Are feminists all serious, and is it boring to fall in love? Take a look at 3 short stories from the Women's Fan Office and practice creating the most suitable relationship together!

Hello everyone, I am Muhua Moira of women's fans, what do women fans play in the office today to share with you a very cute theme, that is, the short story of feminists falling in love.

This is content full of sweet love honey smell, and it seems to be a bit gunpowder, let's watch it together!

What is feminism?

First, let's talk about what "feminism" is. Feminism simply wants to liberate everyone from "gender stereotypes", and we will not use the definition of binary gender to distinguish how to do and how to live, but hope that everyone can live as their true selves.

No one side is necessarily masculine and reliable, and one is necessarily weak and dependent. I can be very girly at the same time, or I can be very man at the same time, because everyone is originally multifaceted. In intimate relationships, feminism treats each individual as an "individual," and we can build intimacy while maintaining an independent self.

It's like in "The Chosen Man - The Wave Maker", Zhu Liya said to Weng Wenfang: "Thank you, because you don't keep saying, tell me to rest or don't be too busy, or say that you want to raise me and so on."

Therefore, whether or not I can respect my concept is also an element that is very important in the relationship. So let's share with you the lovely conversation that happened in our office the other day.

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Should I help my other half of the backpack?

Woman fan partner Yachun shared: "Girls often go out to pack backpacks, and some boys will feel that their thoughtfulness and intimidation are to help you backpack bags. Once my partner wanted to help me with my backpack, and I really didn't think I needed to, but he insisted on helping me out of good intentions."

"So I said that the bag is my accessory, and I can really carry it myself!" He hasn't helped me backpack since then." From this short story, we can see that our partner cares about the overall dress, while the other half actually wants to show his thoughtfulness. That's when you need to start a conversation to understand each other's needs.

In fact, for us, whether the other party respects us as an independent individual, and our ideas are very important. Even if there is a small conflict, it doesn't matter, because the important thing is that we can be honest and understand each other's true thoughts together.

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However, there is also a stereotype of feminists. Do you think that feminists are very serious, and is it boring to fall in love? In fact, feminists also have girly hearts, and they can also have love brains.

It's just that our gender awareness is more sensitive, and occasionally encountering "lack of gender awareness" communication or situations, we will turn on the gender radar, incarnate as a gender teacher, and even sometimes secretly self-censor.

Feminists often encounter some relationship or dating dilemmas, such as people often ask feminists whether to eat AA system. Let's take a look at the cute little stories that our partners once had on the AA system.

Dating must be AA system?

A common misconception about feminists is that feminists have to be AA? Let's hear the story of Little Y.

Yuting, a woman's fan partner, put it this way: "If you want to go out on a date with a guy you like or a guy you meet for the first time, maybe go to have a meal or a drink, and after that, I'll let the guy pay first." If he has proposed to AA system, of course I can cooperate. But I think getting guys to pay first is a good way to create the next chance to meet and create the feeling that I want to interact with you."

There must be a back and forth in love, there is no need for the AA system, and everyone's method is different. Everyone often talks about the AA system, in fact, the original relationship and eating mode is diverse, not today let the boy pay means to take advantage of him, nor does it have to be paid by the boy, the girl can also pay, any gender can be.

Sometimes feminists want to be able to AA system, but this AA system often makes the other party think that they want to draw a line or refuse to interact. This part can have a good conversation and build a consensus on dating together.

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The story of being knocked on the wall

Many people will feel that the action of wall knocking is very coercive to force people into a corner, and feminists should resist such behavior. But if someone I like does this to me today, I will actually feel very happy, and suddenly the move of getting close can feel each other's breathing, awakening the sleeping girl's heart.

There are often these cute dilemma stories in the relationship, if everyone allows and feels safe, you are very welcome to tell each other your ideas, I believe you can be very mature to deal with and achieve each other's ideal state.

We believe that there is no set love formula in the world, but there must be an ideal relationship that suits you best. The most important thing is to communicate with each other and understand what they care about each other.

Finally, I want to ask what is the most important point when dating or in relationships? Or do you have a cute little dilemma story, welcome to share with us!

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