On July 5, 2023, CoCo Li Min, a diva in the Chinese music scene, was confirmed by her family that she chose to pass away after fighting with depression. 2023 is the 30th anniversary of Li Min's debut, and now the signature song "DiDaDi" has become a masterpiece. But I believe that no matter what stage of your life you know Li Min, he can leave a warm place in your heart.

When did you first meet Li Min? Is it the debut masterpiece "I Still Be Your Lover", the best-selling songs "Di Da Di・Hint", "Sunny Day・Good Mood", "Dao Ma Dan", or the theme song "Yourself" of the classic Disney movie "Mulan"?

Debuting through a singing program at the age of 18, Li Min released her first Chinese album the following year, and her unique American singing voice brought a new trend to the Taiwanese pop music scene, her masterpiece "DiDaDi" not only became one of the best-selling albums in Taiwan in the 90s, but also won the Billboard International Best Chinese Music Video.

Li Min is "the first Chinese singer to enter the United States and release an English-language album", "the only Chinese singer to stand on the stage of the Oscars", and "the first Chinese singer to hold a solo concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall". A number of proud achievements have established Li Min's status as the queen of the Chinese music scene.

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Eternal Chinese diva CoCo Li Min: Face life's difficulties with "love" and "faith"

Unloading the aura of a superstar, Li Min's life is hard. Since childhood, he has relied on his mother's hand to pull and pull. When he was 9 years old, his family immigrated to the United States, and he was bullied at a young age because of his Chinese face, but thanks to his family's company, Li Min would not fall into the haze and could not come out.

Li Min, who is poor, began to earn money to support her family at the age of 18, hoping to improve her family's life, and her second sister once said in an interview: "I am grateful that my sister has made us, and we will be a family member again in the next life!"

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Female warriors who are not afraid of difficulties

Even people who are not familiar with Li Min will definitely remember her signature smile full of rendering power, and her cheerful personality that can stir up the atmosphere in a second. But what many people don't see is that under the incomparably cheerful smile, there are more setbacks and challenges.

Born with a defect in her left leg, Li Min was diagnosed as impossible to dance at a young age and experienced a voice loss at the age of 32, which she described as like "God took back the voice He gave me, and I lost the world".

In the face of various practical blows, Li Min did not give up, adhering to the spirit of "believing that he will do it", Li Min not only became a representative singer in the Chinese music scene, but also returned to the world again with "I am a Singer 4" after 10 years of silence.

Even after many years, Li Min is still the familiar Li Min, the Li Min with a thick voice and full of movement, the Li Min who is full of stage charm and can always bring energy to the audience with performance and smiles. It's like the sun that warms people's hearts after the dark clouds.

Dear, be brave to be who you really are, because you are unique.

CoCo Li Min

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"Love" and "faith" are two of my favorite words that I have always remembered in my heart, and these two words will allow us to get through this difficult year.

At the end of 2022, Li Min wrote this sentence on her face, that year her left leg disease recurred, and in previous years, she experienced many marriages, failed to seek children and other blows, she chose to use warm and positive words to encourage fans and encourage herself. She worked hard and always believed so.

Li Min's death made the world regret, no matter how much sunshine there is, there will be times when dark clouds are thick, and this dark cloud sometimes requires a few more pairs of hands to spread together.

To people who are as positive as Li Min and strive to bring more beauty to life: thank you for your efforts to create a better world, life will inevitably be fragile, tired, please do not be afraid to trouble others, you also have the right to let yourself rain, whether you are as bright as the sun or as lush as ink rain, you have always been loved.

The Chinese diva chose to say goodbye to us in the 30th year of her debut. After experiencing depression, he chose to pass away, but Li Min's lifelong efforts to live out his own and shining figure will always remain in our hearts.