the feeling of psychological safety is the same as the courage to face unknown challenges.

Google Taiwan General Manager Lin Yafang

In order for employees to speak their minds openly, she knew that companies must be able to break down the stereotypes and stereotypes of human relations. In the past, most first impressions of a leader were that he was steady and tough, but in modern society, empathy has become more important. She believes that by humbly embracing every voice and allowing every voice to be seen, we can nurture multiple teams that can develop their potential.

If everyone can do a little more, we can turn the system around and take Taiwan one step closer to diversity and equality.

Google Taiwan General Manager Lin Yafang

Lu Xipeng X Zhang Yushan X Lin Yafang: Promote more diversified corporate culture

Extending the theme of "Bounding Leadership", Xipeng Lu, Distinguished Professor of the Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Yushan Zhang, CEO of PChome Network Family Group and General Manager of Internet Home, and Yafang Lin, General Manager of Google Taiwan, talked about how to promote the diverse and inclusive culture of DEI in the enterprise from their own industries.

"How to expand the influence of women?" The moderator of this dialogue, Professor Lu Xipeng, raised questions.

Lin Yafang, general manager of Google Taiwan, starts with personal characteristics, and when evaluating ability, she does not consider gender, but focuses on employee characteristics. She agrees with the company's idea of using talent, so she constantly thinks about how to pass these cultures on to other companies in Taiwan without being framed by stereotypes. Lin Yafang, general manager of Google Taiwan, led everyone to think beyond the gender framework, and this remark was nodded and agreed by many audiences.

Zhang Yushan, CEO of PChome Network Home Group and general manager of Internet Home, starts from the current task, she believes that the premise of e-commerce is diversification, including allowing people with physical retail to communicate with people in big data and warehouses, which is a challenge.

"The premise of e-commerce is cross-field cooperation, and if it will fall behind, it is that it does not understand each other's fields." So she did in-house training, allowing each part to share, align and understand their own work, so as to drive the cultural transformation from scratch.

Chen Jiaru: From learning to invest, get back the right to choose in life

"As an investment novice, Jiaru's sharing made me very interested in investment, and she made me feel that 'financial independence' is definitely not just a dream! - GWIS participants

Chen Jiaru, founder and CEO of Finance M Square Square, brought out the importance of financial independence and women's right to choose through a sentence shared with her father when she was 18 years old: "Economic independence is true independence".

As long as you are independent, you can have the right to choose, and you have the courage to be what kind of person you are.

Chen Jiaru, founder and CEO of Finance M Square

Her first job was as a financial analyst, following global current events and analyzing the stock market every day, and finally reached the goal of economic independence at the age of 30. But after financial independence, she still thinks, what kind of person does she want to be? Many viewers participated in this GWIS because their lives were confused and dissatisfied with the current situation, so after Jiaru threw this question, the venue also fell into deep thought.

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Jia Ru chose to step out of her comfort zone, became a coffee shop owner, volunteered, took drama classes, and finally discovered that the way she helped the world was by deciding to use her expertise to start by influencing the people around her.

She founded Finance M Square in 2015, using data to extend into visual charts to help investors understand the global economy and find investment trends in the shortest time. Jiaru also shared a lot of interesting data that can be observed when investing, if you want to know more, please lock the women's fan Youtube channel.

Courage in my heart is not a number or someone telling you how to do it, but a belief.

Chen Jiaru, founder and CEO of Finance M Square

The morning forum has come to an end, and the journey of "breaking the box and creating the box" is not over

After a wonderful morning performance and a forum sharing that combined leadership, international vision and economic choice, the audience's handbooks were filled with dense notes, and everyone's expressions were more radiant than when they first arrived at the venue. Instead of "successful" experience, the speakers generously spoke about their "failure" experience, and this confession made everyone in the audience who thought they were more attractive.

In addition to the full harvest of soul, each participating friend also received a gift bag full of sincerity.  This year's GWIS gift bag has a wide variety of contents, including Swire Coca-Cola's brand products sponsored in response to the issue of women's power, the ever-increasing honey preservation probiotics of Taiwan's century-old fermentation giant Taiwanese wine biotechnology "Taiwanese Wine Biotechnology", and the only cloud vest series in Taiwan that focuses on the research and development and production of built-in chest pads with textured clothing "Happy & Free".

Do you think that's all?

Through the sharing posts on the participants' social media, the women's fan team selected the digital lucky winner to give away a market price of $7,555, AVON super merchandise gift box set containing calendulin lutein booster drink EX and hair scale highlighter repair essence, MIT brand HOBOT 2023 flagship new product Reggie D8 mopping robot, Yogibo indoor recliner sofa, American fashion classic brand Fossil, famous for leather, providing the new Tremont in spring 2023 The leather flap cross-body bag was used as a prize for the event, and at the end there was Qiwei, who sponsored this year's GWIS host costume and wool scarf.

Each participating friend not only got the secrets of entrepreneurship and even life management from the life stories of 20+ multigenerational/gender/nationality speakers, but also had the opportunity to receive the luxury gifts mentioned above, and many participants also reported: "When life feels lost, come and listen to the GWIS of women's fans!" , "I didn't expect to get so many gifts when I participated in an event", "Thank you for preparing such a perfect and heart-warming event for women's fans!" Let me truly feel the courage to change now."

These feedback injected more energy into the afternoon forum, and after charging, it continued the journey of "breaking the box".

This is a compilation of the content of the 6th GWIS morning session, for more exciting content of the event, please see:

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If you want to see the essence of GWIS' speech that day, please watch it on the women's fan Youtube channel, so that each other's life stories can be transmitted through images, and the influence will continue to return.