The arrival of the graduation season in June may make you feel lost, so let's take a look at how the celebrities who have walked the road to success have overcome many difficulties to find their footing!

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As you enter the graduation season in June, before leaving the umbrella of student status, you may be afraid that you will be fully responsible for your choices and that society will expect you to look like a mature adult.

But don't be afraid, why not take a look at 5 wonderful graduation season speeches, and let these career seniors, film and television superstars share with you the truth that has been tempered after life experience.

Maybe you will find that your anxiety at this moment, in 10 years, is actually not so terrible.

Movie queen Michelle Yeoh Harvard speech: Stay relaxed when you fall!

New Oscar actress Michelle Yeoh was invited to attend the commencement ceremony of Harvard Law School and gave the graduates the following three suggestions.

Stay relaxed, calm, and curious about the world

Just as people tend to tighten their bodies to cope with shocks when they fall, staying calm and curious in the face of a rapidly changing world will be resilient coping.

Michelle Yeoh used her childhood experience of learning to dance and then having to interrupt her dance dream due to injury as an example to encourage everyone to be more open to setbacks, so that we will eventually have the opportunity to see other possibilities of events.

Photo by Harvard Law School@FB

Respect yourself and break the limitations of the outside world

As a young woman who developed her film career in Hong Kong, Michelle Yeoh could only play dignified, docile, gender-stereotyped roles at first, and then turned her own film and television road because of her courage to challenge the action martial arts action.

Michelle Yeoh thus learns that while it is necessary to know what you can do, it is equally important to know what you cannot do, so knowing your limits from within will keep you humble and positive; The limits that outsiders set for you give you the boundaries of breakthrough.

Find a team that can stand by your side

Life is not always a zero-sum game. Characters other than winners don't necessarily have to be losers. In fact, most success stories are not competition, but cooperation.

Michelle Yeoh admits that she could not achieve her current achievements alone without the help of others, and because her achievements are the result of the people around her, she is more motivated to continue to work hard, in order not to disappoint herself and not to let them down who help her.

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Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft: Things I wish I would have known when I was 20 years old

Since Bill Gates failed to graduate from his alma mater, Harvard University, he shared his life experience after leaving school with Northern Arizona graduates and also wanted to tell his 20-year-old self, with the advice he hoped to hear in Bidien.

There is no one way out of life

Bill Gates cited the example of starting Microsoft to become a full-time philanthropist, saying that "life is not a one-act drama", what we do now or even 10 years may not be our only choice, changing the runway or developing a second career is acceptable, so don't set limits on yourself.

Image | NAU Social Media Youtube

People cannot be smart enough not to be confused

Bill Gates believes that the key to human progress is to embrace the unknown rather than focus on what is known, "A lot of what I have achieved now comes from my courage to ask others for help." Therefore, when encountering problems that cannot be solved alone, if we can have the courage to learn from others and are not afraid to ask questions, then confusion and confusion will have nothing to fear for us.

Rest is not an act of laziness

Bill Gates admits that it took him a lot of time to realize this, he didn't take vacations when he was young, but he asked people around him to work long hours overtime, and it wasn't until he became a father that he realized that there was something more important in life than work.

He reminds graduates to take the time to nurture relationships, celebrate successes, rise from failures, take breaks when needed, and whisper to himself that I deserve it.

Huida founder Jensen Huang: Admit to failure, then let go

I was invited to attend the speech of NTU, hoping that in the future journey, graduates can bring some mistakes and experiences, humbly face failure, admit mistakes and seek help.

Be honest about your mistakes and humbly ask for help

Citing his past experience in maintaining the company's operations by frankly admitting product design mistakes to customers and asking them to pay for development, Huang showed that honest and humble seeking help may be difficult but necessary for smart, successful people.

Photo|National Taiwan University FB

The arduous process of pursuing the vision has led to the development of a strong character

In 2007, NVIDIA announced a new programming model that would improve the performance of applications from scientific computing to physical simulation to image processing.

However, creating a completely new computing model is not easy and is rare in the industry. In the face of the high cost of development and the skepticism of shareholders, NVIDIA continued to work tirelessly to promote the new model around the world, and understood that suffering and suffering is a pain on the way to pursuing the vision.

Now, entering the era of the AI revolution, NVIDIA can also become the driving engine.

Learning to give up is the core key to success

In 2010, when Huida became a partner of Android, the stock price finally rebounded, but competitors quickly poured in, in order to continue to follow the company's mission. NVIDIA resolutely decided to abandon this market.

Turn around and create a new market - robotics, which was still an invisible market at that time, but because of NVIDIA's bravery, there was a follow-up success story, so Huang encouraged everyone that retreat is not easy, but strategic retreat and sacrifice are the key core to success.

Singer Taylors: The experience condensed after several collisions is to learn to embrace embarrassment and let go!

When it comes to the content of the graduation speech, we have to mention Thales' speech at New York University (2022). She humbly said that she would not give advice to anyone, but said those tips that she hoped she would know earlier when she first embarked on her dream path.

Learn to let go

Life is heavy, especially when you're trying to carry it all at once. One of the key to growing and starting a new chapter in life is to retract and release. It is important to learn to judge what to keep and what to put away.
Try to be discerning, choose who to allocate your time and space to, set aside more space for good things, and let go of the rest!

Photo by New York University Youtube

Coexist with embarrassment and humiliation

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, looking back, there must be embarrassing moments, but Thales believes that those moments of rejection and failure are just as important, if not more important, than being affirmed.

And because we are guided by our instincts, intuitions, desires, fears, scars and dreams, we will inevitably say the wrong thing, trust the wrong person, overthink, self-harm, destroy our perfect time with others, deny mistakes, feel guilty... But we will eventually recover, learn our lessons, and become more resilient as long as we breathe.

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Apple founder Steve Jobs: Always hungry and thirsty for knowledge, always vain

Fast forward to the fact that Apple founder Steve Jobs' graduation speech at Stanford University in 2005 was definitely a classic of graduation speeches.

The community was not yet developed that year, but the content of the speech was able to accumulate more than 40 million views on YouTube.

Accumulate every possibility on the path of life

You can't foresee how every decision in life will be related, and you can only trace meaningful trajectories when you look back years later.
So please believe that these bits and pieces of the past will be connected in some form in the future, including courage, fate, fate, etc., which will give you the confidence to move towards your ideals.

Image|Stanford News

Find your passion

Steve Jobs believed that the only way to achieve great things is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, don't stop it.

After all, sometimes life is like a brick that happens to hit you, and if you can still not lose faith after this, it depends on the things you love. So is work, and so is love.

Life is limited, don't live in the voice of others

Jobs used cancer as an introduction, encouraging everyone not to live in the conclusions of other people's thinking, and not to let the noise of others drown out their own voices, death as the best invention of life, can become a change agent, so that you have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, and if you live every day as the last day of life, you will eventually find the direction of life

After reading the graduation speeches of these five celebrities, have you accumulated a little courage in your heart to face the future?

Maybe confusion will still permeate daily life, or maybe you can't find your own annotation for the time being, but I believe that when we leave campus and enter society, we can find a foothold that can make us happy and stable.