As a child, Snow White cartoon is the envy of her. She can live in the woods like a little rabbit, a little squirrel, and a busy oppressed for freedom, a rabbit, a squirrel, unless in a pet store or a park.The sense of forest in fantasy seems to have little room for survival.

"It's like a girl who's growing up in a forest"

A few words started in 2006 on the Internet to gather the girls who did not want to be bound by the cement city.The "Forest Girl" represents a new, comfortable, sunlight-gentle smile on behalf of Cangjing, giving people a close relationship.Some people have described him as having lived in the entertainment circles in China, and she is still as natural as a tree.

Do you want to know how to be a forest girl like that?The Eight Laws of the Forest Girl!

  1. Wear loose foreign dress with a low-profile beauty
  2. emit a sense of beauty
  3. a natural beauty
  4. clothing is a natural beauty.
  5. Don't look too long, keep your nails clean.
  6. Keep your camera in a walk.

Still don't know how to wear clothes?The womany helped us out with a set of natural sweet-smughy forest girls costumes!

The long dress of the simple gray system highlights the simplicity of the forest girls' simplicity, the simple, elegant, naked nail polish, and a pair of flat-bottomed Oxford shoes that don't even have a sour in the city.It may not be able to speak to a squirrel like Snow White, but the chain of squirrels can be worn by a small squirrel.A portable camera doesn't want to hang around the neck, and you can put it in a green cloth bag like a forest leaf.

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gray-white dress
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green handbag
Yellow Brown Oxford Shoe
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Morden Dress
fashion sunglasses

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