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Back to the office on Monday, today the womany helps collate seven news stories spanning emotional, health, and human rights.The new app shows an annoying side of breaking up with a text message?Will it take special care of the private parts when it goes to SPA?The Archbishop of the Cardinal is publicly supported by a pointed archbishop.If you want to know more, continue to read it down!

Short message breaking up

There's a new program in the Apple App Store that lets you don't even use your own text messages. If you have a few options, the system will automatically write a funny, breaking-up text message.The humor of the app is that it uses very extreme cases to cover up the vague nature of breaking up through texting.(Extended Read: The person who broke up did not always be cruel )
News source: fastcodesign.com

A new dining table designed for mobile phone pocket

The odds of a person using a smartphone on a dining table may be higher than the odds of talking to others.In order to improve the situation, the Berlin designers had designed a tablecloth with a special hand-off pocket.The bag is also printed with a hint of "talking, chat, gossip", and humorously reminds those who forget how to communicate face-to-face with people who talk to people at the dinner table.(Extended Read: Smart phone as an important shopping tool for consumers )
* News source: newsfeed.time.com

Archbishop of South Africa openly supports homosexuals

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Tutu, openly denounced the anti-gay community in the name of religion at the event that the Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the archbishop of South Africa, openly denounced the gayHe says that he would rather go to hell and not live in the anti-gay Paradise, and that God is not a gay God.(Extended Read: Facebook's Small Action, Big Attitude for Business: Support for same-sex marriage )
News Source: huffingtonpost.com

Vaginal Steam New

There is a long tradition of vaginal vapour therapy in the world, according to South Korea's traditional knowledge that the lower half of the nude stands for 20 to 45 minutes on herbal vapour can reduce the probability of infection, pain, decompression, and even higher fertility rates.Although Western medicine does not have any means of proving it, the user says that after this treatment, it really feels that the physical and mental pressure and the intimate parts of the therapy are relatively clean. (Extended Read: An enteric massage campaign that the office can also do )
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New ways to advertise the thighs of girls' thighs in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there is a new way of advertising that will be printed on the thighs of girls.Girls under the age of 18 can agree to transfer their thighs to their thigh by transferring their advertisements to a sticker, with miniskirts and stockings so that the advertisements can be the focus of their legs.Public relations companies say the thighs are the boys who want to see the part where girls are willing to revealAt present, more than 3,000 female students have applied to be billboards. (Extended reading: Jailbreaking false health products ads )
news sources: guardian.co.uk

Strange ice cream

it a pig-foot ice cream in Taiwan's Ximen area? Does it know that there is any ice cream in Japan with the taste of horses, tongues and flavors?New York's potential home ice cream store has more than 5,000 different flavors of ice cream, including garlic and spicy flavors.Other strange flavors of ice cream include the US's bacon ice cream, the French goose liver ice cream, and the Eskimo ice cream made from Alaska using real animal fats. (Extended Read: How many ice cream is there?Ice cream imports from countries )
news sources: mentalfloss.com

Tycoon launched a new game role

A rich man with a long history will introduce a new character to the role of a vehicle, a hat, and a shoe that already has a marked character.The new cat's role in London has set up a huge model for the cat, which says: "There are more and more people in love. Now, this new cat role should be very popular." (Extended Read: It's not fun to play a big rich man on paper, but it's fun to play on the sidewalk! )

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