Celebrating for yourself is an important action. The author has selected 9 movies and recommended them to readers with different needs, hoping that everyone can get energy from them and continue to shine in life!

"The heart is very fragile, remember to soothe it often." - The movie "Three Fools"

When the body is sick, it will manifest, but if the mind is sick, how do we know? Every seemingly ordinary day is actually worth reviewing and recording to celebrate you for getting through today!

In the post-pandemic era of information explosion, we are only busy running forward, accidentally ignoring every present that is worth preservation. At this time, film and television works have become an important medium for us to "rediscover the good life", through these fictional stories, the audience seems to live a new life and understand the really important things.

Today, we have prepared 9 movie recommendations for the theme of "grasping the moment and celebrating for yourself", each of which is worth savoring, and is guaranteed to bring you a lot of feelings and reflections.

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Celebration Selection 1|Dedicated to You Who Are Confused in Life: "True Love Every Day"

"Every day of our lives is traveling through time and space, and what we can do is to do our best to cherish this extraordinary journey."

“We’re all travelling through time together everyday of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.”

As long as it comes to romantic love movies, "True Love Every Day" is definitely on the list! Starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson, the film combines two attractive elements, "time travel" and "love", to explore what you would like to change if you had the special ability to travel back in time. What would you think about living a second life?

The audience follows the perspective of the male protagonist Tim for time travel, and through his interaction with his cancer-stricken father, he understands the meaning and value of life: the important thing is not to change the past, but to see the beauty that the past has ignored in the moment of living again, and live through every present without regret. Tim has changed his past role from obsessively to several struggles before he is willing to relax and accept reality.

Tim's struggle between going back to the past and focusing on the present moment is like we always want to "know", digging into mistakes, not realizing that the exit from painful memories is behind us. I believe that everyone who watches "True Love Every Day" can find the strength to live a good life and celebrate every hard-won ordinary day with gratitude.

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Celebration Selection 2|For You Who Can't Find Your Self-Worth: "Wallflower Boy"

"Why do I and the people I love choose to be with people who don't care about us?"
"Because we will only accept the love we think we deserve."
“Why do I and everyone I love pick people who treat us like we're nothing?”
“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Starring Emma Watson, Ezra Miller and Logan Lerman, "The Wallflower Boy" is a story about three teenagers who feel the sweetness and bitterness of growing up through the baptism of friendship and love. Unlike ordinary youth movies, this film also explores issues such as school bullying, drug abuse, mental illness, and homosexuality, in the process of doubting self-worth, the three protagonists support each other, hold each other's pain and tears, and find the belief that they have infinite value.

If you've been asking yourself a lot lately, "What is the meaning of my existence?" "What can I accomplish?" Then you definitely can't miss the movie "Wallflower Boy". Maybe it can't give you an answer, but it can give you a reassurance: empower yourself, the world is your stage!

This film is dedicated to you who can't find your self-worth, find the power to reassert yourself through "Wallflower Boy", celebrate and have a unique charm that is exclusive to you.

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Celebration Selection 3|For you who want to get along well with your mother: "Lady Bird"

"I want you to be a better version of yourself than you are now."  
"What if this me is already the best version now?"
“I want you to be the very best version of yourself that you can be.”
“What if this is the best version?”

Just as the so-called family has a difficult scripture, "Lady Bird" can be said to make every audience feel concerned about the presentation of mother-daughter issues.

Starring Saoirse Ronan, the film won the 75th Golden Globe Awards for Best Musical and Comedy Film and Best Actress. The film portrays the protagonist "Lady Bird" in the process of growing up, from the stage of not understanding and misunderstanding her mother, through other people's words, her own discoveries, and even after experiencing a low ebb, she found that her mother was actually not as "bad" as she thought.

She finally learned how to protect her self-worth while also catching her mother's love, which is a warm and moving movie that makes people want to hug their mother after watching it!

Expressing gratitude to mom doesn't have to wait until Mother's Day or other special holidays, so watch Lady Bird with mom this weekend to celebrate the healing time for mom and daughter.

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Celebrating Film Selection 4|For You Who Are Under Work Pressure: "Conquering the Sea of Love"

"Give me money!"
“Show Me The Money!”

It's a 1996 film by Tom Cruise with Renée Zellweger, in which he plays a sports star agent who is forced by clients to keep shouting "Give me money!" in his office. 's bridge, helpless and urgent voice and expression, poked the hearts of the majority of office workers, making this scene an immortal classic.

If you've been facing burnout or stress recently, it's highly recommended to watch how the protagonist Jerry confronts reality in this movie, while holding on to his beliefs and doing what he believes is meaningful. Whether or not your boss sees your efforts, please thank yourself for your dedication after work every day and celebrate your professional skills in various fields.

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Celebration Selection 5|For You Who Want to Let Go of the Past: "Nomad Life"

Is "home" just a word, or is it where your heart belongs?
“Home, is it just a word? Or is it something that you carry within you?”

"Nomadic Life" starring Frances McDormand not only achieved good results in word of mouth and box office, but also made director Zhao Ting the first Chinese woman to win the Oscar for Best Director.

The protagonist Finn, who is in a grief because of the death of her partner, decides to turn into a seller and start a nomadic life around the world. Becoming a "homeless", she cherished her longing for her partner, and slowly learned to let go through conversations with others along the way. A very important lesson that this movie teaches the audience is that letting go does not mean that you must forget the other person, but put it in your heart, and build your own life with this thought on the road to the future.

No one is born good at facing parting, we are all learning from life experience again and again to meet these complex emotions, "celebration" is not limited to happy occasions, in the face of you bravely let go of the past and live with sadness, it is definitely worthy of a loving encouragement.

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Celebrating Selection 6|For you who have been depressed recently: "Three Fools"

"The heart is very fragile, remember to soothe it often."
“This heart scares easily,You have to trick it.”

Don't know how to deal with it when you're feeling down? Perhaps the best way to deal with it is not to deal with it, but to calm it well, and let the heart feel excited again at its own pace.

Three Fools is a 2009 Bollywood comedy drama that set the global box office record for a Bollywood film. The film's popularity is not only the story that combines poisonous songs and dances with humor, but most importantly, it conveys a simple but important message: Don't be afraid to express your thoughts, no one can dominate your life.

Most people have seen "Three Fools", but the editor recommends that you click through every once in a while to review this household name movie, because it can not only bring you a smile, but also allow you to rediscover the value of "yourself". If you've been at a low point recently, you might be able to watch this work with your friends and family, share reflections from some of the episodes, exchange views on life, and broaden your horizons.

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Celebrating Selection 7|For You Who Want to Live Your Own Color: "Emily's Whimsical World"

"Opportunity is like the Tour de France, we waited a long time, but it was fleeting."

Emily's Whimsical World is a 2001 French comedy film starring Audrey Tautou. The editor highly recommends this movie to those who are looking for change and want to live their own colors, because in the story, Emily's childhood upbringing is limited, until she sees Princess Diana die in a car accident and stumble upon a boy's childhood treasure, she realizes how short and precious life is.

In daily life, it is easy to be trapped by the trivial things in front of us and hesitate, and we are afraid of "change", afraid of the unknown. But Emily's character's actions tell the audience that instead of spending time on self-pity or thinking, decisive action can bring about a turnaround, and discover that the future is not so scary!

Before we shout the slogan of freedom and equality and learn to accept pluralism, the first thing we need to do is to see the different faces of ourselves and embrace ourselves. Everyone is unique, "different" from others does not mean that you are wrong, celebrate showing yourself in different ways through Emily's Whimsical World!

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Celebrating Selection 8|To You Who Are Aiming for Your Goal: "Rock Youth Love Song"

"For the sake of our art, you must not give up halfway."
“For our art, you can never do anything by half.”

"Rock Youth Love" is directed by John Carney, the director of "Manhattan Love", this film still uses music as the main axis, depicting the story of teenagers pursuing love, freedom and dreams.

Whether it is entrepreneurship or dreaming, few people can really go smoothly, but the difficulty is that if the card is closed, how to stick to it? After the enthusiasm burns out, how can we avoid giving up halfway?

During an interview with Rachel Chen Jiaru, the founder of Finance Msquare, the editor heard a very practical answer: don't forget the original intention. This concept just coincides with the dream journey of Connor, the protagonist of "Rock Youth Love Song", rather than being distracted by other things, it is better to say that Connor has only one goal at the beginning, and once he makes up his mind, he just focuses on moving forward and doing everything he can to complete the goal.

If you are working hard for your goal, hoping that this movie can bring you a little strength, even if you only take a small step forward today, please celebrate yourself who did not give up easily!

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Celebrating Selection 9|Dedicated to You Who Bravely Chase Your Dreams: "The More I Love You"

"For those who chase their dreams, no matter how silly they look."
“Here's to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem.”

This is a romantic song and dance film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, who play jazz pianist and aspiring actress, respectively, who fall in love with each other in the process of chasing their dreams.

In addition to the highly ornamental song and dance clips, the core story of "Happy More and More Love You" is also an important factor in moving the audience. On the road to pursuing your dreams, there may be many people cheering for you at the beginning, but the longer you go, the more you rely on your own firm belief and strength, and in order to achieve your destination, you must even learn to give up what you think is important.

Many viewers are discussing after watching the movie, faced with love and dreams, how will you choose?

There is no right answer to this question, but when we can't have both, "learning to let go" is definitely a life subject that needs to be learned. "The More We Love You" teaches us to love the life we choose, likewise, there is no better future, the life of the moment is the best version, please indulge in the moment and celebrate every moment of the "now".

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The above is the list of 9 "Celebrate Yourself" editor's recommended films, I hope these films can inject a warm current into your heart when you need help! "Celebration" is not limited to important festivals, every living moment is worth grasping, as Robin Williams taught students the most important message in the movie "Spring Breeze and Rain": "Carpe diem" (Live in the moment, have fun in time). Every today is a gift that you will never return tomorrow.