Can gay families adopt children? How to teach children to embrace gender diversity? Taking advantage of Mother's Day, the editor takes readers to see the diversity of love through the families of four celebrity gay people.

Every year on the second Sunday in May is Mother's Day, and many families take this day to take their mothers to the restaurant for a luxurious meal, send flowers or write cards to thank them for their efforts this year. Showing love and gratitude to loved ones during the holidays is great, but we should do the same on every ordinary day!

This year's Mother's Day, in addition to inviting you to express your gratitude to your mother more often, in line with the theme of "Mama's Multiverse", the editor also wants to tell you the story of gay families. Here are 4 gay and celebrity family stories to share with you, let's respect, embrace and love parents around the world.

Photo by Norbu GYACHUNG on Unsplash

1. Hinthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon (Cynthia Nixon), who became popular for her role in the film series "Sex and the City", openly admits to being bisexual, once said in an interview: "Homosexuality is not a choice, I just choose to enter a homosexual relationship."

After a love run, she dated education activist Christine Marinoni in 2004 with two children born to her ex-boyfriend. And an illness in 2008 made Xinxia determined to marry her girlfriend Christine.

When she was suffering from breast cancer, Christine stayed with her to fight the disease, announcing her engagement the following year: "If gay marriage were legal in New York, we would definitely get married." I don't want to pretend to be married, we want a genuine, legal, state-sanctioned marriage."

Now that they have spent 11 years of married life, she is committed to promoting marriage equality, and in 2018 revealed that her eldest daughter became a transgender person and changed her name to Shanmao. Joseph. Samuel Joseph Mozes, who is proud of her daughter's brave action.


2. Elton Johnson & David Furnish

"When you become what you want to become, you have to kill yourself first."
“You gotta kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be. —Elton Qiang's autobiographical film "Rocketman"

Elton John, a world-famous singer-songwriter who grew up with family trauma and experienced a failed marriage, confessed in an interview: "Be at ease with being gay."

Elton Qiang, who has experienced depression, alcoholism, drug addiction and other low tides, meets Canadian filmmaker David Furnish (David Furnish), like a desert meets an oasis, they accept each other's vulnerability, this relationship makes him understand the meaning of "happiness". After 21 years of dating, they finally married when same-sex marriage was legal in the United States.

They raised 2 children through surrogate motherhood, and Elton Johnson once revealed that they regard children as the best and most precious thing in life, so they are very careful to educate them on the right concepts.

Despite his vast resources, he had forewarned that his property would not be left to his children, because he wanted them to support themselves through their professional skills or labor, so that they would know the weight of money.

In fact, Elton Strong applied to a Ukrainian orphanage in 2007 to adopt an AIDS child, but was rejected by the government because of the incompatibility between "advanced age" and "gay marriage". Looking back at Taiwan's legal provisions, in May 2022, the draft amendment to the same-sex marriage law included provisions for joint adoption of children has passed the preliminary review, although it has not yet been finalized, but the day when it is believed that Taiwanese same-sex couples can legally adopt children is not far away.

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3. Matt Pomo & Simon Halles

"Coming out has hurt my acting career!"

Matt Bomer became the "male god" of global audiences because of his handsome appearance, but after he publicly thanked his husband and children at the awards ceremony in 2012, he was exchanged for the unequal treatment of Hollywood show business and the silence of his parents.

As early as before he came out publicly, he was originally going to play "Superman Rise" because of "sexual orientation" was changed because of "sexual orientation", and after publicly coming out, it was more difficult for him to enter mainstream Hollywood commercial blockbusters.

At the same time, his parents refused to talk to his son because they could not understand his choice, and it took Matt years for his parents to understand him, which also made him deeply appreciate the great challenges faced by gay couples when facing their families.

Matt Pomo and Hollywood PR CEO Simon Hall began dating in 2008, got married in 2011, and have now spent more than 10 years married. Like most gay families, they raised three children, including twins, through surrogate motherhood, and enjoyed a simple and happy life as a family of five.


4. Judy Foster & Sini Boehner

Jodie Foster has won numerous awards for her superb performances in "The Taxi Driver" and "The Silence of the Lambs", and as her popularity has risen, her private life has also attracted attention. Although she has always been referred to as a lesbian figure, she never publicly admitted it, and did not publicly say until she received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes in 2013: "As early as the Stone Age thousands of years ago, when I was a fragile little girl, I came out to my trusted friends, family and colleagues, and gradually bravely confessed to anyone who knew me."

During her relationship with her former producer partner, Cydney Bernard, she gave birth to two sons through sperm, and the two raised the children together. Although the two have now separated, and Judy is married to photographer Alexandra Hedison, the two are still close friends, cheering each other's lives.

Since the birth of the child, the question of "biological fatherhood" has not stopped, and Judy has never talked much about her son publicly, which is quite protective of the privacy of her two sons. But for the process of pregnancy, Judy has a great feeling:

"Being pregnant is more artistic than anything I've ever done, and it's the biggest adventure of my life."

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Photo | Judy Foster with current partner Alexandra Heideson

After reading the stories of the above 4 gay families, is there a warm current injected into your heart? In recent years, the public's acceptance of gay families has become more and more high, in addition to film dramas, cartoons for children now also convey the importance of accepting gender diversity in line with the times, and there was a practical example in the cartoon "Pepe Pig" last year.

Penny the polar bear introduced herself to Pepe Pig that she has two moms: I live with my mom and another mom. One mom is a doctor, and the other mom cooks pasta." The picture also shows the life of Penny and her two mothers, which caused a lot of repercussions after the broadcast. Many people praised "Pepe Pig" for implementing sex equality education into daily life, so that children can realize the existence of multiple families from an early age, which brings a great help to global peace education.