Fascinating Choices for Mother's Day 2023! In addition to so-and-so's mother, so-and-so's wife, have you lost your name? In the exclusive day of yours, use women's fans to select good things and love yourself well from beginning to end!

"Get up quickly! I'm going to be late for school!"

"Did you bring everything?" Wait for the fortress car on the road! Be careful on the road!"

Prepare breakfast for the whole family, urge the children to go to school, the husband to work, eat something in a hurry, and start the day in a hurry, is your morning so familiar?

The mother who returned from the workplace at the end of the day was always busy with work day after day; And a stay-at-home mother also watched her family sleep in the dead of night to breathe free air.

In addition to so-and-so's mother, so-and-so's wife, have you lost your name? Mother's Day, let's love ourselves thoroughly from head to toe together!

Shake off your morning and start your healthy day with good oil

Health consciousness is on the rise, like a battle morning, breakfast has always been a big test for mothers every day.

To eat healthy, nutritious and consume a quantitative amount of prototype foods, in addition to calcium supplementation from milk in breakfast, natural oils and fats are an important health trend these days, Macadamias Australia Australian macadamia beans are a great choice for mothers.

According to the dietary recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, eating a moderate amount of nut seeds every day can eat resistance. Macadamia beans contain various minerals such as iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium, and phosphorus, making them a great helper for mothers to elegantly prepare breakfast!

If you can't finish doing housework, you still have to take care of your hands

For the prevention of the whole family, how much alcohol did you spray as a mother? Looking at her dry hands, a working mother who has to go home to do housework after a hard day; Does a stay-at-home mom who struggles at home for a day with no one to share the chores also want to take a breather? Is it only Mother's Day that your hands as a mother can get a short break?

Treat your hands, say goodbye to dry hands, and moisturize for a long time, let Marius Fabre Olive Oil Praise Orange Blossom Hand Cream pamper you!

Pure olive oil from the Alps, 99.4% natural and 23% organic. Eco-friendly and natural citrus and lemon essential oil; Calendula extract, fine and silky, goodbye to dry and cracked; Shea butter, enhanced moisturizing, refreshing and non-sticky.

With a history of more than 100 years, after a century of experience, you can still experience the temperature of its traditional construction method, no coloring addition, no preservatives, pure vegetable oil formula, no animal testing, will be carefully made to contribute to your family.

Your intention to protect your family, Farber protects you!

In the time of a sip of tea, you can also have a girly heart

Who says you can't have a girly heart after becoming a mother? As the fairy sister Lu Xiheng said, "Be beautiful at 50!"

Every mother's life journey is very long, we are all from a girl into the role of a mother, after removing so-and-so's mother, don't forget that you returned your name!

Don't wait for your child to be independent before you can find your name, kiss the fish KKF|Rainbow thermos cup will take you back to the girl's heart! In the time of a sip of tea, you can also be cute first! who

Say that mom's thermos cup can't be cute? The small luck of life starts with having a colorful richness, because my lovely happiness is effortless, and it starts with the variety at hand.

Seventy percent of women never read books after becoming mothers, what about you?

From the dead of night, the air of mother's freedom began!

"Don't talk about reading! I'm afraid that the book will be torn by the baby when I take it out", "Until the age of three, it is a luxury, I don't even have time to go shopping", "In addition to storybooks, do I still have time to read the books I want to read?" , "After the car goes home, it is a series of housework, how can I have time?"

Which mom doesn't spend her time riding the waves every day?

Make good use of 10 minutes of digital reading, and you can also become one of those 30% women who can grow through reading! No matter how busy you are, the ten-minute reading ritual every day helps you talk to yourself through reading, every mother needs alone time, go to zero to know herself, in addition to respite can also take care of her mood from reading habits!

(Customize your sweet relationship: when we can become our truest selves, we can also meet the most charming love.)


MEEBOOK M6 6-inch e-reader, combined with e-books, web browsing, email, listening to music and other diverse use cases, according to your own preferences; Equipped with E Ink flat HD ink screen, two-color color temperature reading light source can adjust the two-color temperature according to the environment, effectively reduce the damage caused by blue light, even in the sunlight without glare, making reading more comfortable.

In the busy mother role, you can also take ten minutes to enjoy immersive reading at any time, and you can grow yourself at any time in fragmented time!

Live beautifully! Say goodbye to motherhood and regain your sense of fashion

When your mother's long journey, your embarrassment and confusion are all sacrifices to stand up for a family.

Supermodel Lin Chi Ling once mentioned:

"Tokyo was in the 40s in the summer a while ago, can you imagine? I usually sweat and sweat like this, and I think I'm so inelegant now, I hope no one recognizes me."

Even with the aura of the first model, every mother has to put down elegance, fashion, pick up her child, and do everything for her child!

Environmental awareness is gradually rising, starting from plastic reduction, environmental cups and bags have become indispensable little helpers in mothers' lives, responding to environmental protection and caring for the earth to give the next generation a better environment with actions.

The natural "Jute Jute" processing and design of the love to brave the tide hemp bag is to adopt the concept of carbon reduction and environmental protection, retain the natural color of jute, retain the toughness of jute like a mother, but give the appearance of fashion design, made of soft and shiny jute woven into high-toughness filament, leaving aside the image of rough and heavy hemp!

Love to be brave and tide sacks, let the mother put aside the embarrassed mother, cherish the earth and cherish herself, find fashion and live beautifully!