Do you know how you see love? In Taylors' love songs, choose a lyric intuitively and analyze the actions and psychology you will take when you are in love!

Thales is on her sixth concert tour, "The Eras Tour", and each one is packed, and the gorgeous rich look alone has made fans praise the ticket price.

In addition to her career, Thales's love life is also the focus of attention from the outside world. In early April, she broke up peacefully with her British actor boyfriend of 6 years, Joe Alwyn, which is even more shocking due to rumors that the two planned to get engaged not long ago.

Whether the news of the breakup is true or not, the love songs that Thales has written in the past have sung into everyone's hearts, and she has turned every relationship she has experienced into a melody, sharing her heartache and heartbeat with fans, and the lyrics close to life have high resonance. For example, "Back to December" and "All Too Well" must be listened to when you are out of love, "Sweet Nothing" and "Lover" in the sweet period of love, or "Hey Stephen" and "You Belong With Me" depicting the mood of a crush on gain and loss, the first song is a familiar hit.


Test your attitude and type of love with 4 selected lyrics by Thales!

Choose the lyrics that best fit your current mood from the following options:

A. The moment you call my name, everything stands still, and I don't want you to be just a good friend.  ("Say my name and everything just stops, I don't want you like a best friend") - 〈Dress〉

There are many ways to kill loved ones, but the slowest way is to always give them insufficient love. (“You know there's many different ways that you can kill the one you love. The slowest way is never loving them enough.”) – 〈High Infidelity〉

C. I know I'm probably better off alone than with a half-hearted man. ("I know I’m probably better off all alone than needing a man who could change his mind at any given minute.") – 〈Better Man〉

D. I tried to drive different routes, but each path led me to you. ("I drive down different roads, but they all lead back to you) - 〈The Very First Night〉

If you have chosen, please read the analysis below!



Choose A for you: love at first sight

You are often moved by a move, a set of shapes, a sentence, or even a look from the other party, which means that you have abundant emotions and are also happy to connect with different types of people and expand your circle of friends!

However, the disadvantage of falling in love at first sight is that you are often confused by your own mood, and the other party is not sure of your true intentions, so the relationship will start too quickly and end too quickly, or end before it begins.

After the heartbeat, you may wish to give each other some time to run-in, or you can try to feel the other person's inner world through the relationship synchronization card and carefully observe whether the other party is really the right person for you!


Choose the B you: the perfectionist type

Do you often feel that your mind cannot be understood? Obviously there is a lot of love in your heart, but you don't know how to give it?

Before doing something, you always think too much, including in the face of love, you also desire to give the other party the "best", but accidentally ignore the needs of the other party. In your search for the best person, you'll test against potential development, and if the other person doesn't give the ideal response, you'll back down.

But no one in the world is perfect, including yourself, so instead of strictly following the standards, let it go once and follow the feelings! It is suggested that you can also use the Inner Evolution card to help you see the answer in your heart.



You who choose C: A good person too

Do your friends often praise you as a master planner?

You take a natural attitude towards love, even if you don't have a significant other, you won't be idle, but more actively plan your itinerary to make your day more colorful!

You often meet good people during your travels, but because your attitude towards love is "too easygoing", many relationships end in failure. Next time if you meet a good partner, you may wish to take the initiative to fight for one! The editor also recommends that you try to use the Female Force Awakening card for self-exploration and potential development, and then become your own spiritual coach!



Choose D: Dead hearted

Once you enter a relationship, you will dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to it, giving your lover a lot of security!

Your past relationships have been long-distance running, because you are very good at understanding, listening and tolerating each other, so the relationship is very stable. However, the editor hopes that you will pay more attention to your own needs in the process of falling in love, giving love is just as important as being loved, and giving your lover the opportunity to give for you!

After a relationship has been operating for a long time, it is inevitable that it will encounter difficulties, at this time, please do not blame yourself or be anxious, and recommend that you use the next step card of the relationship with your partner to find out each other's blind spots and secrets in the relationship.

After reading the above result analysis, do you feel that it matches your type of love? If you like it, welcome to invite more relatives and friends to test it together, and share the Taylus song list with them!