Women fans of current affairs newspapers, this week take you to see President Janis finally apologized for the founder's sexual assault, NTU freedom of speech month poster heated discussions and other key current affairs inside and outside the island!

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President Janis apologized for the sexual assault of the founder

The sexual assault scandal of the founder of Janis, Kitagawa exploded, not only the British "BBC" has revealed, but former Janis trainee Okamoto Kauan has also come forward to accuse. The current president, Julie Fujishima, finally came forward to apologize.

Photo|Tatsushi Image (Pictured is former Janis trainee Kauan Okamoto and dancer)

The Chinese cultural circle ignites #MeToo运动

The #MeToo movement sparked in China's cultural publishing circles, in which the well-known screenwriter Shi Hang was accused of sexual harassment. Although it is difficult to predict the development of the Shihang incident, the #Metoo movement has raised the awareness of Chinese young people on the issue of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

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TikTok is involved in tracking users' sexual orientation

Former employees of TikTok complained that in 2020 and 2021, officials classified users who often see LGBTQ+ as LGBTQ+ categories, triggering controversies over disclosure of users' sexual orientation and personal information leakage.

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Beyoncé World Tour features gender-friendly toilets

Beyoncé announced that gender-friendly toilets will be used on the Renaissance World Tour to show support for LGBTQ+. This promotes inclusive relationships with relevant allies and is well supported by fans.

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RENAISSANCE Updates @ Twitter

NTU Free Speech Month Publication Controversy

NTU recently held a free speech month event, which caused controversy over the content of banners hanging on campus that discriminated against indigenous people and stigmatized same-sex sex, and also revived public attention to the issue of gender blindness and racial blindness.

Photo|NTU Student Union

EVA Air has been accused of gender inequality

EVA Air was accused of unfairly treating pregnant flight attendants and violating labor laws. More than 40 flight attendants who had been pregnant filed a civil lawsuit, saying that not only were their wages cut during pregnancy, but they were also difficult to get promoted when they returned to the workplace.

Photo | Taiwan Gay Counseling Hotline Association @ FB

Vigilante groups call for decoupling student status from gender

According to the survey, transgender students encounter many inconveniences at school, and the Partner Alliance and student groups say that schools should decouple the gender of students from the legal gender, and should also pay attention to the number of friendly toilets and dormitories.

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Seventy percent of workers believe that the workplace is serious about pretentiousness

According to a survey conducted by the Manpower Bank, seventy percent of office workers believe that the workplace is serious about appearance, and women are more worried than men. Some companies admit that they have screened talents based on appearance, but some companies are willing to try blind recruitment based on ability and responsibility.       

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