Do you know what your charm is? With the Dragon Boat Festival just around the corner, take a look at the different types of zongzi and what attracts you to others with this psychological quiz!

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is a great time to enjoy zongzi! In addition to southern zongzi and northern zongzi, there are also different flavors of zongzi such as alkali zongzi, Huzhou zongzi, and Hakka zongzi for everyone to enjoy.

These zongzi are different in filling, texture or taste, and today we have prepared a simple quiz to invite you to intuitively choose the answer that best suits your current mood from the following questions, see what zongzi you belong to, and analyze your charm!

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If you could have a superpower, which one would you choose?

A. Teleportation

B. Transfiguration

C. Predictive capacity

D. Mind reading

Choose A: Huzhou rice dumplings that can be salted or sweet

You can be still, salt and sweet, full of energy, and always infect the people around you! Your heart longs for new experiences, dissatisfied with the status quo, friends can always learn many interesting things from you, this is your greatest charm, don't suppress your curiosity, continue to explore the world!

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Choose the one who chooses B: the crystal dumpling of the heart of the child

Do you find that in a large group of people, your actions or appearance always attract attention? In fact, under the bright and beautiful exterior of the crystal dumpling, there is a simple inside, just like you who have the heart of a child, you always face the world with sincere eyes and smiles, cherishing the subtle happiness in daily life.

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Choose C: Hakka dumplings that are addictive as soon as you eat them

Your biggest charm is precisely "Contrast Moe"! Hakka rice dumplings are different from ordinary rice dumplings, they do not use glutinous rice but glutinous rice flour, so the taste is chewy, making people just try one bite and can't stop! People who don't know you may find you unapproachable, but once you become acquainted with you, such a temperature difference will inevitably make people impress you.

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Choose D: Reliable alkaline rice dumplings

Salty water dumplings are also called salty dumplings, although the original flavor is without filling, some people will wrap red beans to make sweet alkali dumplings. The biggest charm of you who choose this option is "real", whenever friends encounter troubles, they will always ask for your opinion, because you will analyze the situation objectively and from multiple angles, which makes people feel very reliable.

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After reading the above Dragon Boat Festival zongzi psychological test, do you have a deeper understanding of the types of zongzi and yourself? In fact, just as the Dragon Boat Festival has a variety of zongzi, there are also people with different personalities, races, and ideas in this society, so that everyone has the courage to show their own characteristics and be afraid to become their true self in the workplace, family and social environment of diversity and inclusion (DEI).

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