How do you love yourself? Women Fan I Love Me Festival, invite 32 celebrities/KOLs to respond in tandem and share their unique secret recipe for loving themselves! This article selects several celebrities to share, click the information at the end of the article to receive your love yourself ceremony!

In our busy daily lives, we often overlook the most important person – ourselves.

After going through the hurdles of life, do you become yourself or succumb to others? As you live hard and give carefully, do you remember the last time you laughed for yourself?

Women's fans "525 I Love Me Festival" entered the tenth edition, hoping that at least one day every year, we can focus on ourselves and love ourselves.

This year, women's fans invited many celebrities to respond and share their unique ways of loving themselves and celebrating themselves. Join the fans and see how they create joy in their daily lives!

Woman fan famous creator Nori bear: Please subconsciously, take care of me with a warm light

When I'm tired and tired, I will use my favorite essential oil "comforting" before going to bed, gently sprinkle it on the pillow, and then ask my subconscious: Please take care of me with your warm light.

Sometimes, there will be a very beautiful dream, that kind of dream, like the moonlight under the clouds, spilled on the empty field, trembling slightly, gently covering itself. I often wait for this kind of dream to come.

The Way of Husband: Show gratitude and cherish each other

We like to talk before going to bed, two boys with a fat orange cat, sharing what they have done today in bed, looking at each other, and saying "Thank you for always being by my side." Hug again and fall asleep.

Expressing gratitude and cherishing each other's hard day is a celebration ritual that we do every day, love ourselves.

Singer-songwriter Bai An: Give you a round of applause for your serious commitment

The celebration of usually loving yourself is to applaud yourself and see how serious you are engaged in your work, (for example, a recent MV only took four hours to shoot!). And don't set an alarm clock during the holidays, let yourself sleep well!

Talk show godmother Huang Xiaofat: Let go of social burdens and be alone with yourself

I enjoy being quiet, reflective, and free of the burden of socializing. Maybe riding a bicycle enjoys not moving fast or slow; Maybe type the words, ruminate the busyness, think carefully, make sure that you are doing things, and confirm that you are yourself.

Singer-songwriter PiA Beiya Wu: Turn off the reminder for a while and take a good rest

Let go of the housework you don't want to do now, take a nap, temporarily turn off the work message to remind you, don't listen to friends complain about life, lie in bed and look at the sunlight outside the window in a daze, don't think about why you are so wasted now, because waste is a manifestation of love for yourself.

Singer Lin Caixin: Stop reviewing yourself, everything is the best arrangement

For me, the ritual of loving yourself is to let yourself go from the bottom of my heart when I am restless and anxious, stop constantly reviewing myself, then light up my favorite fragrance, lie in bed and relax, or cry or sleep, do what I want to do most at the moment, stop working hard for the day, and tell myself that everything is the best arrangement.

ALL IN 5 Dong Zhewei: Have a dream that is exclusive to you

After five days a week, I will reward myself with the right to dream for one day, first choose a novel you like, immerse yourself in a world that belongs to you, and then fall asleep and fantasize about becoming the protagonist, and you have everything in your dreams. If you don't like it, get up and go back to sleep!

ALL IN 5 Lin Yucheng: Empty your mind and enjoy your own space

I like to reserve time and space for myself after a busy day, during which I will relax, listen to music, sing, think about everything that happened today, good or bad, talk to myself, and fantasize about what might happen in the future until I fall asleep.

Twin soul duet group Yizheng Yijing: Travel to recharge, in search of daily beauty

Yi Zheng likes to go back to Huadong to relax and recharge, surrounded by mountains and seas for healing, and the originally small and tight heart will unconsciously become vast. Yijing likes every day, in the gap between work, taking herself out for a walk in the afternoon to breathe, looking for Marzis in the park, touching the cute puppy to recharge, and taking a break under the tree she likes.

Writer Yellow Cocoon: Small rituals can also build irreplaceable joy

I like to adjust my mind through scents, whether it's scented candles or toiletries, charming scents can help calm the mind and make me fall asleep more relaxed. Daily life does not necessarily require extravagant celebrations, small rituals, but also to establish irreplaceable joy, I think this is the spirit of "loving" oneself is very important.

Podcatser's two wives: Remind yourself of the ability to share happiness

Get used to making a fixed donation at the end of the year, so that you can remind yourself that you have enough energy and enough to share your happiness with others.

I believe that I am poor when I am too busy to live, so I spend a lot of time on myself, whether it is taking yoga classes, reading and thinking, watching plays, writing, or performing talents. You can also watch the shadows on the ground wandering, justified and generous in a daze, and watching time go by is exactly the way to love yourself.

Only by loving yourself well and gently can we know how to love others well and tenderly.

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Start now and set up your own celebration! Because every step of living is worthy of your loud applause!