Is ChatGPT the secret to learning languages? Let's take a look at two usages to help you get started learning the language easily!

Womanyor's secret to learning languages

Women's fan partner Kaka will invest 1,000 to 2,000 yuan a month to take online grammar classes in English, but after learning the secret magic weapon, he has since become a money-saving expert.

Let's take a look at what the magic weapon is!

Hello everyone, I'm Moira Muhua, a fan of women.

Do you think you are a person who dares to speak English? Do you wish you could speak English naturally and communicate comfortably with foreign friends or colleagues? But often feel that your speaking ability is not good, dare not speak?

I believe that you who will watch women's fan movies must be a partner who cares about self-growth, so whether it is professional ability or language ability, I hope to go to a higher level!

Today, we will share with you how to use the AI tool ChatGPT as my English teacher to help us improve our foreign language skills. If you don't know ChatGPT yet, welcome to see how Merci, a woman's fan partner, uses ChatGPT to help work more efficiently!

When learning language, the simplest classification is "listening, speaking, reading, writing", and "listening" and "reading" are easier to find learning resources on the Internet, such as listening to podcasts, watching American dramas, watching BBC news, and so on. However, "speaking" and "writing" often require finding a language exchange community, or spending money on cram classes and tutors.

Of course, to have obvious progress and progress, it is still necessary to have professional resources assist you. However, in your daily life, if you want to strengthen your own practice, you can refer to the following usage methods.

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Usage 1: Use ChatGPT to change the composition

First, let's introduce "writing". I have seen netizens share their interaction with ChatGPT on the AI community before, and some netizens treat ChatGPT as a cloud boyfriend training, and talk to each other every day.

But as long as we switch the language to English, it is actually a good object to practice the language! Whether it is a general daily conversation, or you want to write an article in English, you can put the content on ChatGPT and directly instruct it to help you change it better, and ChatGPT will organize the areas that can be improved.

Then I also confirmed with my friends abroad, in fact, ChatGPT's feedback to English writing is quite accurate, so you may wish to try it.

Usage 2: Practice speaking with ChatGPT

I believe that when you practice English, the biggest fear is that you dare not speak. But I actually don't know how to say it, maybe because the environment often uses Chinese, I will also worry about my pronunciation is not standard and grammar is wrong, so I dare not speak. Shy, you need a cloud lover at this time.

In addition to manual input, ChatGPT can also be installed with Google Chrome plug-ins.

Plug-in: Voice Control for ChatGPT

As long as you install this plug-in, you can talk to ChatGPT with voice input. Not only can you type it directly, but its reply to your message will also be presented in voice form.

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Image | Google Chrome's app store

So how to install it?

  1. First go to the Google Chrome app store, search for "Voice Control for ChatGPT" to download, go to the plug-in list in the upper right corner of the page, and click it will be directly connected to the ChatGPT page.
  2. Then you can see the microphone symbol next to the dialog box where you usually type the message. Once you've selected your language, you can start a conversation.


When I was playing myself, I even forgot that he was AI at one point and talked directly. However, ChatGPT itself is a chatbot, as long as we switch the language to English, or even other languages, plus plug-in assistance, we can open the foreign language practice mode anytime, anywhere!

Today I shared two ChatGPT tips for learning English, I don't know if it helps your life and study?

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