Do you really want to enrich yourself, but always feel that you don't have enough time? Take 10 minutes a day to catch your breath and start your conversation journey with an e-reader!

Liking ourselves is not an easy task, we always live within the framework of identification expected by others, which are the basis for our understanding of ourselves and the basis on which we evaluate ourselves and others.

However, these frameworks can also become shackles to self-growth, limiting our horizons and breadth of understanding of the world.

When we keep repeating that we are not good enough, we fall into the prison of a framework of self-identity.

Always feel like you're not good enough? Envy others for having more choices in life

"I really want to finish a book, but I'm always tied up by trivial matters?"

"I want to learn the slash, I want to learn a new skill, but I feel very pressured!"

"Every time I want to interrupt the shadows of the past, but I always feel bad."

Give ourselves 10 minutes a day to catch our breath and accept that we have done our best, and no matter what role we are, breaking these frameworks that bind us will see more possibilities and opportunities for development.

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10 minutes a day to make your future self more free

Make good use of your reading time and turn it into pieces!

Some people think that reading is to sit at the desk, spare a full few hours, immersed in the book is called reading, so they often resist reading, or think that the threshold is too high.

Many people buy books and don't finish them, but they are able to swipe through the community on their phones for more than an hour. Even strong people have inertia, first accept their imperfections in order to make themselves more complete!

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Starting today, try to break the limitations of space and time and make good use of e-readers to read as much as you want!

Stop worrying about reading time! Start with 10 minutes a day, develop a reading habit, even if it's only a short 10 minutes, accumulate a little every day, and you can read a book in a week! Only ways without burdens and constraints can become a positive cycle of lasting growth.

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Every day starts with 10 minutes of reading, and talking to oneself through reading is not only to acquire knowledge, but also a process of deep dialogue with oneself.

In reading, we can have conversations with the characters in the book, we can think and explore the ideas in the book, we can self-reflect and grow, and from reading for 10 minutes a day, we can rediscover the strength to support ourselves!

Through e-readers, we can put aside the pressure of the outside world to peek at the covers of our books, and without the interruption of social media, we can read fragments anytime, anywhere, and talk to ourselves from focused reading in a private and safe state.

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Through electronic reading, we can see ourselves and the world from different angles and ways, and then expand our horizons and imagination. This does not require courage and determination, it requires deep reflection and exploration of one's own cognition, and it is necessary to step out of one's comfort zone to contact new things and embrace the world.

"Reading" is like a journey, ready to go

Self-growth is a beautiful journey, every solitude is the best moment of life, as long as you start a daily 10-minute digital reading practice, you can break the framework that "self-growth" and "learning" require specific forms, and dare to challenge yourself, explore your own life journey, and discover your unknown possibilities from reading.

Through electronic reading, you can also reduce the use of paper, and contribute to environmental protection and the sustainability of the earth, which is a wonderful reading journey and invites you to start now!