Have you ever tried any action to love yourself? Invite you to go through 9 love yourself proposals, so that you can grow courage while truly feeling that you are being loved.

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We love family, friends, and idols, but have you ever loved yourself?

Loving yourself is not one of those acts of indulgence in the name of love, but the ability to see who you really are, and to pluck up a little courage and enjoy the attempt, so it may even make you feel a little uncomfortable.

"You who care about your taste of life", "You who love your physical and mental health" and "You who look forward to enriching yourself" respectively, we offer proposals for loving yourself, so that you can grow a tough and thick appearance from the inside out while loving yourself.

You who care about your taste in life

Proposal 1: Find a taste that represents you

"There is no woman who does not like perfume, only a woman who has not yet found her own fragrance." This is the note left by perfume lover Marilyn Monroe on perfume.

Maybe in the past you used to buy your perfumes by brand, simple fruity notes, and woody notes, but can those flavors really represent you?

Try to recall the most direct feeling your body gave you when you first encountered the smell, if you can find the overlap with yourself from a certain aroma, then even if the taste is not respected by the public and does not appear on the Internet, you are still worth buying.

Later, remember this aroma that represents you, and no longer fear losing yourself no matter what.

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Proposal 2: Keep a life record, in any form

The brain selects memories, so forgetting is the norm, but we can still consciously avoid the disappearance of days. Maybe you can try to emboss a certain time of day into a note, a photo, or whatever form you like.

Keep a record of your life every day, develop the mindset to look at each day with sincerity, and when you look back at these records in the future, you will find that you have left every moment that you will remember.

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Proposal 3: Create your own life ritual

The German writer Lorelics wrote in the book "Why We Need Rituals": "A life with a sense of ritual allows us to have a real sense of existence, not to leave any impression on others, but to truly perceive life in our own hearts and face life with enthusiasm."

Starting small and establishing a ritual that is your own can help you regain control of your life. For example, create a playlist for commuting, makeup, and work, and when the song jumps to a certain song, you will know that I should pass through Citizen Avenue at this time; It's time to move on to lipstick or put the finishing touches. Instead of using a clock, we can have another interpretation of perceived time.

(Guess what you want to see: "There's always a moment when you feel comfortable" builds a sense of body ritual that makes every day different)

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Love and care for your physical and mental health

Proposal 4: Pay attention to the maintenance and washing of the intimate area

With a strong inner and outer body, we also need to maintain physical health to withstand daily challenges.

Many girls have experienced the problem of intimate infections, especially when the physiological period, pregnancy and other periods of self-defense decline, it is more likely to cause bad bacteria to breed due to changes in the pH value in the intimate environment. Wash your intimate areas with ME TIME Intimate Shower Gel to restore the balance of cleansing and hydration, and reduce itchiness.

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Proposal 5: Make an appointment for HPV vaccine

In addition to consuming probiotics, HPV vaccination is also the choice of many women.

HPV Chinese human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease, more than ninety percent of cervical cancers are related to HPV, and women have about an 80% chance of contracting HPV in their lifetime.

Fortunately, many medical institutions currently provide HPV vaccination services, and if you have had sex, it is worth thinking about whether to administer the vaccine for the sake of health.

(Same scene plus screening: have sexual experience, is vaccination still effective?) Let's talk about HPV cervical cancer vaccine)

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Proposal 6: List your own strengths

In addition to physical health, mental health cannot be ignored.

I believe that many people have the eyes to discover the good of others, but lack the courage to recognize themselves. It is also because you do not know yourself enough, so the words criticizing you by others can easily become a sharp weapon to hurt you and destroy you.

Maybe you can try to take out a pen, and at the same time put aside the labels and harshness of the people around you from childhood to adulthood, and think carefully about where your bright spots are? What are the strengths? Give yourself a few representative keywords, and you will find that the words that shine brightly will become the cornerstone of helping you build courage.

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Looking forward to enriching yourself


Empty yourself before enriching yourself, and only when you get closer to yourself and realize your own essence can you determine what you still lack?

Writer Edward Gibbon once said, "Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius," meaning that an accomplished person usually requires a process of self-reflection, and without the process of solitude, it is difficult for us to reach a higher level.

But when you are alone, it means that you only have yourself left to get along with, and maybe you will find yourself unbearable because of this, but believe me to survive it, after holding on, you will be closer to yourself and understand yourself better, even if it is a small discovery such as "not talking all day will not make me feel anxious", in essence you are still a little closer to yourself.

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Proposal 8: Make good use of online learning resources

If you also feel that taking classes with strangers will make you feel stressed and deterred, then maybe you can find a comfortable corner, make good use of online learning platforms, and recommend several free learning platforms:

  1. Coursera: A digital learning platform created by two professors from the Department of Materials and Engineering of Stanford University, including Harvard, Stanford, MIT and more than 200 universities, including data analysis, machine learning, marketing, finance, etc.
  2. NetEase Open Class: Those who are not accustomed to watching English courses can also use this Chinese online learning platform. When watching the course, if you don't understand something, you can use the note function, you can also see other people's notes, including literature, medicine, business, art, etc.
  3. Google Digital Learning: Taught by Google, including web analytics, search engines, communities, consumer behavior, content marketing, etc., as long as you log in to your Google Account to watch videos and pass the course, you can take the final exam and earn a certificate to prove your digital marketing skills.

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Proposal 9: Walk into a bookstore and wait to be attracted by books

Although online book shopping is convenient, but according to the past reading behavior recommended books, it is easy to surround you in your familiar knowledge circle, can we temporarily get rid of the algorithm's recommendation, the prisoner of improper interests and habits?

It is recommended that you walk into the bookstore, walk into the shelves that are displayed in an uncertain way, look at various books by chance, summarize your own interest, no interest, and then happen to bump into a book that suits the current state, whether you are amazed by the book cover or attracted by the author, try to walk in, enjoy the feeling of withdrawing from the present moment when reading, falling into the book and having a direct dialogue with the author.

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Loving oneself is not indulgence, not rationalizing one's own depravity, but fading into a stronger form while relaxing and cherishing oneself. Let us not let love for ourselves become poisonous chicken soup, nor should we infinitely turn lazy behavior into love for ourselves.

After providing you with nine Love Yourself proposals, are you going to start the True Love Yourself action?