The 2nd Women's Fan Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award registration is open, provide you with a few numbers, let's take the implementation of DEI policy more seriously!

In the post-pandemic era, the global labor market and work patterns have undergone tremendous changes, and the global labor market mobility rate in 2022 will increase by 25% compared with the previous year, while Taiwan is facing the problems of aging population and declining birthrate, coupled with the increasingly serious shortage of workers, it has become a top priority for enterprises to solve the talent shortage.

According to the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends survey, a whopping 77% of HR experts believe that diversity and inclusion are an important factor in recruiting talent in the future, and women are leaders of the DEI movement in Asia and have long been committed to promoting the vision of talent sustainability.

This year, the second edition of the DEI Diversity for Better Tomorrow Awards recognizes companies with DEI competitiveness, and applications are open until July 7, 2023, with more than 100 companies expected to apply.

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96% of respondents said their organization has DEI as a consideration for onboarding

Women fans said that the trend of job shortage in emerging countries in the Asia-Pacific region is on the rise, while Taiwan is facing the dual crisis of job shortage and low birthrate, and employees have begun to reset their expectations of work and psychological care, including paying more attention to their own value and organizational identity.

According to the Women's Fan Diversity and Inclusion Survey, up to 96% of respondents said that whether the organization has a DEI (Diversity, Fairness, Inclusion) policy is the main factor in deciding to join the company, so strengthening the sense of team identity and creating a safe and happy workplace environment with multiple values are key trends in attracting and retaining talent.

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(Guess what you want to see: Women's Fans Announces 2022 Women's Workplace Survey Results!) 94% of women say they discriminate in the workplace and want to improve a diverse and inclusive environment)

Woman Fan X LinkedIn join forces to help companies advance SDGs and ESG goals

In order to encourage more enterprises to participate and accelerate the promotion of Taiwan's workplace DEI culture, this year women's fans once again joined hands with the world's largest workplace social platform LinkedIn (LinkedIn) to hold the second "DEI Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award", and this year also joined 104 Manpower Bank, Yourator and other strategic alliance partners to jointly respond, the application period is from now until July 7, 2023.

The award scoring content is mainly based on the three indicators of corporate vision and goals, organizational and employee change, and social diversity influence, and 9 major awards are set up, including DEI Foreign Enterprise of the Year, DEI Local Enterprise of the Year, DEI Top Ten Influential People of the Year, Best Rainbow Friendly Enterprise of the Year, etc. This year, the "City Life Award" was specially added to recognize the construction of cities and public service infrastructure that have made achievements in diversity and inclusion.

Women fans said that this scoring index is an important key for enterprises to practice DEI, and the specific scoring items are conducive to self-examination, in addition to accelerating the introduction of ESG into organizational culture, it can also effectively connect with the goals of the United Nations SDGs.

DEI's vision will create a fast-growing DEI community in Asia and actively connect with international trends

Women's fans said that after the first Vision Awards last year announced the winning results, they attracted the attention of many companies, and this year it is expected to exceed 100 entries.

In addition, the "DEI Vision Club" established by women's fans not only regularly shares the latest international DEI related information and cases, but also provides a complete communication platform, so that enterprises that are already promoting DEI policies can share experience, and also assist start-up enterprises to painlessly introduce and effectively implement, specifically integrate sustainability strategies with international standards, and drive the overall industry evolution.

Current members include Unilever, Google, DELL, P&G and Standard Chartered Bank. Women's fans continue to invite corporate allies to join the Vision Meeting and apply for the DEI Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award, making diversity and inclusion the present way for enterprises, improving organizational efficiency and the impact of talent sustainability.