When you see a picture of a little black mouse, you think of Disney , and you see a big yellow M on the road, and you know that McDonald's is not far away, these are brand names that we touch in our daily lives.But has it ever thought about the impact of each logo on people?(Recommended reading: Brand with Confucius )

art group Maentis are good at satire style writing, such as one of the previous series they did for Google .They recently used their unique style to reversion several of the brand names known to the people, presenting the brand's face in real life.Let's take a look at a few representative works.

I didn't expect to wake up a cute Mickey Mouse, but I found that it was full of money!

Just like the IKEA furniture, you need to piece together this logo, and slowly assemble it.

Is the big red tongue of the Rolling Stall marked with the name cut?
Maentis "also appended" North Korea " terms to the bottom, suggesting that the North Korean rhetoric is under strict surveillance.

This work is undoubtedly a crisis for the European Union system.
Maentis " first isolated Greece from the euro, representing Greece as the first EU country to have financial problems.

It was only a while ago that the Olympics athletes used drugs and drugs, and they immediately remade the Olympic logo.
From the upper left to the right, the EPO erythropoietin, coca, hormone, steroids, and amphetamines.

This McDonald's mark is not too long!Maentis wants to show that too many McDonald's people are easy to be obese, advising people not to eat too much junk food.

I believe that you must be curious about how each logo is done in the Maentis team, and that the following film will take a look at the Mentis team to modify the logo process and the new meaning they have given to the new logo.

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Source: FastCompany