Do you love yourself today? Women's fan editor Haoting exclusively shares 9 "love yourself" small actions to make your life a little more surprised, a little more healing and happy in your daily life!

Edited by Haoting

Being yourself is the most celebrated thing in the world!

Famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp once said: "I think everyone is different. We should all celebrate our difference and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it." ("I think everybody's weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.")

"Loving yourself" is a lifelong lesson and a source of motivation to keep us going. Dear you, do you have your own celebration ceremony?

Today, I want to share with you 9 small daily actions, which are small ways to express love for myself, and also make me enjoy being alone and immersed in the wonderful moments of being alone!

Celebration 1: Visit the flower market, flower shop, and give yourself a flower gift

Instead of waiting for someone to send flowers, let yourself bloom with the flowers!

Since ancient times, people have liked to give flowers various meanings, some people use it to attract wealth, peach blossoms, and some people use it to convey flower language, and in my eyes, flowers are not only beautiful, but also full of aura. Walking into a place full of flowers, bathing in the fragrance of flowers, and admiring their colorful and varied forms is a spiritual healing.

In the process of looking at flowers, it is also like looking for a fateful fate, taking it home after love at first sight, after sorting the flowers, inserting bottles and then appreciating them, and using its wholehearted bloom to celebrate the current self - you say, is this a very romantic thing?

Finally, I would like to share one of my favorite flowers - daffodils! The flower color is pure white, each stem blooms a flower, with a lonely and elegant beauty, the flower language is "I love myself, and I am willing to open my heart to accept others", if you can't think of what flowers to give yourself, daffodils are a good choice!

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Celebration two: Pick a good pair of shoes and go further with yourself

A pair of good-looking shoes that can change your personal style; A pair of shoes that are easy to walk can accompany you to go further. Ikuko Jibiki, a well-known fashion styling consultant in Japan, once shared in his book "Fashion Break": "Buying a good pair of shoes for yourself, even if it costs NT$10,000, it is worth it!" Shoes are the best fashion item to invest in.

As an ordinary person, of course, I don't have so much budget to buy shoes, but I still follow the guidelines mentioned in the book to choose shoes: choose a comfortable fit, avoid cheap and tired feet, because beautiful shoes can be bought at any time, but confident and elegant walking posture needs to accumulate for a long time.

As I get older, I don't like shopping as much as I used to, and even if I don't have an immediate need at the moment, I'm still fascinated by admiring all kinds of shoes, understanding current trends and looking for the next pair of shoes that I want to incorporate into my team as a self-reward.

If you are not ready to change your shoes, remember to take regular care of the shoes at hand, and observe the use of shoes while cleaning, a clean pair of shoes can also bring a good mood!

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Celebration Three: Prepare an afternoon tea to recharge your batteries

Working until the afternoon on weekdays, you often feel tired and lack motivation, so you may wish to prepare afternoon tea for yourself before the end of the lunch break as a small celebration for completing the phased task.

In the summer, I prepare a special cup of honey lemon and cut a piece of fruit for myself in advance, and in the winter, I prepare a pot of hot tea, or a simple brewed oatmeal grain drink and matcha latte. On a holiday whim, take some time to enjoy baking, and bake a plate of chocolate brownies for three days is not a problem!

When you have afternoon tea ready, don't forget to schedule it as part of your day's itinerary, even if it's only a short ten minutes, you can cheer yourself up with a little relaxation.

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Celebrate 4:10 minutes of tent time, get closer to yourself

Every night before going to bed, I leave time for myself to talk to myself. On a silent night, sitting at the desk, I opened the account book of the woman's fan, and wrote down the things worthy of "gratitude" and "self-affirmation" that day in a small grid, and celebrated each "small step towards a better self".

Use the remaining blanks each week to record a week's review or simply take notes for the books you read that week; Every month, it reviews the "habit record form" and mood chart of the month, reviews the life discipline, physical and mental state of the month, and makes people love themselves a little more.

If you feel that it is a bit troublesome to write a handwritten account every day, you can also prepare a blank notebook and do free writing from time to time, which is also a good way!

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Image|2023 Woman Fan Play with Time

Celebration Five: DIY decorate your room

Looking around your room, do you have a favorite little corner? Is it a neatly arranged bookcase, a wardrobe sorted by color, or a nightstand full of healing gadgets?

Every once in a while I perform disengagement and create something new for my room. Imagine yourself as a soft decoration designer, creating a "temple of the soul" in your room, putting your own beautiful accessories, carefully collecting, or hanging a favorite painting, even if it is just a small corner, when you are in a bad mood, you can change your mood by just looking at it.

After skillful transformation, even if you still live in the same room, after changing the interior furnishings, it is like living in a new home, and the whole person is completely new!

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Celebration Six: A small trip for one, a date with yourself

Celebrate yourself with a fun little trip! After watching more attractions recommended by travel programs, it is better to embark on a journey full of surprises in person.

It can be to go to a place where no one knows you, experience the novelty and independence of being alone, or arrange a day of city walking, walking around, eating all your favorite shops, and spending time in a comfortable and comfortable way.

Traveling alone is a date with yourself, through the transformation of time and space, accompany yourself out of the daily track, from a unique journey of discovery, to create an unprecedented experience!

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Celebration 7: Book a spa appointment to relax and get a good night's sleep

If you don't want to party with friends on Friday night, you just want to relax quietly, book yourself a two-hour spa trip and occasionally let others serve you and heal your tired body and mind. If you haven't been to a spa yet, you must try it!

In my eyes, the spa is a magical place, with quiet slow music, the aroma of calming essential oils, a cup of warm health tea, no matter how exhausting, with the skillful hands of the masseur, anyone can sweep away the emotional haze and go home with a calm mood and fall asleep.

I can't find a spa hall to go to, so please refer to this list of high-quality spas!

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Celebration 8: Watch an art show that takes you beyond the boundaries of thinking

This refers to live-action performances, such as attending a concert at the National Concert Hall, watching a dance troupe perform a cabaret at the Taichung Opera House, or immersive theater that combines cross-art forms.

Becoming an audience allows a person to temporarily let go of all labels on one's body, like a container of clearance, allowing new ideas to flow in and create new experiences. At the moment of enjoying the live performance, in addition to feeling the subtlety of the five senses, it can also bring new stimulation to life and broaden horizons.

Tickets for art performances can be more expensive than movie tickets, but because each performance is unique and cannot be replicated, it deserves to be a celebratory gift for yourself.

It is also recommended that you go to the "Performance Window" page of the National Arts Association's website, you can freely filter the time, place, and performance type, and you may discover good art and cultural activities!

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Celebration 9: Arrange portrait shots to record different faces of yourself

Think back, when was the last time you took a serious picture of yourself? Is it a graduation photo taken by the school? Or an ID photo taken for an interview or a passport?

Last year, in order to document my 25-year-old self, I made an appointment with my friends who played photography around me for a few shoots, crowded parks, sunset seashores, and even rented a studio to take Halloween-themed portrait photography, challenging my physical boundaries while enjoying the fun of collective creation.

If you don't have friends who are playing photography around, you can find photographers and photography studios on the community to make an appointment, or set up your own mobile phone tripod and set up a shooting theme!

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After reading these 9 small self-celebration actions, have you been inspired and excited?

A gift, an experience, a commemoration, can become a celebration ceremony that integrates into daily life and seriously loves yourself, and please believe that you are worthy of these beauty, because "becoming yourself" is the most unshirkable and most anticipated thing in everyone's life!

If you still have something in mind that you want to do but haven't done yet, it's time to plan and get ready to make it happen!