Wei Xuan, the founder of women's fans, was invited to speak at the United Nations NGO CSW to share workplace survey data and experience in promoting DEI in Taiwan.

Founder of Women's Fan Zhang Weixuan was invited to be one of the speakers of the "67th United Nations NGO CSW" of the international forum, sharing the data of the Women's Fan Workplace Survey and the experience of promoting DEI in Taiwan. Now let's use words to review the highlights of the day's speech!

Photo | 67th UN NGO CSW

The three main points of the UN speech are at once

1. DEI issues lurking in life:

Wei Xuan's own experience and observations show that women need to face challenges such as appearance anxiety and ageism, which are deeply rooted in Eastern culture, unconscious prejudices. She shared the story of a lawyer friend who, despite his ability to work, never returned to work after giving birth, and similar incidents have played out repeatedly in the workplace, especially in Asian societies.

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Picture|Women's fan founder Wei Xuan was invited to give a speech

2. Promote strategic actions:

When DEI is only in the stage of consciousness, it does not bring about real change, so real action is required.

In the case of CodeforGender, initiated by Women's Fans, in order to solve the many challenges faced by women in STEM fields, what Women's Fans did was not to create a women-only event, but to build a platform where everyone could participate and support, so as to foster a sense of community where everyone can contribute regardless of gender, and create an inclusive and welcoming environment.

He advises leaders to take the time to understand the specific needs of the organization, identify available resources and develop feasible strategies with a clear timeline, so that leaders can maximize problem resolution.
In order to continue the emotion of CodeforGender, this year women's fans will also launch #AIforDEI.

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Image|Woman Fan CodeforGender

3. The importance of DEI to business and society:

DEI is not a zero-sum game, according to the Women's Fan 2022 Workplace DEI Survey, the profits of companies that implement DEI can increase by 36%; A whopping 96% of the public believe that whether a company has diversity and inclusion is a key factor influencing their participation.

Therefore, DEI is not only good for women, but also for men, even gender diverse, and is key to creating a level playing field for all.

At the end of the speech, Wei Xuan said earnestly: "DEI is the call of the times, and it is also my calling."

Let's try to start from consciousness, start acting, think in different ways, and then act boldly to create an era of pluralism and communion, so that plural communion is no longer a slogan, but a real value of life that we practice!