Planning a Mother's Day event? Women's fans edit a selection of Mother's Day celebration proposals, with the most special celebratory actions, take moms to practice finding themselves and loving themselves.

This Mother's Day, have you figured out how to help your mother celebrate? Every year is a meal and gift, do you want to make something special?

Women's fan editor's 9 celebratory proposals for moms! Celebrating Mother's Day is not only about expressing gratitude, but more importantly, helping moms find their true selves through celebrations.

Proposal 1: Be a stylist for a day as a mother

Dear mother, don't compromise on age and identity, at every stage of life, you can become your favorite and most confident self.

Every mother has a dream in her heart, but after becoming a mother, she is often limited by society's expectations of the image of the mother, or has little time to take care of herself because of childcare and raising a family, or thinks that "what is my mother to dress up" and "how old I am and no one wants to look".

This Mother's Day, help mom find her favorite look! Whether it's helping mom put on makeup, styling, or taking mom out to pick out a dating gown, the focus is on getting mom to step out of the "mother" framework and celebrate her most confident look!

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Proposal 2: Help mom prepare a special breakfast

In the same life, add some sweet seasonings and start the day exclusively for mom with a special breakfast!

If you don't cook often, you can prepare simple French toast and honey muffins for your mother, and if you are confident in your cooking skills, you can try healthy and delicious omelets or bruteaux eggs. Don't forget to find the most beautiful utensils in your home to plate carefully, or spread a different table towel, put on a new bouquet, and create big surprises with small changes.

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Proposal 3: Gather family ties and go on a picnic!

Picnics are not only close to nature, but also start from the process of preparation to unite family relationships, which has always been the editor's most missed childhood activity.

When I was a kid, my mother would always prepare her signature salmon rice balls and potato salad, and every time I saw these two dishes, I remembered the happy times when the whole family prepared meals together and rolled on the grass together.

Haven't you been home to see your mother for a long time? Distressed mom is always home alone? This Mother's Day is a call for a picnic and unique memories!

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Proposal 4: Go to the beach to blow the wind and absorb the energy of nature

Don't want to stay in the city shopping and eat on Mother's Day this year? Then go out into the countryside and feel the energy of nature!

The seaside is one of the editors' weekend spots, and the endless sea, the slightly salty sea breeze, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore always give people a sense of freedom from the frame and a sense of tranquility to escape the city.

Take your mother for a walk by the sea, tread water, and wash away your daily troubles with seawater, and you have more space to reserve energy for yourself.

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Proposal 5: Arrange a trip with your mother

Travel can not only expand your horizons, but also take your relationship further, so arrange a two-day, one-night trip on Mother's Day to get closer to your mom during your trip.

The most important thing about traveling with mom is to fill in the time you can't get together, so don't rush to fill up the itinerary and leave each other some flexibility. Don't worry about some minor disputes during the trip, these are all memories that belong to you and your mother.

Mom also needs to rest and recharge, if you usually like to help yourself arrange travel, don't forget to bring your mother with you on Mother's Day!

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Proposal 6: City walks and celebrations can be simple

When I can't write something or plan a card, the editor likes to invite my mother to walk around the parks and streets near my home, take a walk at the most comfortable pace with each other, share the happiness and unhappiness in life, and recharge each other through dialogue.

Want to go out and about, but don't want to travel around? Take your mom on a stroll through familiar streets and talk to her. Celebration doesn't have to be fanfare, it can be as simple as that.

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Proposal 7: Experience activities to give mom new stimuli

I often hear my mother say that she also wants to learn Chinese and learn talents, but when she was a child, her family did not allow it, and after she became a family, she had to leave resources to her children, even if she waited until her children were older, she would not necessarily have the opportunity to do what she wanted to do.

This Mother's Day, help mom make up for the regrets of her youth! Help your mother arrange experience courses such as painting, pottery, perfumery, etc., and you can also pay attention to the experience class of women's fans of self-exploration card cards, and take your mother to explore her heart and self-awareness. Even if it may not be in line with the mother's childhood dream, it can add a little new stimulation to the mother's unchanged life.

Perhaps through these experiential activities, mothers can develop new interests and no longer just live for the family.

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Proposal 8: Take your mother back to your old place

The editor likes to listen to my mother tell stories about the past, whether it is stealing sugar cane from an ox cart when I was a child, or the process of meeting and falling in love with my father, whenever I talk about the past, my mother's eyes will always shine differently.

Don't know where to take your mom this year? Why not arrange a memory trip to bring your mom back to the most memorable scenes, whether it's the city you spent your first time away from home or the date spots you used to visit when you were younger.

Take your mother to a time machine, re-experience every moment engraved in your mind, and maybe you will see more different faces of mothers from more mothers' stories.

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Proposal 9: Honest time with mom

Haven't you talked to your mother for a long time? As you get older, you get farther away from your mother?

Mother's Day may be a little awkward for some people and don't know how to celebrate, perhaps because of a relationship gap with their mother, or not good at expressing feelings to their mother.

For you who want to repair your relationship with your mother, this Mother's Day will use relationship custom cards to start the truth time with your mother, explore the subconscious through card guidance, help you speak your heart to your mother, and let the deep communication re-customize your sweet relationship!

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Which of the above 9 Mother's Day activity proposals is the most dear to you?

Celebrations can be lively or small, and the point is to find your most comfortable appearance through the celebration of this action.

No matter how you plan to celebrate your mom this year, remember that mom doesn't have just one face, let's break out of the framework of "mother" and give mom the most special Mother's Day!