The second part of the 2023 data insight analysis of women's fan women's strength leads readers to see the impact and trend of the post-epidemic world on women's needs from the current situation and needs of women's physical and mental maintenance and the expectations of women's sports maintenance.

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In the first part of the 2023 Women's Fan Female Power Data Insight Analysis, we analyzed the current situation and obstacles affecting women's working life, employment, financial management and self-practice in recent years, and while providing data to confirm and analyze the current situation, we also invite common attention to find answers.

Echoing the global theme of International Women's Day 2023, "#Embrace Equity embraces fairness", when we think about whether the world is "fair" enough, we must first take it for granted to find what needs to be improved, and start small to shake up big things.

In the fourth verse, we look back at the mind from the outside world. For women, being alone, dialogue, loving themselves, and paying attention to themselves have always been a big issue, and in view of the current situation and needs of women's physical and mental maintenance, women fans also draw opinions and materials from all parties to re-see the impact of the three-year epidemic and the post-epidemic world on our body and mind.

When our movements are limited and we feel powerless and fearful of our external environment, do we know better how to take care of ourselves?

Fourth, the current situation and needs of women's physical and mental maintenance

Sustainability is not only an environmental protection concept, but also includes physical and mental health and the sustainability of life.

After the epidemic, Chinese people are willing to spend more time and money on physical and mental maintenance. In terms of body maintenance, Taiwanese exercise habits have risen to a record high. The frequency of female users who are fans of women exercises once a week is as high as ninety percent.

In addition, in terms of psychological maintenance, the healing economy has grown tremendously from the world to Taiwan, and the pursuit of emotional stability and ritual has improved. Women have a high degree of mobility and consumption power in self-care. Be willing to invest in yourself and pave the way for a sustainable life.

(1) Ninety percent of women exercise regularly every week, but forty percent think that the current exercise frequency is low

Affected by the epidemic, many women began to develop regular voluntary exercise habits during home isolation and remote work, and mostly chose projects that can achieve the purpose of stress relief and exercise at home and indoors.

According to the latest data from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education, Taiwanese sports habits reached a new high in 2022, with the sports population increasing to 81.8%, and the regular exercise population reaching 34% for the first time.

According to the survey of women's fans, the frequency of female users exercising at least once a week is more than ninety percent, and 58.4% exercise more than three times a week, 33.7% at least once a week, and 3.3% at least once every two weeks.

However, why do nearly 40% of female users still want to increase the frequency of exercise, even if they exercise frequently? According to the survey of women's fans, the main reason is that "regular exercise and cultivation of exercise habits" have become a channel for the people's lifestyle, exercise perseverance and relieve pressure, so I look forward to more time, space and opportunities to focus on the present moment and improve the time spent with the body.

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(2) Women have regular exercise habits and medium and low intensity exercise

Women's sports, in addition to exercising, also pay attention to healing, stress relief and other functions.

According to the Women's Fan Survey Report, up to ninety percent of female subjects exercise at least once a week. Among them, the top three most common exercises are retraining (50.9%), running (46.8%), and yoga (39.5%).

The top three sports that women have not yet practiced but would like to try are boxing (45.8%), rock climbing and bouldering (44.8%) and dancing (26.9%). It can be found that most of the sports on the list are mainly medium and low-intensity exercises.

Fifth, the expectation of women's sports maintenance

Looking back on the impact of the epidemic in the past few years, the importance of home life, ritual sense, and physical and mental health has relatively increased.

In addition to paying more attention to sports to exercise physical strength and health care of body and mind, women pay more attention to how to maintain emotional stability through self-cultivation, meditation, meditation, yoga and other methods.

As an important support network for family and social relationships, women return to valuing "their own mental health", trying to establish their own safety nets and support systems, maintain positive communication with important people, and establish a sense of ritual and life for daily life.

(1) Maintain health, improve physical fitness, and exercise the mind

Compared with a strong body, the reason why women engage in sports has a motivation relative to "comprehensive".

Among them, the first is related to improving physiological aspects, such as health, physical fitness, and posture; Psychological stress relief exercise was the second, including helping physical health (55.8%), improving physical fitness (49.1%), correcting posture (39.7%), and relieving mental stress (37.6%).

(2) The global explosive growth trend, the next generation attaches importance to mental health

After the pandemic, the global trend has shifted from the workplace to life, and mental health calls and actions have increased. Younger generations place more emphasis on a workplace environment that sustains physical and mental health.

According to LinkedIn Global Talent Trends Report, Gen Z calls for a more "mental and physical health-conscious" workplace culture, where the number of mentally conscious lives and child meditation has increased significantly by 800% over the past eight years. It can be seen that the care of personal physical and mental health has become the next generation trend.

According to a 2022 study by Precedence research, women have more regular needs and habits for mental health apps than men.

It is estimated that the market demand and scale growth of the above two will grow to nearly 19.6 billion US dollars in 2030 under the premise that it is valued at 4.4 billion US dollars in 2021 and has grown to 5.19 billion US dollars by 2022.

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(3) Keep your mood stable and not depressed, establish a sense of ritual and positive communication

In Taiwan, since the epidemic, women's fans have observed a significant increase in users' emotional care needs.

Among them, in response to the main care role during the epidemic, in the workplace and family burning, women's emotional and physical energy recovery after self-care is the focus of self-care. Therefore, in the past period, women's fans have also found that women pay more attention to home life rituals, including communication and interaction with their partners' families, which has become an important issue.

According to the survey on the psychological needs of women's fans, up to 60% of users have a high degree of emotional awareness, and 61.7% of the subjects hope to remain stable and not depressed, and maintain emotional stability; 53.1% of the participants also needed to establish a sense of ritual in life; Another 25.7% of participants expected to maintain positive interactions with family and partners; At the same time, in response to the change in work style during the epidemic, 19.7% of the participants said that maintaining positive interaction and communication with partners in remote work is also the basis for personal emotional stability.

Under the premise of this observation, women's fans launched a series of life coach hand accounts and card tools, from the female awakening card for self-psychological care, the relationship card for interacting with the partner's family, to the annual hand account, providing users with daily exercises to help users be fearless and live their most authentic selves.

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6. Conclusion: Facing a Diverse and Inclusive Tomorrow

Based on the above survey report from 2018 to 2023 and the major favorable data survey brands, it can help us better understand the development trend of contemporary women, and which parts are becoming more and more advanced in the workplace, family, society and other aspects, and which parts still need to be strengthened.

Women's fans hope to continue to use diversity as a means and integration as the purpose, sacrifice a variety of DEI-related implementation content, through different carriers, to communicate DEI-related knowledge, information, practical practices and tools, lead enterprises, communities, individuals to start from needs, find the corresponding learning structure, and consolidate the support network of women's growth, enterprises and community DEI, and find a way to pursue themselves and practice themselves equally for all ethnic groups that continue to "become themselves" in life.

On this road, we still have quite a few thresholds to cross, invite you who belong to society, enterprises and families to care with us and do your part to face a diverse and inclusive tomorrow.