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Is the work of the reporter really as colorful as TV, bright and bright?The seven-year-one reporter Luo Pui-yu shared with us the hard work of a reporter.And when reporters are no longer just a job, they are a dream, a kind of mission, and how can they balance their lives with their own lives?The positive outlook on life has enabled Luo to work in her life, and to have a full grasp of the various postures of life in her work.

Work and life cannot be cut

Someone sees a job as a life of all, and someone believes that work is an unavoidable afflicted every day.How did Luo's work, as a journalist, be defined?She thinks that there are two aspects of her work: the first one is for the mouth, and the other is the wish that was made when she was a child.The former is the so-called job, and the salary is paid every day at the end of nine to five, followed by a month later.As for the "reporter", how did she get her position?

" Journalists are a career for me, and the greatest thing is that I can get to know a lot of people.We all have one kind of life, but we can look at other people and see a different life.And when you're wearing a reporter's robe, you're going to use the text to tell stories of people's lives.The identity of the journalist naturally combined with her life is a part of life and a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission.

Work, which is her dream

as a journalist, is what she looked when she was 13 at the age of .In her childhood, she grew up with fantaher about everything in television, and she often played ASOS with her friends at high school, which also sparked her interest in the entertainment industry.In the background of single-parent families, television has become the best company ever since childhood.In the entertainment news, Tao Zizi's fame was even more important to her efforts to get her to attend the National Chengchi News Department.The other person who influenced her was her little cousin.The eight-year-old cousin, working in Hong Kong's Sun when she was a child, was an admirable job for a little girl.From then on, the Department of Public Information and the entertainment reporters became the goal of Luo Pui Yu's life.

Reality and dream extraction

When reporters are no longer just dreams, real-world work pressure becomes an appendage of the dream.In the eyes of the narrator, perhaps the sun is shining, but the work of the reporter is full of pressure and challenges, and every interview is full of unanticipated changes.The experience of the TV station in China has made Luo Pui-yu thoroughly experience the work of the workplace.Starting from local reporters, it takes as long as 4:30 a day to go to work, and in the middle of the night it can be returned to the home of Tanshui.In addition, the work of the reporter has a special nature. The 24-hour mobile phone cannot be turned off. In the middle of the night, a phone call must be returned to the station to report immediately.The pressure on the time was often required to be put on the schedule for non-domestic work. Under various pressures, Luo was once in a wish to give up.

" There was a lot of pressure, and I cried every day, and I told my mother I didn't want to do it.But I think people are very special. Every day I would like to say, try to see your own limits again, but in six years, they are actually pulling on themselves every day, but then it is yours.

An Interview with Li An's unforgetable experience

The most memorable interview experience in the seven years of his career was that she was invited to the press conference to cover Li An. This was the second time Luo was in contact with Li An.At that time, she was arranged to make her particularly nervous. She then came to the door, and she and Director Li Ang talked about his experience in 2008. He was pleasantly surprised to remember the movie of Hu Shi-toi.From this point of view, the entire interview process is very smooth.

"The reason why I'm impressed is that because I had previous interviews, I was able to cut myself in from a particular point, so that this interview was very successful."

philosophy of Penis " makes her easy to work.

As a working woman, she encounters more than a thousand kinds of difficulties in her work.Are there a lot of difficulties in the press?" Women make up the majority in the media, and girls are very well aware of their goals, but there are often a lot of women who can't control their emotions and sometimes criticize others or continue to complain.She believes that as a woman in the workplace, her eyes are too bright to be ignored or questioned, and the philosophy of "biloule philosophy" is the philosophy of Luo herself in the workplace.Apart from the obstacles to the appearance of women, birth and health are one of the barriers to advancement in the workplace. In particular, women do not have a healthy body to compete with other people.

Thanks to the pressure of work every day

Faced with the pressure of work, Luo Shuyu also has a set of her own means of express.It is not the best way to complain to a friend or lover, " the way to rule out the pressure is to relax and thank you sincerely before you go to bed. Thank you so much for this wonderful day. Thank you so much for the safety of your family.Put your wish into tomorrow, and also make yourself believe that tomorrow will be better than today.She believes that the two laws that make every day happy are to find spiritual sustinance and try to talk to themselves and digest the negative emotions of each day.(Recommended reading: Large office pressure?(6 tricks evoing out the ))

Use the future to decide now

Finally, she describes herself as saying that her philosophy of life is "to determine the future with the future," and not to limit his own vision and goals. Before the age of 40, no one can give up on the rosy picture of the future.

"Once you lose your imagination, the person's wings are broken"

She is also a bit of a grummy, and she also mentions the importance of imagination.Imagination is a way of keeping people out of reality. Instead, they use a positive attitude to face a life that may be unimaginable.

In life, I want to thank you two kinds of people, one who is pulling your hand, and the other person who is pulling your back legs.

And life has to face many setbacks, often not as the main character in a Japanese drama can walk away from the path of fate after extras.

The frustration is like a ladder. If you really want to pursue your dreams, 95 % of them are frustrations."

For life, perhaps we must be convinced that beyond ninety percent of the setbacks, it's a beautiful future and a dream to wait for us around the corner.(Recommended reading: How do we face change when we live in the future?)

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