Is there a more evolved use of Canva? Master 3 practical functions and become a community management expert from now on!

How does Womanyor use Canva AI?

Women's fan friend Jia Qi shared two powerful features of Canva that she commonly uses, the first is that it can turn a project A into a project B. For example, a flower might turn into a roast chicken. Another is that when she wants a picture of her puppy riding a bicycle, Canva can generate it right away.

For Jiaqi, this function is very convenient to use directly in the production of newsletters or social media photo materials!

Introduction to Canva AI

Hi everyone, I'm Tifa for women fans. Have you recently started using AI tools to help increase productivity?

In the first few episodes, we showed you what to play in the office of a woman fan, and told you that you can help you generate copywriting and outlines through ChatGPT and Notion AI. While Midjourny can create images quickly, Tome can help you generate 6 to 8 briefs quickly.

Today, we want to share Canva with you.

Canva is a software based on graphic design and video editing, which can help many people who can't design quickly get started. I usually use it to create video posts or newsletter designs. In March, Canva released its top 10 AI-related features.

What to play in the office of today's women's fans, I want to unlock 3 small functions to teach you how to use in your post design, presentation layout design, help your work efficiency can become faster, then we will continue to go down.

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Photo | Canva

Function 1: Magic Edit usage

When you come in, you'll see the Canva Chinese interface, and then you just have to open the gift and you'll see that Chinese interface has 7 unlocked features. Today, the first feature I want to unlock is Magic Edit.

This eraser function can help you convert A object into B object, that is, the small chrysanthemum in the picture can directly paint it off, and then enter Rose to directly help you find 4 roses. Then you can see which rose is more suitable for you, and you can directly and easily replace it.

The other thing I want to tell you is, if you find an image with an image background that you think is great, and you want to replace it with your own product, what can you do? You can also use the eraser function.

I can paint the object I don't want, and then I'll put the nearest inner kid card behind the image, and after a simple crop to memorize it, you'll find that the image can be used directly.

Function 2: Built-in translation

That second function is very simple, in fact, it is the translation function. In the future, you can do translation without going to Google, and you can directly translate it for you in Canva.

Function 3: Text to Image Generate images

It's actually very similar to Midjourney, as long as you type the corresponding keywords, it can help you generate 4 images. If you feel dissatisfied, you can regenerate. You can choose the art style you want, and then you can directly help you regenerate the image, don't you think this feature is awesome, no need to use it cross-platform.

Canva AI concludes

All three features can help us produce images more quickly, and can also help us use them more effectively in marketing and course presentations. Therefore, in these functions, I believe that you can directly use them to use.

Want to learn more about how women fans use AI tools, or want to know what our women's fans are playing in the office? You are welcome to leave a message to tell us.

Add code to use tips

After we find the layout, there are actually many options as long as you press the layout configuration, you can reformat it, and the presentation will become more beautiful!