This week's current events are here! In addition to the launch of the drama "The Chosen Man - The Wave Maker", let's take a look at other key global current events this week!

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"The Chosen Man – The Wave Maker" is brilliantly launched, and Francis gives women the right to vote... Take you through this week's key global current events.

"The Chosen Man - The Wave Maker" is brilliantly launched

"The Chosen Man: The Wave Maker" depicts the struggles of the staff behind the election campaign, while exploring the love, affection, and self-reconciliation aspects of each character, with a special focus on gender-based violence.    

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The North Locomotive Hall sits on the floor and shows its diverse appearance

Japanese political scientist Ogasawara was glad to pass by the North Locomotive Hall and observed passengers and migrant workers sitting on the floor. He believes that Taiwan has gradually diversified compared to the past 30 years.

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The first female teacher is called

The first female recruits will join the camp on 8 May and undergo a 5-7 day retraining course for men.

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Taiwan students have the second highest level of support in the world

The "Gender Equality Education Day" set after the Yip Yongchuan incident inspired the development of sexual peace in Taiwan. According to the survey of the International Citizenship Education and Literacy Survey Program, the gender equality support of Chinese students ranks second in the world with Denmark.

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Francis gave women the right to vote

Pope Francis will allow women to vote for the first time at the National Bishops' Conference in October, a move that could change church power relations and make Roman Catholic decision-making more inclusive.  

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