Want to know how the Women's Awakening Card is used in the workplace? Let's take a look at how the women's fan team is used!

Women fans play cards together in the office, and each partner draws cards for different reasons.

Partner Hazel chose the cards with a lot of money because she recently needed money at the end of the month.

Another partner chose a card with her mother leading the little girl to a distant place because she has been busy with work lately and rarely comes home.

Friend Tangerine chose the card in her hand because her teammates thought she looked like the dark and glorious Park Saliva Jin.

Hello everyone, I'm Audrey for women's fans, welcome to what to play in the women's fan office. This is a recent show on the use of tools in the Unboxed Woman Fan Office, and we will share how to solve the problems we encounter through the tools of technology and the tools of events.

The artifact debuts

A common scenario in the workplace is how to design a self-introduction session for the new partner that will not be embarrassing to have a cancer attack, but also fun and safe.

This time, we invited our special guest, the card, to use it for the self-introduction session.

Three highlights of the card

The Female Awakening card we use is a tool developed by ourselves, and this subconscious card tool was developed in 2020 with Mr. Joey Huang.

(Extended reading: Allow yourself a period of deep time close to the inside, and explore the healing practice of self with the female power awakening card card)

Picture | Woman fan

It has the following three highlights:

  1. To apply the methodology of Coach Oka Coach: it will be divided into a picture card and a word card. Through picture cards and word cards, the left and right brains of the human brain can be connected to promote the occurrence of subconscious messages. So, it is common to use this deck when it feels unexpectedly accurate.

  2. Female-oriented: It is the first card tool in Taiwan that focuses on women's experience and focuses on solving women-related problems.
  3. Upgraded Replica: This deck of cards has been wildly popular in 2022, and many businesses have used it to launch a replica. The cards have added 10 sets of coaching tools, and the surface of several pictures has been retouched to help the whole process be better used.

How the women's fan team is used

In the workplace scenario just mentioned, because the new partner has just joined and does not understand the team, it must be very difficult to introduce himself at this time and embarrassing cancer attack! Therefore, the women's fan team will help the whole process be safer, more interesting and fun through the following operation methods in the self-introduction session.

Step 1: Both new and old partners can participate

In the self-introduction session, not only new partners are arranged to introduce themselves, but also existing team partners can participate in the process together to build more team trust.

Step 2: Select a card

The use of cards can help people communicate and discuss according to the picture, there are many picture cards, we can spread them all on the table. Everyone can use a little time to quickly and intuitively choose the one that best represents you among all the cards.

(Same scene plus screening: unboxing|female force awakening card: you, is the answer to everything)

Photo | Courtesy of Woman Fan

Step 3: Share

After the image selection, we can talk about two things, one is what do we see in the picture? The second is why this image can represent me?

In the case of Audrey, after she chooses a certain one, she can share it with you when introducing herself: Hello everyone, I am Audrey, I see two girls in this picture, they have body size differences, but I feel that they are actually the same person.

It's the same feeling I'm in now, just joining a new team, I feel like I'm joining a larger mission vision, looking forward to working together with everyone, this is my self-introduction.

Next, you can also invite other partners to discuss what you see in this picture based on this picture to help understand this partner.

Isn't it interesting to introduce ourselves through the picture card, we can not only use tags to understand a person, but also understand the things he cares about the most at the moment?

Regarding the Women's Awakening card, in addition to being used to introduce yourself, it can also help the consensus of the team, especially suitable for the first cross-group meeting, or can also help us find out the core problem. We expect to share these gameplay with you later.

Regarding the workplace situation, if you have any other curious women fan team do, welcome to leave a message to tell us, let us answer for you!