Shu Hua is a member of the Korean idol group (G)I-DLE, and since her debut, she has faced many skeptical voices, but instead of being discouraged, she bravely fights back these rumors and transmits positive energy to all those who love her!

Shu Hua is a member of the Korean idol group (G)I-DLE and a native Taiwanese child. Determined to become a star from an early age, she began to be exposed to KPOP in junior high school, dancing with friends in high school and communicating Korean pop culture. In her freshman year of high school, she accompanied her friends to auditions for the Korean agency CUBE in Taiwan, and was invited to Korea to become a trainee. This year, she was 16 years old.

During the trainee period, Shu Hua faced the situation of language barrier and insufficient basic strength, she put in more time and effort than others, often practicing until late at night, seizing every opportunity to improve herself. In 2018, she finally made her debut as a member of (G)I-DLE.

But after her debut, the audience gave many evaluations of her strength and appearance, and her every move was magnified and examined. In the face of these comments, Shu Hua was not discouraged, but turned them into the power of hard work. Whenever the group returns with a new song, fans can see her progress by leaps and bounds, and her dedication to excellence is admirable.

Shu Hua often communicates with fans through live broadcasts and shares a positive outlook on life, which is why he is known as a "life mentor". Working alone in a foreign land, she always adheres to the belief in her heart and is not afraid to be her true self. Now let's take a look at the 5 golden sentences Shu Hua said!

It is normal to feel anxious in the face of life, which means having expectations for the future, enjoying your anxiety, facing your anxiety, you are not alone, everyone is the same.

Shu Hua

In a live broadcast, fans left messages asking themselves that they had many confusions in life and felt anxious because of this. Shu Hua shared that her friend also asked her similar questions a while ago, she believes that it is normal for modern people to feel anxious in the face of life, "anxiety" is not a completely negative emotion, don't be affected by chicken soup for the soul. She believes that people feel anxious because they hope that the future will be better, so they should be honest about such emotions.

You never know, how powerful love is, fall in love, give me the courage to love.

Shu Hua

Although Taiwan became the first country in Asia to open same-sex marriage, South Korea remains relatively conservative about LBGTQ+ issues. Therefore, in the face of fans, they asked: "If you fall in love with the same sex, what should you do if your family is against it?" After thinking about it, Shu Hua responded: "Love is what you are talking about, not parents, so be brave and love!" At the same time, she also reminded everyone not to underestimate the power of love.

I love my nature, my self, even if it may be flawed in your eyes, I feel precious, this is the beauty I want.

Shu Hua

Shu Hua previously dyed his blonde hair through the group's new song "NXDE", which can be said to be the biggest styling breakthrough since his debut. In the past, she has been criticized by some netizens for maintaining her consistent black hair, plain makeup or light makeup selfies and live broadcasts. In response to these voices, Shu Hua responded domineeringly: "Even if you think it may be flawed in your eyes, this is the beauty I want."

Everyone has a size that suits them.

Shu Hua

In April this year, Shu Hua took advantage of his vacation to return to Taiwan to appear on Xiao S's program "Miss Buxidi", and was asked, "Is the company very strict about body management?" , she revealed that the company will not be hard and hard control, and she believes that "everyone has their own suitable size (body proportion)", which will not be affected by the thinness of the team members. Gao EQ's words have been retweeted and appreciated by many fans.

Don't believe praise, don't put contempt at ease, living under other people's mouths is a kind of stupidity.

Shu Hua

Shu Hua has been debuting for 5 years now, and has received a lot of honors along the way, and Shu Hua's performance on stage has become more and more confident. In the big environment of the entertainment industry, in addition to enjoying the magnesium light, you must often adjust yourself to keep yourself in a balanced psychological state. Therefore, she told fans that they should not pay too much attention to the intentional criticism of others, and at the same time, they should not be complacent because of praise, and do not forget their original intentions.

As an idol, Shu Hua not only strives to shine in her personal professional field, but also conveys warm energy and positive messages to fans in private time, so that fans can also find reference answers to face life's troubles in the process of chasing stars.