What to do if you are suddenly depressed? Dear, it's normal to feel lost, and with a few daily actions, you can get positive change! Recommend you 5 emotional self-help methods to get back your daily happy energy!

In life, we often encounter moments when we are depressed, feeling lost or lacking guidance. However, there are ways we can help ourselves lift our mood, find direction, and get positive change.

Here are five ways we recommend to help yourself get out of emotional and action troubles in moments like these!

1. Keep a journal to help organize your thoughts

Journaling is an effective way to organize your thoughts, clarify your emotions, and increase your self-awareness. By writing down your feelings, thoughts, and worries, you can better understand your emotional state and discover hidden problems and needs.

Scientific studies have also shown that journaling helps with emotional management, reduces stress and improves mental health.

In the process of writing a diary, with the "Inner Smart Response Card", you can explore your inner world more deeply. Before writing, draw an inner intelligent response card and let the words on the card become a guide for your thinking and writing, inspire your inner wisdom and creativity, and find answers to difficult problems.

Image|〈Inner Intelligent Response Card〉Created by 《Soul Talk Room》

Second, exercise improves mood

Scientific studies have shown that exercise plays an important role in boosting mood and improving mood.

Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin from the body, which promote feelings of happiness and well-being. Whether it's walking, running, yoga, or other forms of exercise, it can help you shift your focus, reduce stress, and boost your emotional positivity.

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3. Cultivate positive thinking

Positive thinking is a psychological technique that can help us shift negative thinking patterns and increase hope and happiness.

When we get caught up in negative emotions, try to shift our attention to the positive. By consciously looking for positive elements in things, being grateful for what is around us, and giving ourselves positive self-talk, we can develop positive thinking habits and improve our emotional state.

Photo by Quan Nguyen on Unsplash

Fourth, social support improves mental health

Sharing your feelings and concerns with friends and family, and seeking their support and understanding, is another effective approach.

Scientific studies have shown that social support can reduce stress, improve mood, and improve mental health. When you communicate with others, their understanding and encouragement can help you gain emotional comfort and support.

5. Cultivate the ability of self-care

It is very important to maintain good self-care and love for yourself.

Give yourself plenty of time to rest and relax, develop habits of self-care, and look for activities that provide emotional comfort and calm, such as meditation, deep breathing, or relaxation yoga. These methods can help you reduce stress, balance your emotions, and regain inner peace and strength.

In the process of cultivating self-care, you can use the Happy Inner Child Card as an aid. Draw a card and let the images and words on the card accompany and heal the hurt self in childhood, cultivate love and care for yourself, and find the direction of happiness and happiness born from the heart.

These five methods, journaling, physical movement, developing positive thinking, social support, and developing self-care, are all scientifically based self-help methods that can help us help ourselves when we are feeling low and need guidance.

By using cards of different purposes and types as aids, we can use these methods more specifically to strengthen self-exploration and inner connection for emotional management and self-growth.

Importantly, these methods don't just have a single attempt to produce huge results. These methods require continuous practice and effort, but over time, you'll find yourself better able to cope with moments of low mood and gradually find inner guidance and balance!