Every year on Mother's Day, are you worried about what to send to your mother? Women's fans select 9 Mother's Day gift recommendations, from physical care to psychological care, giving you the most comprehensive gift options!

Mother's Day is just around the corner in May! Have you decided what gift to give to show your love to your mother?

Women's fans edit a selection of Mother's Day gift recommendation list, starting from the mother's personality, whether it is a "health care school" who focuses on body care, a "healing school" who enjoys alone time, or an "intellectual" mother who loves reading and exploration, providing the most intimate gift choices for you to send gifts to your heart!

"Health Pie" Mom Gift Recommendation|Body care from the inside out

Ferguson Australia | Australian top lobster virgin olive oil NT$580

How are you going to help your mom celebrate this Mother's Day?

In recent years, health care has been advocated, and rather than eating out, "health care pie" mothers prefer to cook at home, use healthy ingredients and cooking methods, take care of their families and take care of themselves.

Ferguson Australia's premium lobster virgin olive oil, made from South Australia's whole wild lobster, combines the "anti-inflammatory" properties of olive oil with a rich lobster flavor for health and deliciousness.

This year, I will give Ferguson Australia top-quality lobster virgin olive oil to mom the most luxurious healthy feast!

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2. Kiss Fish KKF|SWAG Heartbeat Warm Water Cup NT$750

The common point of "health care pie" mothers is that you must drink warm water!

The editor's mother carries a thermos with her wherever she goes, allowing herself to drink warm water at any time and reducing the burden on the environment caused by disposable containers.

The unique bottle design, creating a light and stable feel, with the print design of heart-shaped petals, is both practical and fashionable, which is the best gift choice for "health care" mothers!

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3. Old Chef Instant Swallow $5,980

After pregnancy and childbirth, mothers not only face a sharp decline in physical fitness, but also may have appearance anxiety due to changes in appearance.

Bird's nest is rich in amino acids, high-quality protein and a variety of minerals and other nutrients needed by the human body, helping mothers nourish and condition from the inside out, and is undoubtedly the best gift choice for Mother's Day.

Veterans with many years of health care experience use the exclusive "steaming and simmering" process to lock in every drop of nutrition of bird's nest and retain the elastic and tender taste, while taking into account nutrition and deliciousness, every bite is luxurious!

Photo|Old Hang Jia official website

"Healing Party" Mom Gift Recommendation|ME TIME Time for Mom

1. Cocodor | Seasonal diffuser bottle - brown bear series butterfly NT$399

Always putting family first, mom sometimes needs healing from someone.

Cocodor diffuser bottles are prepared by professional perfumers and undergo a rigorous check-up process to create a safe and healing fragrance space.

The recently launched seasonal limited edition is based on the fragrance of flowers, presenting a refreshing and sweet fragrance base note, which can also give mom a healing enjoyment in the garden at home!

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2. ME TIME Private shower gel private bath double enrollment $840~$960

Worry about her children and housework every day, did the mother take care of herself before taking care of the family?

Women's fans and Green Vine have teamed up to create ME TIME's premium intimate shower gel, which contains natural complex essential oils, allowing mothers to moisturize their skin while feeling the healing care of the ultimate fragrance.


Photo|Green Vine Vitality official website

3. LUSH Mommy Gift Box $1,250

The editor's mother is the standard "healer", taking a bath once a week to relieve the accumulated physical fatigue every day.

When you put a "bubble bomb" in the bath, the sound released by the bubbles is accompanied by the healing aroma, and you can enjoy a salon-level healing feeling at home.

LUSH Flower Mother Gift Box, which contains four scented bath bubble bombs, so that mothers can choose according to the mood of the day and upgrade each bath time!

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"Intellectual" mom gift recommendation|Reading, awareness, and regain the dominance of life

1. Womeny|Women's Awakening Card Collector's Edition (You can live a wonderful life at every moment of life) $1,480

Does becoming a mother mean letting go of yourself?

Whether it is a stay-at-home mother or a working mother, when experiencing marriage and childbirth, career and family balance, do you often need to compromise the status quo and let go of part of your self?

Through the Female Force Awakening Card Card, lead your mother to dialogue with your inner self and find your own strength. Every moment of life, you can live your own wonderful!

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2. Inner Child Happiness Card | Woman Fan x Counseling Psychologist Su Xuanhui x Illustrator Shi Nuan Warm Healing Work, Psychological Healing Card Recommended $1,650

How long has it been since I talked to my mother properly?

As adults, when we pay attention to our external environment, we often forget to explore our inner self, and so does our mother. With their children through every stage of life, how many mothers will stop and take a good look at the inner changes in themselves as they begin to become mothers?

This Mother's Day, explore the inner child with mom and rebuild a happy adult life!

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Rakuten Kobo Clara 2E 6-inch e-book reader NT$4,500

Does mom like to read books too? The Kobo Clara 2E 6" eBook Reader would be a great Mother's Day gift!

The e-book reader is not only lightweight and easy to carry, but also has the function of adjusting the font size, so that mom can enjoy reading in the most comfortable and convenient way.

With more than 600,000 e-books, Kobo eBooks allow moms to read anytime, anywhere, without worrying about the space taken up by physical books, making them a practical gift!

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Whether your mother is a "nourisher", "healer" or "intellectual", as long as it is from the recipient's point of view, you can make your mother feel your heart.

On Mother's Day, say your love and gratitude to your mother, return the initiative to your mother, and give your mother enough space and time to enjoy this exclusive day!