Do you love the real you enough? Let's go through 9 guides to loving yourself and remind yourself that I am very good like this!

What kind of imagination do you have about loving yourself? There is a scene in "Youth Cultivation" where the heroine Meimei talks with her father, who says: "People have all kinds of different aspects, the point is not to hide the bad, but to give it space and live well with it."

For me, to love myself is to see myself as I am, accept my good and bad, and live every day steadily.

Today, I would like to present 9 tips for loving your own life, let's see our existence together is good enough!

Guide 1: I am also very good-looking without makeup

Every day before going out, I always apply a lot of time in front of the makeup table, watch the skin gradually smooth, the eyes gradually become stronger, and then pick a lipstick to apply, the whole person looks refreshed. Looking at myself after makeup, I really can't stop taking selfies in my hand, and sometimes the process of makeup is not only healing, but also makes us full of confidence.

However, I want to tell you that after removing makeup, even if you have dark circles under your eyes and acne marks all over the sky, you will look good. You can use your native appearance to roll around at home, of course, you can also go out to eat, see friends, and go to work. You are still you, the you who live seriously, the you who show your true feelings, you are very good-looking.

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Guide 2: If you want to eat salted crispy chicken, eat it

Sometimes, I just want to eat a package of salted crispy chicken, but looking at the fat around my waist, the slightly rough skin, and then look at the hot star on the mobile phone table, I can only hold the boiled rice in my hand.

Leaving aside health factors, we will still pursue a little slimmer to cater to the aesthetics of society, but are you happy like this?

You can still set your own posture goal and work towards it step by step, but you don't have to be too harsh. As long as you know how to control and distribute yourself, satisfying your appetite in the right amount is also part of treating yourself well.

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Guide 3: You can just take a walk

Contemporary life fitness is prevalent, abs and glutes have become the focus of everyone's competition, so we may desperately want to join the ranks of retraining, or follow the thin and fat loss videos on the Internet according to the table. Later, because of lack of time, too tired, injured and other factors, he gave up halfway, and fell into a cycle of self-blame.

I also used to blindly follow activities that didn't suit me, and finally couldn't stand to do nothing. Finally, I found myself enjoying walking in the city or along the river embankment, sometimes to the sunset and sometimes to take a walk in the evening breeze.

Over time, my leg strength has improved, and because of the time I walked, I have sorted out my thoughts and improved my physical and mental state. So, just take a walk, what suits you is the best.

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Guide 4: Take a holiday bravely

Whether it's because we're busy at work or trying to be self-enriched, our brains often run after work with no real time left behind. It was hard to catch the gap, either staying up late in retaliation, or falling into the pressure of doing nothing and filling the itinerary.

To acknowledge that you are tired of life and that your energy is drained, you need a full, deep rest. Don't be afraid of the blankness of the day, rest does not mean indulgence and laziness, but a prescription to deal with physical and mental fatigue head-on.

Whether you want to lie on the couch and play around, or go on a trip, deliberately allowing yourself to take a vacation allows us to recharge our batteries with quality.

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Guide 5: Build a comfortable relationship

Being loved is also a human need, whether it is someone else to love you or love yourself, you need to understand what you want. Instead of asking God and watching all kinds of online movies, maybe we need to have a conversation with ourselves.

Women's relationship custom cards can help us have a dialogue with ourselves, through the cards, calm down and ask ourselves what our imagination and need for love are, and apply the suggestions in the cards to our lives. We will find that after self-exploration, we not only understand ourselves better, but also remove the established framework and pursue something more suitable for ourselves.

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Guide 6: Crying and laughing

How long has it been since you didn't seriously cry and laugh and face your emotions well? We often become paralyzed by busyness, fear of others' eyes or excessive concern, and put up with our emotions. I am actually a sensitive and emotional person, but because I don't want to cause trouble and attention to my relatives and friends, I will not show it unless there is a major incident.

Over time, life began to be depressed like a layer of ash, and one day emotions were unguarded from me. This reaction really startled everyone, but I felt much better. It turns out that when you are depressed, you can cry and watch comedy and laugh so happily.

Accept your emotions and you can really cry and laugh.

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Guide 7: Brush less on the community

When you get up, commute, work breaks, eat, etc., can't help but click on social media?

Think about it, when you are busy, seeing others touring the mountains and rivers is definitely not a taste in your heart; When you just want to lie in bed after a busy day, see others diligently clocking in to the gym, and start to complain about your laziness. And when most of your expenses go to pay rent, you feel unbalanced when you see others buying the latest package from time to time.

Comparison is the driving force for people to improve, but excessive comparison is the pressure to hurt themselves. Social media tends to present the glamorous side of the masses, but we must distance ourselves from it, acknowledge our status, and set ourselves accessible choices in order to inject energy into ourselves.

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Guide 8: Do something just for pleasure

Sometimes, we will take action for the sake of benefits or benefits, such as not liking to eat bitter melon, but we will still eat a few pieces for the sake of good health; Or maybe you actually like to stay at home, but you still participate in dinner for the sake of networking. But more often than not, we should do something that will purely make us happy.

If you feel relaxed watching the sea, try not to care about the value of the time spent on the road; If you think it's a good day for a whipped cream cake, throw your calories aside for a while.

These pieces of pure happiness are indispensable to piecing together such you.

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Guide 9: See yourself in the moment

We need to practice focusing on our present state, not regretting being trapped in the past, not fearing the future, but looking at ourselves in the present down-to-earth. How do I feel right now? What do you want to accomplish? What do I think is important at the moment?

For example, if I want to be principled and protective, then we should draw our own boundaries now, not blame why we didn't do it before, and don't worry about whether it will be worse if we do it later.

By focusing on the present moment and taking action, you can support yourself.

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After reading the above 9 tips for loving your own life, which one is the most useful for you?

I hope that after reading these guides, you know that you can choose and embark on the path of loving yourself.

As long as you are comfortable, you are the most worthy of celebration!