The Japanese drama "Restart Life" inspired us to think about how to make people live without regrets and customize their ideal life through the 3 steps in the text!

Hello! I'm a woman fan. If you could start all over again, what different choices would you make? I think at different stages of life, we have all thought about this to a greater or lesser extent.

But if you restart your life not from the time you want, but from birth, elementary school, junior high school, high school, or even going through two joint examinations, and trying to read books carefully, are you willing?

Today we are going to talk about a Japanese 2023 divine drama - restart life. Reboot Life is a ten-episode Japanese drama written by Stupid Rhythm and starring Japanese Oscar actress Sakura Ando, which aired on Sunday. The story follows Asami, a 33-year-old single woman who works at the city office in her hometown and likes to meet her childhood friends Natsu Hao and Mabel after work.

On this day, after a party with her childhood friends, she walked out of the convenience store and was confronted by a van that knocked her off, and she died instantly. If you thought this was another ballet from a car accident, you'd be wrong! The story actually begins after Asami's reincarnation.

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Each of us does not contain parallel time and space, in fact, we only have one life. Today we will summarize how we design our favorite version in this life through an experiment in which the protagonist has lived 5 times.

In the 10 episodes of the Japanese drama, Asami was reincarnated into a variety of different characters, in the first round of her life, she was a civil servant in her hometown city office, and in the second episode, she carried the memories of her past life and improved her homework. This time she becomes a pharmacist and accidentally saves her grandfather's life.

In the third round, she followed her heart of watching movie dramas, went to Tokyo TV as a TV producer, and in the fourth episode, she worked hard to write, but she did not expect that she actually became a medical researcher at a top university in Tokyo.

Asami is not actually a gifted student, but through the different efforts in these five rounds, we have discovered one thing: a person may be able to live the version of life he wants as long as he sets enough willingness and is willing to act, but every life has a corresponding price.

Asami missed the opportunity to become good friends with her childhood friends because she studied too hard, and for Asami, who values friendship and close companionship the most, if this life is her only life, I think she will also leave a lot of regrets.

All choices are accompanied by different losses, what do you care about the most? It may be a personal success; may be a relationship of meaning; It may be a life full of love, and the ideal life is actually completely customized. Through Asami's 5 rounds of life experiments, we have summarized 3 steps that can be practiced in this lifetime.

Step 1: Explore and experiment

Based on self-awareness, with the spirit of scientific experimentation. You can try to live in this way, how will you feel?

And people will actually have different new visions and new ideas with different stages, and the life they like is actually a dynamic process of continuous creation, and these choices and attempts are regarded as a way to better understand themselves.

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The second step: distinguish yourself from the voices of the outside world, and clearly find self-identity

Many times you are influenced by outside sounds, and one of the exercises we can do at this time is when you communicate with someone, trying to ask yourself if this is his idea or mine?

When your friends around you may have come to a higher salary position than you and have some doubts about your current life and career choices, you can ask yourself whether this is his expectation, what he wants? Or is this what you expect, what you want?

After all, you have to return to your own values so that you can make the right choice for yourself.

Step three: Have the courage to keep open

To be able to live your favorite version of life, you need to maintain a certain openness to the unknown. As you walk down the road, you will find that some of your imagination may be shattered, and some of your imagination may also come true.

Despite the fear and doubt, we have to start our own actions so that you have the opportunity to really verify that your vision is really possible.

In Asami's fourth round as a medical researcher, the yin virtue she has accumulated is enough for her to be reincarnated as a human in the next life, and she is reincarnated in a good family. Unexpectedly, she gave up the opportunity to reincarnate as a human in her next life because she wanted to save her friend.

In the last round of life, we can see Asami truly alive, she can truly enjoy every moment, enjoy and cherish everyone in front of her. This is one of the reasons why the Japanese drama "Restart Life" is so fascinating.

Finally, I would like to ask everyone, if you could restart your life once, what kind of choice would you make?

A: You will choose not to change your storyline drastically, only make small tweaks, because you still want to meet your beloved people again in this life.

B: You develop a lot of experimentation and explore a different life completely, because you want to experience a completely different life experience.

What are your options? Leave a message and let us know!