What remains in your heart after the 2023 Women's Fan Global Women's Impact Forum (GWIS) ends? We don't want to be moved to knead into a moment and fall on that night. So, I want to share a story with you so that change will continue to flow in your heart.

On March 18, Women Fans held the 6th Global Women's Impact Forum (GWIS), which invited influential representatives from different fields to participate in the event. After the event, we found the work area after tidying up the space, leaving some delicious lunch boxes that were overordered. The woman's fan partner each carries the lunch box home with a bag until there is no room for his hands anymore.

But even so, there are still scattered lunch boxes that cannot be taken home. There were not many of them, so we started thinking - how can we give more people the opportunity to continue to enjoy this delicacy?

"Maybe we can distribute the bento box to the homeless people in the North Locomo" Eaim was the first to put into action, deciding to send the lunch box to the North Car with a friend and ask the homeless. Because of this choice, different results can be diverged.

Caption: Women's Fans held the 6th Global Women's Impact Forum (GWIS) on March 18

Written after GWIS: With the homeless as a frame-breaking starting point, pluralistic inclusion can be very close

Before leaving, Eaim was also thinking about "homeless people don't like to eat bento" and "will it disturb them if this does this", and he was also nervous. "I pray along the way, hoping that everything will go well."

It was already 12 o'clock in the middle of the night when they arrived at the North Car, and some homeless people who were still awake, after seeing the bento box delivered by themselves, nodded and began to enjoy. Some people say "delicious" and others say "thank you", and hearing these words, Eai's heart was sour and tense, but suddenly released and relaxed. She was finally able to confirm that it was a good thing, not a disturbing, and the shock turned into tears, shallow and covered her eyes. Those real emotions are transformed into shining marks.

When we later learned about Eaim's actions, we all thought she might have had experience with homeless people in the past. In fact, this is her first attempt, "when I first really touch what I want to do, my first reaction is fear", even so, Eaim still chooses to listen to fear and bravely suppress the grief in her heart, which happens to echo the theme of this year's GWIS - "Breaking the Box".

Caption: The theme of this year's GWIS - "Breaking the Box"

Occasional absences that demonstrate everyday courage with actions

Although the homeless in this city are often hidden in the hustle and bustle, erased by the rush of steps, in fact we are all incredibly close.

Sometimes, if you want to do something that no one has done before, try something new, maybe you will hear those voices of self-doubt and fear, but when you act with the heart that really envisions for diverse races, you can make new discoveries about the situation and new discoveries about yourself. Then, courage can coexist with practice, and moving energy can coexist with transformation.

Welcome to write your leftover solution proposal in the message area, so that the emotion will not only remain in that night, let us continue to write the chapter of communion together, and run together on the path of communion.