Taiwan's first DEI multi-inclusive job search zone debuts! If you value diversity and inclusion, you may wish to see how diversity and inclusion can happen from the stage of job search!

In an era when the value of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is increasingly valued by enterprises, enterprises and organizations are paying more and more attention to diversity in talent recruitment and are committed to building an inclusive and equal working environment.

To promote the value of diversity, Yourator has partnered with women's fans to create the DEI Careerzone, a platform for businesses to attract, recruit and support talent from diverse backgrounds.

Valuing diversity and equality in the workplace is a value shared by women fans and Yourator, and because we deeply understand the importance of DEI to business and society, we jointly created Taiwan's first DEI Diversity and Inclusion Job Zone.

In addition to compiling relevant trend articles, taking you to understand what DEI is, it also sorts out the job vacancies of enterprises that implement DEI goals, helps you choose the right working environment, and creates a better working life!

(Screening: What is DEI (Diversity and Inclusion)?) Why do businesses need DEI? One article takes you to learn more about diversity, fairness and inclusion!

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Benefits of "Businesses" using the DEI Diversity and Inclusion Job Zone

But you might be wondering why is the value of DEI important? Let's split the conversation into two aspects: the company and the job seeker.

First, the impact of DEI on businesses is multifaceted and can be divided into three major benefits:

1. Attract diverse talent:

The DEI Recruitment Zone provides a platform for enterprises to attract and connect with talents of various backgrounds and abilities, thereby enriching their talent pool, and improving the DEI of enterprises, which undoubtedly enables diverse employees to express their opinions more freely, deeply participate in the growth and decision-making of the enterprise, and enhance the "sense of belonging" of the enterprise.

2. Enhance corporate image:

By sharing the company's values and actions in the DEI Careers, companies can demonstrate their commitment to diversity and equality and enhance their image and attractiveness.

3. Improve performance:

A diverse team and work environment promotes innovation and problem-solving skills, which in turn promotes business performance and competitiveness. Accommodating more diverse perspectives will take the quality of the company's decision-making to another level, effectively having a positive impact on revenue.

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Benefits of "Job Seekers" using the DEI Diversity and Inclusion Job Zone

From the perspective of job seekers, the existence of DEI has three major values

1. Equal Opportunities:

The DEI Career Zone provides equal opportunities for job seekers of all backgrounds to demonstrate their abilities and values.

2. Resources and Support:

Diversity resources and tools are available in the Zone to help job seekers better understand, prepare and support for the challenges of a diverse workplace.

3. Corporate value matching:

Job seekers can use the company stories and values in the section to choose companies that align with their values and career goals.

(Guess what: how are CSR, ESG, SDGs different from DEI? Understand the strongest way to understand the sustainable operation of enterprises at one time!

What is in the DEI Diversity and Inclusion Job Zone

1. DEI Job Zone:

Foreign/local team job opportunities with DEI workplace culture

2. DEI Topic Column:

Teach job seekers how to identify job opportunities with a DEI culture,

3. DEI Community Project:

Collaborate with different associations on the DEI Story Series to share job seekers from different backgrounds, the unfair treatment they may experience in the workplace, how to address them, and which teams are willing to embrace and listen to these candidates.

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Yourator and women's fans hope that through our joint DEI Career, we can provide a platform for companies and job seekers to promote diverse recruitment, not only attract talents from diverse backgrounds, but also provide equal opportunity and support for job seekers to find companies that match their values.