"Love Love Contains Light" generously talks about sex and love, in the play, Qiu Yousen and Ah Yue play a gay relationship, let's see how Qiu Yousen leaves the toxic relationship, embraces his happiness instead, and talks about a love that only tells the truth, not the fake!

Netflix recently launched the Taiwanese drama "Love Contains Light" to break the culture of Taiwanese families not talking about sex and love, and through the love stories of all ages in the family, bring out the gender issues that may be encountered in different stages of romance, and show the experience of struggling with sex and love.

This time, we skip the heterosexual relationship played by the hero and heroine, and do not talk about the new love between young men and women in the new era, but focus on the male couple of Qiu Yousen and Ah Yue. Let's see how Qiu Yousen left the suffocating toxic relationship, and instead embraced his happiness, learned to let the wound cry out of pain, and let the action flow love.

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Stills from "Love Contains Light".

Qiu Yousen, Henry: I am your second in line, and I will eventually leave the suffocating relationship

As the eldest son in the family, Qiu Yousen is accustomed to forbearance and always obedient. Homosexuality is not recognized by fathers, and the work is not understood by mothers. The same pattern is replicated in intimate relationships, where he is always quiet, does not argue with his partner Henry, and even if he is uncomfortable, his emotions are small and not overt.

After putting up with it for a long time, no one knows what he is thinking, just like building a high wall, no one can go straight to the truest part of his heart, including himself.

In the last argument before the breakup, Henry said, "You don't want to keep everything in your heart", but in the final analysis, this unspoken need comes from the lack of sufficient security in the space where the two of them get along.

As Henry's second in line, Qiu Yousen can only provide comfort when Henry needs it, but on other important days, such as Chinese New Year's Eve, Henry also has his own arrangements, Qiu Yousen asked if they could be together, Henry gave an ambiguous answer, as for the promises and plans made, Henry also chose to prevaricate.

Those expressions of love for you and intimacy are like the candy that Henry occasionally gives to Qiu Yousen, Henry describes Qiu Yousen like this: "He is very obedient", but what if Qiu Yousen does not want to be obedient?

We see the opening of an episode, playing Qiu Yousen's dream, in which he can bravely express his expectations for intimacy, he can say that he doesn't want to be obedient, showing that his inhibition and obedience need to be vented on weekdays, but unfortunately these longings can only be realized in dreams.

In fact, what stands in the way between the two is not only the collision of gay men, but also the lack of communication, knowing that the other party may have emotions, but never knowing the bitterness and sourness of the other party.

Then it accumulates into injuries, some people may think that every goodbye is a small death, but not all of them are fatal, this time they said that they broke up, and after leaving Henry, Qiu Yousen felt relieved and really lived.

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Stills from "Love Contains Light".

Qiu Yousen, Ah Yue: Our love is straightforward, if you want, just wait for me

Compared with getting along with Henry, Ah Yue does not talk empty words, but acts sincerely, he remembers that Qiu Yousen does not drink, so when someone advises him to drink, he will take the initiative to help, and when someone offends Qiu Yousen, he will roar and respond, which is the detail in the relationship.

In fact, disappointment and love are accumulated by a little bit of small things, so from the mutually beneficial sharing between me and you, to the process of me being angry for you, the love between the two has accumulated, and then self-proved.

Qiu Yousen did not disguise himself in front of Ah Yue, and several times of sex was even caused by disputes and beatings, which was a rare real emotion for Qiu Yousen in the play, showing that maybe only in front of Ah Yue could he relax and show his emotions.

Such a fit tacit understanding makes people think that the two must be similar, but in fact, Ah Yueyang is just and open, like the opposite of Yousen, but to a certain extent they are similar, such as the burden of the original family, such as being forced by reality to pretend to be real, Qiu Yousen pretended to be numb and unresponsive to life, and Ah Yue relied on chatting with outsiders to stick to the identity of the deep cabinet.

This similarity led the two to see the commonality and see the light in each other, Qiu Yousen said that Ah Yue spoke Chinese very well, why force himself to speak Taiwanese. Even if the disguise was recognized, because the two confessed, Ah Yue was no longer annoyed, but thankful that someone saw it, this was the only cowardice and truth that he could be promised to have in the days when he used sex and personality to survive in front of outsiders and was full of armed deception.

The philosopher Ben Yaming wrote, "Happiness is to be able to know oneself without feeling frightened", in front of each other, Qiu Yousen and Ah Yue can see the real self, show others in their true appearance without hiding.

Stills from "Love Contains Light".

Seeing Ah Yue reminds people of Ah Cheng in "When a Man is in Love", the two also protect themselves with vulgarity, but they have a clear innocence, as children of the rivers and lakes, they still retain their innocence and infatuation, and use their unique arrogance to melt the people who erect high walls in front of them.

"Let's go, let's go back to Taipei." It's like acknowledging the relationship, facing the sexuality, and in that gaze, Ah Yue made up his mind, knowing that he couldn't continue to live as a hooligan, and couldn't get used to that kind of life.

I love you may not have to be eye-catching, but if one day we can look at it more normally, the lust between people, just like Qiu Yousen and Ah Yue in "Love and Love Contains Light", express frankly and appreciate it bluntly, then love will flow, the heart will boil, and you can feel the real love.