Still wondering how to produce beautiful images? You must not miss the AI drawing tool in the workplace, let's see how midjourney is operated and applied!

A while ago, the partner of the woman's fan went to ask the soothsayer, what kind of person was she in her previous life? In her previous life, she was a happy peasant woman during the Japanese occupation.

Because when playing Midjourney, she was too curious about what she looked like in her previous life, so she searched for a few keywords: Taiwan's happy farming women during the Japanese occupation in the 19th century.

Then, she found that she seemed to have reunited with her previous self.

Today, I will share with you the most popular AI mapping tool Midjourney, as long as you enter keywords, you can generate amazing pictures like chanting a mantra.

Women's fans are a team that encourages partners to embrace new tools and try new technologies, so let's share with you how to use Midjourney today!

Midjourney action steps

Before we begin, let's quickly demonstrate how to generate AI images from scratch in three quick steps.

First of all, you need to have a Discord account, log in and register, and you can send messages through Discord.

After logging in, click on one of the newbies rooms, you can think of this side as a magic array where you chant spells, and you can cast spells in the dialog!

Enter implementation / image will automatically generate a small frame of dialogue, you can enter any keyword or sentence related to the painting in the box, click send, after a minute, you can get the picture you want!

Image | Midjourney Twitter

Midjourney application context

You may be wondering if we are not designers or draftsmen, what kind of application scenario does Midjourney look like?

Today, I will share with you three Midjourney application scenarios that ordinary people can also use.

Scenario 1: Work

When working, you can use Midjourney to focus with designers, illustrators or draftsmen, I believe that all partners in planning or project management have encountered designers and illustrators in the process of briefing, it is difficult to express the picture in the brain in words.

Therefore, many times the design content received will have a certain gap from the imagination. At this time, through Midjourney, we can visualize the picture in our minds, as a reference basis, improve the efficiency of communication with each other, and everyone can leave work early!

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels

Scenario Two: Fantasy

Want to know what you look like in the second dimension? Want to know what kind of picture you were like in the Middle Ages? Whether it is the style of Hayao Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai; Or Pixar, Disney animation, although in real life, we look like this, but through Midjourney AI empowerment, you can also draw yourself in the multiverse.

Scenario 3: Gift-giving

When it comes to gifting, you no longer have to worry about what to give on Valentine's Day. In the past, I was envious of friends who could draw, and I could give my own works as gifts to others. With Midjourney, people who can't draw can also draw famously!

Whether it's a painting, printed into a book, or even made into a mobile phone case, it's not only aesthetic and technological, but more importantly, it's a unique work.

How to look at it is full of heart, don't you think it's very good?

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that Midjourney currently has some copyright concerns, so the generated works must not be commercialized. If you want to share with your community, be sure to tag it as coming from Midjourney.

What do you do with Midjourney? What else is hidden version usage? We really want to know! I hope you can leave a message to share with us!

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Finally, an application scenario is the hidden version usage of women's fan CEO Zhang Weixuan, who visualizes abstract concepts and converts his own written works into paintings.

The first image is Wei Xuan entering keywords and generating them through AI.

Photo|Zhang Weixuan IG

The second picture is drawn by real artist Huang Xin.

Photo|Zhang Weixuan IG

What do you think is the difference between the two paintings? How does it make you feel different? Let's go to her IG message to share!