I didn't expect the note-taking software Notion to be better to use? Let's take a look at 5 super practical ways to apply Notion AI from women's fans!

How does Womanyor use Notion AI?

Audrey, a woman's fan partner, recently used Notion AI to make marketing suggestions for new cards, and exclaimed in surprise: "I didn't expect to come up with such a good marketing proposal, and it only takes three seconds!" However, when preparing her wedding speech, she also found that Notion AI did not perform as expected .
To sum up, Notion AI performs better in business than in terms of feelings!

Notion Introduction to AI

Hello everyone, I'm Wanyun who is a fan of women. From ChatGPT to GPT-4, are you starting to better integrate AI into your workflow? Today I will share with you 5 ways to use Notion AI that can be most commonly applied.

Notion is a note-taking software that now also has built-in AI features and at least 27 different ways to use it. It can help you summarize content, give birth to an outline, help you draw tables, and even help you continue to write content, all kinds of different ways to use.

Today we're going to introduce at least 5 ways to generate AI that you can often use in your work!

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Image | Notion

5 uses of Notion AI

Usage 1: Generate an outline and meeting agenda

The first is to generate an outline, in addition to generating an article outline, today if you want to open a new meeting mode, you want to ask Notion AI to help you think about the meeting agenda, you can also ask Notion AI to do it.

Usage 2: Creative ideas

The second is brainstorming, if you are thinking about the topic name of a project today, or the content of the project, or even the structure of the content of the article. You can ask Notion AI to help you think about it while you work.

Usage 3: Make a table

Third, you can even ask Notion AI to draw tables for you. In fact, ChatGPT can also help you draw tables, but if you want to copy from ChatGPT to your other software, whether it's Notion or any note-taking tool, you will find that the table cannot be copied.

Therefore, if you can make a table directly on Notion AI, you can directly adjust the content of the table, which will be more convenient for you to apply.

Usage 4: Language translation

Of course, Notion AI can also do including language translation, if you write a press release today, or you write a paragraph today that you want to publish on other countries' social platforms, you can also directly ask Notion AI to help you do it here.

Usage 5: Content error correction

The last and most commonly used feature is to ask Notion AI to check for grammar errors for you, including typo. Of course, in the end, you still have to check it with your eyes again.

Notion Why AI is better than ChatGPT

Finally, I'd like to share two reasons why I think Notion AI is sometimes better than ChatGPT.

First, if you are using Notion AI as your note-taking software, you can use AI directly in the existing work section without any API threading.

The second is that if you are working in a working environment that uses Notion as an internal software or file sharing system, Notion AI can call it out at any time to assist your workflow just like you are typing commas or periods, so it will be faster to integrate.

Use small reminders

If you ask Notion AI a question in a completely different context on the same page, it's likely to answer you all together. So, if you ask B, you'll find that it gives you back to what you just asked A.

If you use Notion AI, remember to open different pagination!