On the fourth anniversary of the same marriage, marriage equality once again ushered in good news, and the third reading of the Legislative Yuan adopted children together through gay families, and our rainbow was more complete. Choose to share with you today, 5 gay goddesses who warmly accompany us on the road to marriage, and cheer for the diversity of love together!

On May 17, 2019, the Legislative Yuan passed the Marriage Equality Bill in its third reading, and after a long period of time, the gay community finally regained the human rights that belonged to them.

Recalling that year, watching the gay friends on Facebook post posts to celebrate, my heart was more relieved than joy, and I was assured that my gay friends could usher in a new hope after experiencing the disappointment of the same-sex marriage referendum.

Now that we are on the fourth anniversary of the same marriage, women fans want to share with users that the 5 female singers who accompany us on the road to marriage have many shapes of "love" in their eyes, and firmly believe that identifying with their "love" is the most important!

1. Zhang Huimei: Looking forward to the day when you don't have to call "comrade"

On the day the same-sex marriage law was passed, Zhang Huimei wrote "Our rainbow is complete" on her face, and she hopes that one day she will no longer need to be called "gay", because all love is the same.

Photo|Zhang Huimei FB

No one needs to be given a special title because they like the same sex, in fact, we are all the same, only true love.

Singer Zhang Huimei

"Where are my gay friends?" A greeting at the performance meeting brought Zhang Huimei and comrades together. The song "Rainbow" written to gay friends is a must-sing song for Zhang Huimei at every concert, and with the rainbow flag waving in the audience, regardless of gender identity, it will be touched by this warmth.

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When the sky is dark, when the temperature is out of whack
You can always resist with tremendous strength
When the sharp eye is sharp, when the sound is harsh
You wrap it in a rainbow of romance tenderly

2. Tian Fuzhen: All things with love can love each other

Tian Fuzhen is praised by fans as "pulling the goddess", sexuality has always been a topic of public discussion, her song "Hanging Sun" describes the relationship between women and women, and makes fans knock on the bowl to "come out". In response to the question of sexual orientation, Tian Fuzhen responded bluntly: "Is it important to like boys or girls?"

Photo|Tian Fuzhen FB

Love is being able to love oneself, knowing how to love others, and everything that has love can love each other.

Singer Tian Fuzhen

On the road of same-sex marriage, Tian Fuzhen has never been absent, she publicly expressed her support, and even connected with other singers to the "Love Max Concert" to speak out for the marriage equality bill, looking forward to no longer having to sing for the "everyday" that is taken for granted in the future.

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Whatever the weather will be like tomorrow
Today's rain still has to know how to appreciate
It doesn't matter if tomorrow's flowers will bloom
The butterfly in front of me is still fascinated by the fragrance of flowers

Jolin Tsai: Everyone deserves happiness

Jolin Tsai's MVs often incorporate a lot of LGBTQ+ elements, and constantly convey the concept of "love yourself" through songs, making her loved by the gay community and becoming a representative of gay friendliness in the Asian music scene.

Image|Jolin Tsai FB

As long as two true hearts can love each other, under the beautiful rainbow, any love should be blessed.

Singer Jolin Tsai

He has publicly supported gay marriage many times, and even in the face of losing the referendum, Jolin Tsai still did not forget to shout to the gay community: "We are still worthy of love!" For her, solidarity with comrades is not to maintain the image of celebrities, but to follow their hearts and do what they need to do.

Inspired by a true story, the MV of "Different and What" depicts the dilemma of gay marriage, and Jolin Tsai also uses this to send a message to the public - any love must be supported, and criticizing the love of others is not on the road to love.

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It's not the same, it's all the same, there's all kinds of afflictions
It's not the same, it's the same, there is convergence and dispersion
Each has its own life, each has its own gentle township
Love is not an abstract belief that there is blood and sweat

4. Jiao Anpu: Identifying with oneself is the basis of life

Appearing at the marriage equality hearing, Jiao Anpu supported the rights of gay people in the most direct and firm way, she believes that all gender identities are simply loving a "person", no different.

Photo|Jiao Anpu IG

Not deliberately suppressing sexual tendencies, being able to identify with yourself and love yourself is the most basic need of life.

Singer Jiao Anpu

From Zhang Hang to Jiao Anpu, what remains unchanged is the diverse emotional depiction in the song, as well as the initiative of "self-identification", in which she supports not just a single ethnic group, but all those who want to be themselves.

"Beautiful Woman" writes about Jiao Anpu's appreciation of gay friends, and the lyrics and the diverse couple looks in the MV all convey the same message - love is free, and everyone can become the most beautiful beautiful woman.

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I threw my backpack with my little annoyances
When the mood hangs, it becomes good
I mean good, Man!
I can't help but swagger
Beautiful she just walked through the summer trend
I secretly liked the pride left by the smell
I mean Pride: Girl-
Be prepared to hug at any time
Hang up your coat and start showing off
Everything you desire is foreseen

5. Cai Jianya: All gender identities deserve to be loved

Tanya Chua has always been loved by the gay community, and her "Beautiful Love", as a classic rainbow song, once made a mother who did not accept her son's sexuality understand that "love in any shape is beautiful".

Photo | Tanya Tsai FB

We breathe the same air together, of the opposite sex or the same sex, and we all deserve to be loved and have love.

Singer Tanya Tsai


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We are One We are All
Unique to you and me
The universe this United Nations
We are family, where you and me
Watch the stars and moon shine no matter who is who
Every life is perfect
Give the future more love with the present

Walking to the fourth anniversary of their marriage, these 5 female singers told us with songs and actions that all shapes of "love" are worth carefully guarding, and we must "become ourselves" before giving love.

Readers are invited to relive these "rainbow songs" together, hoping that all recognition can be caught by society and all love can find belonging.