On the sixth anniversary of Lin Yihan's death, "power sexual assault" cases are still emerging, what can we do for survivors? You who survived, always remember that it is not your fault, as supporters, we sincerely listen, actively accompany, and may all wounded hearts find an outlet.

"When you encounter pain in reading, I hope you don't think 'fortunately it's a novel' and let it go, I hope you empathize with Siqi.

6 years after Lin Yihan's death, "Fang Siqi's First Love Paradise" is still a book that many people have not had the courage to open until now.

The story of a girl "falling in love" with a seducer has caused discussion of "power sexual assault" in society, but 6 years have passed, has our world become different?

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Sorry, the world is not getting better

Recently, the Janis scandal in Japan caused a sensation around the world, and the late founder Johnny Kitagawa was accused of long-term sexual assault of its artists, and most of the survivors were minors. Although this news was published by the British media BBC, most of the events mainly discussed were reported by the Japanese media "Weekly Bunchun" in 1999.

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Surprisingly, Japanese society has remained silent about this incident for so many years, and until it was reported again this year, it did not see the mainstream media report on it. One of them, Okamoto Kauan, the first survivor whose real name was made public, even joined Janis after the 1999 incident, which shows that the power of the firm is far higher than the rights of minors.

This is not an overwhelming sexual assault, but a social sexual assault. If I hadn't had the fantasy of having sex with Kitagawa and your career could go further, this wouldn't have happened.

Not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan and the world, cases of sexual assault by power are still emerging one after another, and justice always comes too late.

Survivors often have to go through years of struggle and pain to have the courage to speak up for themselves, and some even realize they have been victimized until years later because they were too young when they were violated.

After the survivors summon up the courage to speak out, they will face a long litigation period, and in the absence of sufficient evidence, it is more likely that justice cannot be served, like the Lin Yihan incident.

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As a sexual assault survivor, who can I turn to?

If you are in pain from sexual assault and are looking for a way to help yourself, I would like to ask you to give yourself the greatest encouragement first. In all sexual assault cases, without survivors taking the initiative to take this step, there will be no follow-up rescue operations.

If you are not ready, please don't be harsh on yourself, the most important thing now is to take care of yourself first, do not force yourself to stand up immediately, no matter how much time it takes.

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1. Channels for reporting sexual assault/harassment incidents

  • 110 Report: If you encounter an event that immediately involves the safety of your life, call the 110 report hotline directly.
  • 113 Protection Hotline: If you encounter domestic violence, sexual assault and other incidents, whether it is a party or a bystander, you can seek help through the 113 hotline. 24 hours a day, assist with consultation, notification, service referral and other content. Professional social workers will answer the assessment and follow-up, and interpreters are available to provide multi-Chinese lingual services.
  • Care: Online reporting and consultation platform to deal with related incidents related to domestic violence, sexual assault, child protection and so on.
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Control Centers in each county or city: If you have any questions about reporting or handling cases, you can directly ask the sexual assault prevention centers in each county or city.

II. Who can I turn to for help in the event of sexual assault?

Third, in the face of psychological trauma, how can I get better?

  • Children's Welfare Alliance: Provide trauma counseling and other services for children under the age of 18 who have suffered physical and mental trauma, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.
  • Lixin Dandelion Counseling Center: provides services for domestic violence, child protection, sexual assault, teenage pregnancy, etc.
  • Trauma Recovery Center for Sexual Assault Victims: Funded by the Department of Protection of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, it provides psychological treatment and consultation services for survivors and significant others.

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What can be done in the face of powerful sexual assault?

The legal interpretation of "power sexual assault" refers to the use of power or opportunity for sexual intercourse by a person who is supervised, supported or cared for by oneself due to relatives, guardianship, upbringing, education, training, relief, medical treatment, public service, business or other relationships.

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The perpetrator and the victim of powerful sexual assault usually have a subordinate relationship between the top and bottom, such sexual assault is based on trust, intimacy, and power relations, and the victim may be threatened with power, violence, or manipulated by PUA methods "in the name of love", and have a relationship with the other party against their own will.

Does this count as sexual assault? He's nice to me and won't hurt me, right? He did this to me because he loved me, right? Is it my fault that things have become like this? This is normal, am I too sensitive?

According to statistics from Taiwan's health and welfare department, there were a total of 17,201 reports of sexual assault incidents in 2022, among which spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends, friends, and workplace relationships were the majority, which shows that most of the sexual assault cases are committed by acquaintances. Survivors are not only physically assaulted, but also deceived and betrayed by intimate relationships.

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What can I do if I encounter a powerful sexual assault?

In addition to reporting through the above professional help/consultation channels, the following words would like to be sent to you who are injured. This is not professional advice, nor will it necessarily make you get better immediately, take these words to heart, and when you feel that you are about to be unable to hold on, remember to remind yourself that "you deserve to be treated well".

Tear apart the illusion of "in the name of love", only yes means yes

In the face of powerful sexual assault, survivors are easily manipulated by psychological means such as PUA, and the other party will use "I like you", "I love you" and other words to rationalize their behavior, making survivors suspect that their discomfort is "thinking too much" and "too sensitive", missing the opportunity to seek help.

If you feel uncomfortable or violated in a relationship, even if you are close to and like, as long as you do not agree, this is sexual assault.

Please try to speak out about the pain

Hurt by close people, survivors are limited by their relationship with the perpetrator, often afraid to say things or do not know to say it, and when they pluck up the courage to stand up, they have to face external doubts: "Why didn't you say it at that time?" Eventually fall into contradiction and self-questioning.

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You may experience a barrage of depression, anxiety, or unusually calm, and no matter what emotions you decide to face your pain with, try to speak out to someone you trust. It can be to find professional psychological counseling, or it can be a trusted person around you, so that you have a window to talk to.

These injuries are too heavy, and it is too tiring to carry them alone.

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Always remember, you are not wrong

"If only I had refused", "If I had protected myself, it would not be like this", "If I hadn't worn that outfit, it would be fine"

There are too many reasons to review survivors in this society, but few to review perpetrators, and there is never a reasonable excuse for violating others. No matter how you reacted at the moment of the incident, what costume you wore, or whether you shouted for help or not, there is nothing wrong with you who is injured.

No matter how many times, say to yourself, "You are not wrong when you are hurt."

The scars won't go away, but the "hope" is always there

The road to recovery is difficult, many times you feel that you are better, but you will be touched by a small thing in the next second, those former fears, grief, and then swallowed by pain again.

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This happens again and again, even years later, and we can't heal all the wounds, but we can prepare for the next night. Whether it is regular counseling or daily journaling, you will slowly find your own way of healing.

The world is bad, but if you look carefully, you will find your own warm sun.

At your own pace, you don't have to get better

What if I can't get better? It's okay, just go at your own pace and don't force yourself to get up quickly.

Repairing sexual assault trauma is like picking up a broken self piece by piece, the speed of recovery depends on the individual, and sometimes it is normal to pick up half of it.

As long as you feel any pressure or uneasiness during the process, stop at any time to give yourself a break, no matter how long it takes, it doesn't matter if you don't want to get better for the time being.

When you are tired, lie down first! You've worked hard.

Lin Yihan died six years ago, what has changed?

Lin Yihan's death not only stimulated social discussion of sexual assault by power, but also promoted the amendment of relevant laws.

In 2017, the Legislative Yuan passed the amendment to Article 9 of the Law on Remedial Education and Further Education in its third reading, stipulating that all teachers and staff of cram schools must disclose their real names, and when applying for case registration or personnel changes, relevant documents must be attached for approval by the competent authority.

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If sexual harassment or assault occurs in a cram school, it is necessary to notify the relevant unit to prevent unsuitable teaching staff from entering.

In the same year, the Presidential Judicial Reform Congress passed a bill to decriminalize adultery to prevent survivors of powerful sexual assault from giving up the opportunity to speak out for fear of being countersued.

Is it enough to amend the law?

Power sexual assault cases have not decreased because of the "Fang Siqi Clause", and in addition to campuses, we have also seen more related incidents in the workplace and religion. The law is the minimum standard of morality, and if the social atmosphere still fails to reassure survivors, there will only be more Fang Siqi and more silenced survivors in the future.

The world will not change for the better on its own, and we need you and me to work together.

Invite readers to do the four actions together, in the face of sexual assault cases, we should not only watch from the sidelines, only to make changes, in order to prevent the next Fang Siqi appeared.

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First, the destigmatization of "sex"

According to a survey by the Modern Women's Foundation, nearly 90% of survivors of sexual violence are afraid to call the police or seek help. We also see from many sexual assault incidents that survivors have to face not only physical pain, but also social vision, and even online humiliation.

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When we still stop at the fact that "sex" is bad, and girls who touch "sex" is unclean, survivors will continue to be affected by this discourse, and then begin to blame themselves for being "dirty" and "so humiliating".

Before providing survivor social care, let's start talking about "sex" out loud, so that more Fang Siqi knows that "sex" can be beautiful, and forcing the "sex" of others is unforgivable.

2. Stop reviewing victims

The most heart-wrenching aspect of sexual assault cases is that survivors must uncover their scars again and again, and they must provide enough evidence to prove that they were involuntary at the time of the incident. They have to explain what happened again and again, because if they are not clear, some people will question "You actually volunteered" and "You also enjoyed it".

If I fall in love with the teacher, the whole thing doesn't count. Because admitting that it is, is more painful than falling in love with him.

It is difficult for survivors of sexual violence to tell their stories, and if society continues to look at them differently, more Fang Siqi will appear, and the perpetrators will never be punished.

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3. Listen sincerely and actively accompany

It doesn't matter if you don't have a psychology major, just let the survivor know that they are understood and loved, and that's enough.

Everyone faces trauma differently and recovers differently, so even if we can't fully experience the survivor's pain, try to understand and accept their feelings. When survivors' emotions have an outlet to express, it is a big step to help them get better.

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Fourth, respect survivors also have times when they don't want to get better

In the face of the injured, we often hope that the other person will get better too actively, although the intentions are good, but it may cause more psychological pressure on the survivors. As long as physical safety is not involved, what we can do is to pace with the survivor's recovery, providing care while preserving the autonomy of the survivor.

Written on the sixth anniversary of Lin Yihan's death, I hope that there will be no more Fang Siqi in the world, and I hope that all wounded hearts can find an exit.