525 is the day for women fans to spread the message of "I love me", and the editor has compiled 9 actions that can embellish ordinary daily life in this article, inviting readers to try it together and bring some change to their lives!

Instead of enriching the body and mind, it is more important to make the body and mind comfortable!

525 is the day when women preach the "I love me" message, but except for this day, we should learn to appreciate ourselves every day of our daily lives. Some people reflect by keeping a gratitude journal and recording today's events, while others inject a touch of freshness into their lives by forming new habits.

Whichever way you prefer, these actions serve only one purpose – to celebrate yourself! Here are 9 magical actions that the editor celebrates for himself, and readers are welcome to try it together, try to make everyday life extraordinary, and show your enthusiasm and vitality in a limited life.

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1. Celebration 1: Do something you normally want to do, but don't dare to do

This may sound abstract, but it's not.

For example, I usually want to say to the MRT guards, "Thank you, it's hard work", but because I am worried about disturbing the other party, I never get the courage to do it. Afterwards, I found that these worries were superfluous, because I was taught to try not to bother others as much as possible since I was a child, and I developed a worrying personality, but if the roles are reversed, you will find that the strange and warm mind is not only not a disturbance, but will become the light of that day.

Make a difference today!

If you usually want to run on the Huashan grassland, but you dare not do so because of the eyes of others, be yourself today; If you buy a fancy dress but don't dare to wear it, today is the day to shine out.

There is no fixed life, only by continuous attempts can you meet a better self

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2. Celebration Two: Get your body moving and listen to what it tells you

If you're sitting and working for a long time like an editor and your body is getting stiffer, encourage yourself to experience a movement. Because of the nature of our work, we are good at listening to what our hearts or brains tell us, but we always forget that our bodies actually have a lot to say to us.

The editor tried the sport of aerial yoga for the first time a while ago, although the hands and feet are clumsy and the limbs are not soft, but in the process of re-allowing the body to develop its possibilities, the body and mind have achieved a healing effect, it is highly recommended that you find opportunities to make the body move and celebrate discovering a new aspect of yourself again!

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3. Celebration three: Break your habits and behavior patterns

When daily life falls into the cycle of routine lessons: getting up, going to work, leaving work, going to sleep, many people will complain that life is boring and they can no longer be enthusiastic about life.

In that case, how about we try to break the mold?

If you're always used to taking the same route, try to see something else today! Through such attempts, editors often accidentally find that alleyways hide good shops, characteristic restaurants, and even beautiful buildings, these "new scenery" will indirectly affect the mood, let your heart know that occasionally try new changes, may bring better results than expected.

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4. Celebration 4: Take out the unfinished books on the bookcase and take them back out

One of the minor annoyances of editing is that there are a lot of unfinished books accumulated on the bookcase!

On a rainy weekend, I finished reading one of the unfinished books on the bookcase, and my mood was instantly much more relaxed. In addition to being moved by the information in the book, I also realized that my seemingly idle day had actually accomplished a small achievement by "reading a book".

Whether you have a bunch of unfinished books or not, the focus of this action is to "finish" the unfinished project. Although this is a small thing, its impact is more than that, and please feel free to remind yourself that we don't have to accomplish the so-called "big things" to be a person worth celebrating.

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5. Celebration 5: Look through photos from your childhood and take out the memories to dry

Most people have family albums at home, right? Every time I look at photos from my childhood, or photos of my parents when they were young, it makes people rediscover the magic of "time" and ask myself: What did my parents do when I was my age? What are they thinking? What will I look like when I get to their current age? How have I changed over time?

Although this action is to look at photos from your childhood, the deep meaning is to look back at your growth trajectory. Before we run forward and look forward to the future, look back at the changes along the way, take out the memories to bask in, remind ourselves that the past and this moment are the cornerstones of the future, and step by step out of our own life road.

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6. Celebrate Six: Ask a friend to recommend a recent love song to you

"You can see what kind of person he is from a person's playlist."
You can tell a lot about a person by what's on their playlist. —— The movie "Manhattan Love"

In the era of big data, we can only access the content that we are originally interested in or recommended to us by the system, and we cannot really touch new things, so our vision is limited. In addition to active learning, you can also see more diverse landscapes through the vision of friends.

Today, you may wish to invite a friend of yours to recommend a song of his love to you, learn about his recent mood, update each other's dynamics, and increase your feelings from this song! Isn't it something to celebrate when such an action not only makes the other person feel his weight in your heart, but also rebuilds the bridge of this friendship?

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7. Celebration Seven: Start a conversation with your neighbor and share the warmth with others

In recent years, I have been somewhat shocked to see the reactions of the people around me to the neighbors.

Many people who encounter neighbors pretend not to know or avoid each other, showing quite indifference, but there is a saying that "distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors", neighbors are actually the first objects we must know, not only in the event of an emergency to help each other, but also to expand their circle of friends, to transmit your warmth to each other.

The next time you meet a neighbor or administrator, start by nodding and smiling and saying hello, and slowly build a good relationship and make your surroundings more kind.

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8. Celebrate 8: Observe your friends and family and tell them an interesting fact

How long has it been since you observed the people around you?

When watching the movie "New York Hahaha" a few days ago, the two heroines in the film shared their little habits of observing each other, these habits that even they don't know, which makes people pleasantly surprised to know their own behavior patterns in an unconscious state, and also have the opportunity to analyze the subconscious behind these habits to achieve a better understanding of themselves.

Therefore, the editor would like to invite everyone to gather with relatives and friends, instead of focusing on their mobile phones, it is better to observe the people around them, tell them a small habit that they may not even know about, and let them feel your concern!

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9. Celebrate Nine: Set aside a quiet time for yourself to think

The last celebration is back to the heart.

The first 8 actions are the part of exploring outward and giving outward, and finally I hope to leave ourselves a quiet and solitary time, let us explore inward, explain to ourselves the importance of "celebrating yourself", and soothe your heart well, so that it can return to a state where it can protect you while being able to face the world softly.

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Summarizing the above 9 editors' celebrations, I hope readers can find the fun and value in their daily lives. Celebrating not for anyone just because you are you is a very important thing.