In addition to being known as the world's music capital, Vienna is also the filming location for many movies such as "Love at the Dawn", if you plan to travel, you may wish to follow the footsteps of Jesse and Celine to explore the city of Vienna!

On June 16, 1994, on a train from Budapest to Vienna, there was a pair of men and women Jesse and Celine who should have had no intersection, and their fate would have been limited to the same train at the same time if it were not for the boy's initiative to invite the girl to get off the train in Vienna.

If you have watched Love in Trilogy, you will know that they will eventually walk together after going around in circles, and although you experience the sour side of love, Vienna, the birthplace of romance, is still pure; 30 years later, on the trajectory of the dust, there are still 20 generations of them, exuding immaturity and the shame of the beginning of their emotions.

With the revival of tourism, if you are planning to travel abroad, let us immerse yourself in the romance of Vienna and get to know the city from a new perspective, which may make it a new choice for your travel.

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Although Jesse and Celine spend only one night walking through the streets of Vienna in the movie, if you want to perfectly replicate the dating order of Jesse and Celine, you will inevitably take a long detour, so the following is a detailed introduction in order of distance from the sights centered on the city of Vienna.

Zollamtssteg Customs Bridge | First view of Vienna

After Jesse and Celine get off the train station, the first Viennese street scene that appears in the shot is the Zollamtssteg Customs Bridge.

Although the floor has now been replaced from wood in the movie to concrete, you can still feel the warm warmth of ambiguous men and women in the air from the occasional passing train under the bridge, the still bright green paint, and the same perspective as Jesse and Celine.

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Photo | Zollamtssteg Customs Bridge

Prater Park |

You don't need to buy a ticket to enter Pratt Amusement Park, you only need to pay for the rides, and the highlight of the park is the world's oldest Ferris wheel, the Vienna Ferris wheel Wiener Riesenrad, where Jesse and Celine kissed for the first time.

Here Jesse and Celine talk more deeply about their family situation, while revealing Jesse's views on marriage, and the back-and-forth dialogue also makes the two get along in addition to physical contact, more spiritual communication.

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Photo | Prater Park

Albertina Museum | The Last Dawn Breaks

The two arrived at the Albertina Museum, where Celine lay on Jessie's lap and looked up at the sky as he recited a poem from the poet W. H. Auden: "... Vague life passes by in a hurry, but time holds his dreams, tomorrow or today."

As the poem says, although the dawn of the sky heralds the imminent separation of the two, they already have an irreplaceable day, and the unforgettable night can be shared.

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Photo by Albertina Albertina Museum

Alt & Neu Records | Dou Dou first opened a record store

The male and female protagonists are in the last row of the tram together, talking about each other's love experiences, and you will see that because the line with Celine should be drawn, Jesse shyly tries to touch Celine, but stops at the last minute.

Continuing the same shyness, they went to the record store, where Celine picked out a vinyl record by American singer Kate Bloom, and the two walked into the audition room to listen quietly. Although this bridge does not have any lines, the ambiguous feelings have already unfolded in the space where the two dare not look directly at each other's eyes.

It is worth noting that the name of the record line, Alt & Neu, means "old and new" in German, and I think Jesse and Celine before and after entering the record store have different intentions about each other!

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Image | Alt & Neu record line

Kirche Mariahilf Church of Maria Syr, Katholische Kirche Maria am Gestade Church of Our Lady of the River | Church of Prayer of Silence

Walking through the streets of Vienna, you will hear the church bell ringing on the hour from time to time, and maybe one of the sounds you hear is from the church where Jesse and Celine stepped in.

Interestingly, although the film's camera moves, one would think that the church Jesse and Celine entered was Kirche Mariahilf. In fact, the exterior and interior of the church are taken from two different churches in Vienna, the interior church by Katholische Kirche Maria am Gestade and the outdoor by Kirche Mariahilf.

With the view of the church, the two have finally supplemented their understanding of each other's religious views.

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Photo by Kirche Mariahilf Maria Sil Church

Café Sperl| Pretend to call and express their hearts to each other

Not far from the record store is the century-old Café Sperl, where Jessie and Celine pretend to call each other to best friends and confide in each other.

Perhaps from the perspective of others, they are like masks, and at this time they can say their inner thoughts more and bring each other closer again.

When I actually visited, the store still maintained the red sofa presented in the movie, which can be a good substitute for the plot of the movie. However, it should be noted that July 2023 ~ August 2023 is the time when the café is closed, and those who plan to step on the spot may avoid this time.

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Photo by Café Sperl

Otto Wagner Schützenhaus | Where the bard gave the milkshake poem

Late at night Jesse and Celine came to the Danube to chat in the wind, and there was a windfall where the bard wrote poems on milkshakes.

Vienna gets dark late in June, so you may not feel the quiet riverside scenery late at night, but it is still recommended that when the sun goes down, come to this place where many people still gather to drink, dine or simply enjoy the sunset even on weekday evenings, and maybe you will get a different note on the Danube River than Jesse and Celine.

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Kleines Café | Fortune teller café

In addition to Café Sperl, Jesse and Celine actually first go to another café, where they meet a wandering fortune teller who asks to look at Celine's palmistry.

If you look closely, you will find that it is precisely because the film depicts the fragments of Jesse and Celine's divergent attitudes towards fortune tellers here, which can add to the flirting element when they come to the Danube River, and also constitute those moments of love that the two can look back at and amplify between mixed feelings.

Photo by Kleines Café

ROXY Club | Make that night's bar

On the grounds that "this was the only night we were together", the bar where the bar owner asked for a drink was at ROXY Club.

Although the arrangement of this bridge does not directly promote the relationship between the two, and the plot does not have much ink, it can be regarded as a prelude to the subsequent two enjoying skin-to-skin kisses on the grass.

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Photo | ROXY Club 

Palais Schwarzenberg | The last place of close encounters

After the alcohol was drunk, the two began to tug between reason and sensibility, testing where the boundaries of each other's bodies were that night.

Perhaps gradually realizing that time together was counting down, Jesse's affectionate words: "Being with you makes me feel like I am another person" will remain in the audience's hearts forever throughout the night.

Actual visit you will find that the grass area is actually not large, but the grass is next to the fountain, soft grass with the sound of water spray from time to time, the ambient sound is harmonious as if the whole city has become a foil for these two people, people have to admire, Jesse is really a romantic person.

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Wien Westbahnhof Vienna West Railway Station | Where the story begins and ends

It is recommended to arrange this point on the last day of the tour, in addition to being far from the center of Vienna, but also because at the moment before leaving Vienna, coming to the place where this love story begins and ends may be more able to make the emotion caused by the majestic divorce flow, and also make you feel more Jessse and Celine after spending one night together and actually experiencing the beauty of Vienna, forcing the divorce to separate.

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Photo by Wien Westbahnhof

Or, if you have the spare time, like Jesse, you can choose to take the bus back to Vienna Airport and enjoy the city of Vienna while listening to the song "Come Here" from Kate Bloom and how to add joyful magic to ordinary days.